Now this is a hidden gem of a mod:

This mod adds a garden like terrace to the back of the Blue Palace. It has a shrine to Dibella and is just beautiful. It is compatible with the Solitude Public Bathhouse mod I usually shill, but you will need to manually move the door to the terrace with jaxonz positioner:

Like so. Unsure if it’s compatible with Gallery of the Dragonborn or any mod that edits the interior of the Blue Palace though.

The dunmer with Snakestone is Sadure and she belongs to @bravemustaine

anonymous asked:

asahi sfw and nsfw headcanons?? i feel like everyone treats him like this tiny bean but asahi is u feel



Doesn’t want to be needy, but he checks his phone a lot to see if you responded

Really values the conversations he has with you

Puts a bunch of hearts next to your name in his contacts

He likes that you’re so supportive, but he gets really nervous when you come to games. What if he messes up in front of you?

When you do watch him, he’s always checking to see if you saw him do that super awesome spike

Really likes it when you brush his hair or braid it

Secretly enjoys when you put a flower in his hair

Always saves the seat next to him in class so you can sit next to him and so that he has someone to talk to

Wishes you good luck before every test

Very good at listening

Uses pick up lines even though you both have been dating for awhile

Kind of insecure about losing you

Always walks you home because he doesn’t want you getting lost or hurt

Prepares some nice bento for you to bring to lunch

Date night every Friday

Brings flowers every time

Cleans the house for you



Once he’s horny, he. is. horny, there is no going back now

His boner starts to hurt if it’s in his pants for too long

If you’re in public, he’ll gently pull on your lower sleeve and then take you home to release his desire for you

Once you two get home, clothes are coming off instantly… he’s not even shy anymore

Underwear is already soaked in precum

He looks really good when he takes his shirt off nice and slow, showing off his toned back

He lets his hair out of his bun

Likes to undress you slowly so he can admire your body

Starts kissing you all over

Makes sure to make eye contact with you often

Likes to tease your chest a lot just because you squirm underneath him

Likes to finger you first to get you more in the mood

Never leaves lube or condoms behind

Makes you put on the condom just to see how impatient you are

When you’re wet enough, he thrusts right in

He shudders at the sensation, and you can feel his cock twitch within you

His muscular torso hovers above your frame, leaving you with a very nice view

Likes to put one of his hands alongside your cheek and the other in your hair

Likes to flip you over sometimes so your back is in his view

This way he can grab onto your hair more, and he can leave kisses down your back

His thrusts are very fast and consistent

Grunts and groans a lot

He has great stamina, and he doesn’t cum easily, so he can last awhile and wait for you to release

Once he does cum, he cums a lot, and he starts thrusting really fast to let it all out

His breathing is heavy, and he’s sweating a lot, but he’s very gentle pulling out of you and holding you afterwards

I want to devour the knowledge hidden within words

ponder the meaning of existence beneath a twinkling night sky

lying on the grass, facing up towards the stars

I want to let language pass through my lips as smooth and soft as butter and as sweet and rich as dark chocolate

comprehend and understand theories, ideas that others cannot fathom

I yearn to find a group of people like me, people who can discuss and think and dream and hope and question everything we think we know

I want to find the meaning of life hidden in passages

pieced together through years of hard work

to learn and to question and wonder and think are what I truly desire

perspective and meanings and theories are what fill my heart with joy

and maybe if all people spent 

just ten minutes of their day

thinking from someone else’s point of view

this world would be a much kinder place


Click pics to see full viewThis is a Skysims hair Ela converted way back when she didn’t screw up her meshes…
The bow is the Jenni bow but i altered it quite a bit….duplicated it…moved it…shrunk it…made it specifically for this hair…you can find it under rings in accessories.
Click to download <3 < the hair file (alpha)

Click to download <3 <Hair file (Clayed Version)

Click to download <3  < the bow file

..The bow does not automatically come attached to the hair…its an accessory and comes in over 30 colors on this one…the hair itself comes in 24 colors…two being tipped hairs..Anyway enjoy….do what u want with it that is my TOU but hey it be nice for a shout back if you do…just tag me or something…if life is too busy to do that then so be it. =)No clay version this time due to the fact that the hair showed scalp on a maxis match textures version…Sorry @berrysweetboutique​.

Portmagee part 1. please click onthe picture for a better view

this is the right part of Portmagee. i painted it from our livingroom window in Ireland Valentia Island. I also made a sketch from the left part but i hadn´t the time to paint it. but i will catch up :)

Even though 2016 was a nightmare for celebrity deaths, humanitarians, and politics, I think every single one of us can agree that it was the absolute best year for professional wrestling, EVER. Let’s seriously look at this for a bit…

Granted, the year did have its tragedies (Daniel Bryan retