vigil of the princes

Illustration by Gary Gianni

He had been the finest knight of his age, and some argued that he should have gone to face the dark clad in mail and plate, a sword in his hand. In the end though, his royal father’s wishes prevailed, and Daeron II had a peaceable nature. When Dunk shuffled past Baelor’s bier, the prince wore a black velvet tunic with the three-headed dragon picked out in scarlet thread upon his breast. Around his throat was a heavy gold chain. His sword was sheathed by his side, but he did wear a helm, a thin golden helm with an open visor so men could see his face.

Valarr, the Young Prince, stood vigil at the foot of the bier while his father lay in state. He was a shorter, slimmer, handsomer version of his sire, without the twice-broken nose that had made Baelor seem more human than royal. Valarr’s hair was brown, but a bright streak of silver-gold ran through it. The sight of it reminded Dunk of Aerion, but he knew that was not fair. Egg’s hair was growing back as bright as his brother’s, and Egg was a decent enough lad, for a prince.

When he stopped to offer awkward sympathies, well larded with thanks, Prince Valarr blinked cool blue eyes at him and said, “My father was only nine-and-thirty. He had it in him to be a great king, the greatest since Aegon the Dragon. Why would the gods take him, and leave you?” He shook his head. “Begone with you, Ser Duncan. Begone.”

~A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

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So i saw your last omega verse request and wondered if you could do another promptio one? Maybe not a 100 word drabble but maybe some of your big story you mentioned? Or a drabble with Gladio using his alpha voice.

Ok, so I wasn’t sure if I should post this, or just answer with a 100 word Gladio alpha voice drabble. I decided to post a very work in progress version of the first chapter of my ABO au. Prompto is a homeless omega, whose adoptive parents died, leaving him money in trust for education, but nothing else. Prompto also has a stutter, an idea which came to me after seeing the Cindy quest when he has that beautiful little stutter. 

In this chapter he begins his friendship with Noctis, and sees Gladio from a distance. As I said, it’s very much work in progress, but I thought I’d share it anyway. I hope you like it, and please be kind as it’s nowhere near ready for posting on AO3 or whatever. The rest of the story is currently about 29,500 words long, but it’s nowhere near finished!!!  Italics in this indicate the use of alpha/omega voices.

The small, skinny sixteen year old just knew it was going to hurt.  

He screwed up his big blue eyes and felt a whimper leave his lips without his permission. An omega’s whimpers were not for just anyone, and these two shits definitely didn’t deserve them. They are the most tender and heart-wrenching little noises, and his inner omega had ached for a long time to give them to someone deserving. He ached to have an alpha for him to soothe, to tempt and to tease, and to care for. And yet these two recently-presented alphas were tearing the sounds out of him by force, compelling him to submit.  

It made the omega’s skin crawl.  

Dangling by his school shirt collar, which was scrunched up in the grip of an older boy, he tensed and then went utterly boneless as the alpha’s arm drew back for another blow. “Sit tight, omega,” the alpha growled, his intonation heavy with authority. “We just want to play with you.” 

The punch swept through the air and all he could do was fall back, limp with terror, as the blow collided with the side of his skull. Everything went blank for a moment until he hit the ground hard.  

A harsh roar of laughter boiled out of the alpha who had thrown the first punch, and the second, slighter and more agile than his beefcake of a friend, leaned in close and sneered in his ear, “Hey, we're gonna fuck you up, little omega. I just wanna watch you shake…" His alpha tooth caught the soft shell of the omega’s ear painfully, and he cried out in distress.  

He shivered and tried to push himself away on his hands, but the second alpha caught him by his ankle and ordered him to stay put in some of the strongest alpha intonation he’d ever experienced. “Stay right where you are, you worthless piece of trash!” The command went right through every fibre of his body and he froze. His body obeyed, but disgust and shame blossomed thick in his chest. He was nothing. He was letting himself be used by these two bullies, and that just reinforced how worthless he was.  

“You think he’ll piss himself?" the first asked, "Or maybe just slick himself instead…?” The two of them laughed long and hard at their joke, while the little omega had begun to shake violently, muscles spasming in terror.  

He’d presented early, even for an omega, around the age of thirteen. He also seemed to have a particularly attractive scent, judging by the fact that he often had to shake off overzealous alphas in his neighbourhood as he walked back from school alone, but during classroom hours, it was usually ok. He was usually alone – he made sure he was – and he was usually ok. Now though, with two males from the year above him bearing down on him and exuding alpha pheromones, using their alpha voices relentlessly, there was little he could bring himself to do except cower and shake while his omega defence mechanism kicked in. Namely that of slipping limply into complete and unquestioning compliance.   

Hey!” A strident shout echoed across the empty schoolyard. There was more than a hint of alpha to it, and the others looked up, clearly spoiling for a fight. The figure’s footsteps continued to ring, bright and confident, over the asphalt as he called out to them again. "What the hell are you doing?“ 

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Spanish Vocabulary - El cuento de hadas

This is a list of some very useful words related to fairy tale stories or some mythological vocabulary.

Especially for beginners, fairy tales are extremely helpful because most of the stories are ones that people know or at least have heard of before… so this vocabulary will help navigate some very well-known fairy tales (and Disney movies).

Note: There may be some repeating words

Snow White

  • (la) Blancanieves = Snow White
  • blanco/a = white
  • la nieve = snow
  • el cabello = hair (on the head)
  • negro/a = black
  • pálido/a = fair, pale
  • la palidez = paleness, pallor
  • la reina = queen
  • malvado/a = evil, wicked
  • la Reina Malvada = the Evil Queen
  • el cazador = hunter / huntsman [feminine form “huntress” is la cazadora]
  • el corazón = heart
  • la envidia = envy
  • los celos = jealousy
  • el espejo mágico = magic mirror
  • bello/a = beautiful
  • precioso/a = cute, lovely | precious
  • bonito/a = cute, pretty
  • lindo/a = cute, pretty
  • la amenaza = a threat
  • la inocencia = innocence
  • la belleza = beauty
  • la pureza = purity
  • el enano = dwarf
  • siete = seven (7)
  • la choza = hut, small house
  • la casita (de campo) = little house, cottage [lit. “little field house”] 
  • dulce = sweet
  • viejo/a = old
  • feo/a = ugly
  • brujo/a = witch, wizard
  • la manzana = apple
  • la poción = potion
  • el veneno = poison, venom
  • venenoso/a = poisonous, venomous
  • envenenado/a = poisoned
  • inmóvil = still, unmoving
  • el ataúd = coffin, casket
  • el féretro = coffin, casket
  • el velorio = wake, vigil
  • el príncipe = prince
  • el príncipe azul = knight in shining armor [lit. “blue prince”]
  • el beso = a kiss

Sleeping Beauty

  • la Bella Durmiente = Sleeping Beauty
  • bello/a = beautiful
  • durmiente = sleeping, dormant
  • dormido/a = asleep, sleeping | half-asleep, “out of it”
  • el bautismo = baptism, christening
  • la reunión = a gathering, a meeting
  • el hada, las hadas = fairy, fairies
  • el don = a gift, a blessing
  • el obsequio = a present, a gift
  • el regalo = a present, a gift
  • la maldición = a curse
  • el hechizo = a hex, a curse
  • la magia = magic
  • mágico/a = magical
  • la bendición = blessing
  • el encanto = enchantment, a charm
  • el escape = an escape
  • la huida = an escape, fleeing, flight
  • la búsqueda = a search
  • las hadas buenas = the good fairies
  • la selva = forest
  • el bosque = the woods
  • la corona = crown
  • el trono = throne
  • el huso = spindle
  • la rueca = spinning wheel, loom
  • la hoguera = bonfire
  • pincharse el dedo = to prick one’s finger
  • la rosa = rose
  • la espina = thorn
  • espinoso/a = thorny, covered in thorns
  • la zarza = thornbush, bramble, briar
  • el fuego = fire
  • la espada = sword
  • el escudo = shield
  • el dragón = dragon
  • despierto/a = awake

Beauty and the Beast

  • La Bella y la Bestia = Beauty and the Beast
  • bello/a = beautiful
  • Bella = Belle [Spanish translation of a French name]
  • la bestia = a beast
  • la aldea = small town
  • distraído/a = distracted, absentminded
  • ensimismado/a = distracted, engrossed in one’s own life
  • la belleza = beauty
  • el trato = deal, contract
  • trato hecho = done deal
  • secuestrado/a = kidnapped
  • la torre = tower
  • el ala este = the east wing (of a house/castle)
  • el ala oeste = the west wing (of a house/castle)
  • la escalera = staircase, stairwell
  • las escaleras = steps, stairs
  • el escalón = a step (of a staircase)
  • el salón de baile = ballroom
  • el espejo = mirror
  • la pintura = painting
  • el retrato = portrait
  • el autorretrato = portrait / self-portrait
  • maldito/a = cursed, accursed
  • el mueble, los muebles = a piece of furniture, furniture (pl.)
  • el reloj = clock / watch
  • la tetera = teapot
  • la taza = teacup / coffee cup
  • el candelabro, el candelero = candelabra, candle-holder
  • la rosa = rose
  • el pétalo = petal
  • el tiempo = time
  • el monstruo = monster
  • el hombre = man
  • humano/a = human


  • la Cenicienta = Cinderella
  • la ceniza, las cenizas = ash, ashes
  • ceniciento/a = covered in ashes
  • la madrastra = step-mother
  • la Madrastra Malvada = the Wicked Step-mother
  • la hermanastra = step-sister
  • malcriado/a = rude, lacking manners
  • el macriado / la malcriada = a brat
  • mimado/a = spoiled, pampered
  • egoísta = selfish
  • exigente = demanding
  • mandón, mandona = bossy
  • chillón, chillona = shrill, screeching
  • la fregona = a washerwoman, a woman who scrubs dishes, a scullery maid
  • el criado, la criada = servant, maid
  • el / la sirviente = servant
  • abnegado/a = selfless, someone who doesn’t think of themselves
  • el ratón, los ratones = mouse/rat, mice/rats
  • el caballo = horse
  • el sollozo = sob
  • el llanto = crying, mourning, weeping
  • la lágrima, las lágrimas = tear, tears, crying
  • la madrina = godmother
  • la Hada Madrina = Fairy Godmother
  • el baile = a ball (“a dance”)
  • la vara = wand / staff
  • la varita mágica = a magic wand
  • el vestido = dress
  • la calabaza = pumpkin
  • el carruaje = carriage
  • el coche = stagecoach [“car” in modern Spanish]
  • la diligencia = horse-drawn carriage [named for the “diligence/task” that horses did when pulling the carriage]
  • la transformación = transformation
  • la medianoche = midnight
  • a la medianoche = at midnight
  • al dar la medianoche / al toque de medianoche = at the stroke of midnight [dar means “to strike” and el toque means “the touch / striking”… both apply since the “stroke” refers to “striking bells”]
  • el zapato = shoe
  • el vidrio = glass
  • de vidrio = made of glass


  • el cuento = story (short)
  • la historia = story (long) / history
  • el cuento de hadas = fairy tale [lit. “story of fairies”]
  • había una vez = once upon a time
  • érase una vez = once upon a time [older]
  • hace mucho tiempo… = a long time ago…
  • el rizo = curl
  • rizado/a = curly
  • el oro = gold
  • dorado/a, de oro = golden
  • el oso = bear
  • Ricitos de oro y los tres osos = Goldilocks and the Three Bears
  • la Caperucita Roja = Little Red Riding Hood
  • la capa = cape
  • la caperuza = cape with a hood / riding hood
  • el lobo = wolf
  • la abuela = grandmother
  • la cesta = basket
  • la canasta = basket
  • el camino = road
  • el leñador = woodsman / woodcutter / lumberjack
  • la piedra = stone, rock
  • la paja = straw
  • la madera = wood
  • el palo, los palos = stick, sticks, twigs
  • la rama, la ramita = twig, sticks
  • el ladrillo = brick
  • joven = young
  • viejo/a = old
  • anciano/a = very old, ancient / old person
  • Alicia en el país de maravillas = Alice in Wonderland
  • los naipes / las cartas = playing cards
  • el conejo = rabbit
  • el sombrerero = the Mad Hatter [lit. “the hatter / hat-maker”]
  • la Reina de Corazones = the Queen of Hearts
  • la Reina Blanca = the White Queen
  • el Gato de Cheshire = the Cheshire Cat
  • El mago de Oz = the Wizard of Oz
  • el Espantapájaros = the Scarecrow
  • el León cobarde = the Cowardly Lion
  • el Hombre de hojalata = the Tin Man [hojalata = “sheet metal” or “tin” that isn’t very thick]
  • Pinocho = Pinocchio
  • la marioneta = puppet, marionette 
  • el títere = puppet
  • el carpintero, la carpintera = carpenter
  • el / la Hada Azul = the Blue Fairy
  • la estrella = a star
  • la ballena = whale
  • la madera = wood
  • la nariz = nose
  • la mentira = a lie
  • mentiroso/a = false, lying, dishonest
  • el mentiroso, la mentirosa = liar
  • la verdad = the truth
  • verdadero/a = true, real
  • de verdad = for real
  • el castillo = castle
  • la vela = candle
  • la rana = frog
  • el sapo = toad
  • el jinete = horseman / rider
  • desconocido/a = unknown
  • extraño/a = strange
  • raro/a = weird
  • extranjero/a = foreign
  • el despertador = alarm clock
  • el cocodrilo = crocodile
  • el barco = ship (large)
  • la nave = ship (large)
  • el naufragio = shipwreck
  • el / la capitán = captain
  • el garfio = hook
  • El Capitán Garfio = Captain Hook
  • la sirena = Siren (Greek mythology) / mermaid [or a “siren” as in an ambulance or shrill noise]
  • la sirenita = little mermaid
  • la aleta = fin [of a fish], flipper
  • el deseo = wish, desire
  • el engaño = trick, deceit
  • engañoso/a = deceitful
  • el troll = troll
  • el ogro = ogre
  • el puente = bridge
  • el tallo de judía / frijol / alubia = beanstalk
  • el gigante = a giant
  • gigante = giant, large
  • lejano/a = faraway
  • cercano/a = nearby
  • lejos = far
  • cerco/a = close
  • Juan y la planta de habichuelas = Jack and the Beanstalk (regional)
  • Juan y la mata de habas = Jack and the Beanstalk (regional)
  • la cuna = crib, cradle
  • la nana = lullaby
  • la canción de cuna = lullaby [lit. “crib song”]
  • la querencia = love, fondness, emotional attachment


  • el rey, el Rey = king, King
  • la reina, la Reina = queen, Queen
  • la princesa, la Princesa = princess, Princess
  • el príncipe, el Príncipe = prince, Prince
  • Alteza = Higness, Grace
  • Su Alteza / Vuestra Alteza = Your Highness, Your Grace
  • Majestad = Majesty
  • Su Majestad / Vuestra Majestad = Your Majesty
  • el señor = man / sir / lord
  • la señora = woman / madam / lady
  • la dama = lady, dame, noblewoman
  • el don, la doña = lord, lady [property-holding people]
  • el dueño, la dueña = owner
  • el jefe, la jefa = boss
  • el noble, la noble, los nobles = nobleman, noblewoman, noblemen
  • la realeza = royalty
  • la nobleza = nobility
  • la plebe / la clase obrera = the common people / the working class
  • el caballero = knight
  • la doncella = maiden [la doncella refers to a young girl who isn’t married… in fairy tales, younger than 18 and (most often) virgins]
  • el galán = gentleman / leading man [used euphemistically, el galán means “playboy” because it refers to “the guy who gets the girl at the end of the story”]
  • el brujo, la bruja = wizard, witch
  • el mago, la maga = wizard, witch, mage, magician
  • el hechicero, la hechicera = sorcerer, sorceress
  • el hada / la hada, las hadas = fairy, fairies
  • el villano, la villana = villager OR villain, evildoer
  • el ciudadano, la ciudadana = citizen, townsperson
  • el ladrón, la ladrona = thief
  • el pícaro, la pícara = rogue
  • el desconocido, la desconocida = unknown person
  • el extraño, la extraña = stranger, unknown person
  • el mayordomo = butler
  • el ama de casa, las amas de casa = housemaid, head maid
  • el criado, la criada = servant
  • el / la sirviente = servant
  • el aya, las ayas = governess, governesses
  • el niñero, la niñera = babysitter
  • el niño, la niña = boy / girl / child
  • el bebé, la bebé = baby
  • el chico, la chica = boy / girl / young child
  • el joven, la joven = teenage boy / teenage girl [lit. “young (man/woman)”]
  • el hombre = man
  • la mujer = woman
  • el padre = father
  • la madre = mother
  • el hijo, la hija, los hijos = son, daughter, children (at least one boy; otherwise las hijas “daughters”)
  • el hermano, la hermana, los hermanos = brother, sister, siblings (at least one boy; otherwise hermanas “sisters”)
  • Dios = God
  • el dios, la diosa, los dioses = god, goddess, gods (at least one boy; otherwise las diosas “goddesses”)
  • el / la protagonista = protagonist
  • el / la antagonista = antagonist
  • el amigo, la amiga = friend
  • el enemigo, la enemiga = enemy
  • el héroe, la heroína = heroe, heroine
PSA from The Court of His Royal Highness, The Prince Farondis

An investigation is now underway regarding the slanderous comments concerning our Prince, and leader, Farondis. Accusations that the Prince would steep so low as to offer “Spectral Blowjobs” and take part in “ASMR kink” are being treated as treasonous and will be punished accordingly. One major suspect has been identified but remains relatively uncooperative as he cannot remember which slanders he committed and which were performed by other parties. 

May the power of the arcane be with you.

Omg. OMG.


Haruhi, whose father works in one of the seaside bars, growing up hearing tales of mermaids luring sailors from their boats and thinking that they’re full of shit. She spends her days reading on the shoreline and cuts her hair short to combat the heat.

Tamaki, frivolous prince of the Pacific, born out of wedlock to the King and a noblemerwoman from the Bay of Biscay, who wants nothing more than to be accepted and uses his time to entertain the mermaids of the court, with the help of his friends. incredibly curious about life above water.

Kyoya, 3rd son of the king’s counsellor. Wants to prove himself to his father by aiding Tamaki in preparation of becoming king. Helps Tamaki plan his meetings with the noblewomen and does not approve of his adventures above sea.

Mori and Honey as Tamaki’s personal guards, who come from blood lines that have guarded the royal family since anyone can remember. Mori, the more strict of the two, keeps a vigilant eye on both the prince and his cousin - they share a similar self indulgence. Honey, whose sweet, childlike demeanor throws off both the women of the court and the enemies of the nobility.

Hikaru and Kaoru, mischievous twin sons of the court official tailor and the court’s weapons master. They came into Tamaki’s circle by accident - they were caught playing a prank on one of the women Tamaki entertains regularly. Instead of punishing them, Tamaki chose to bring them into his group, allow them to be a part of the lavishness - and to broaden their horizons.

Vigil of The Princes, 8 April 2002

For The Queen Mother’s lying-in-state The Earl of Wessex (left), The Prince of Wales (center), The Duke of York (right) and Viscount Linley (not pictured, on the other corner) came to pay respects to their grandmother by relieving the guard of the Royal Company of Archers.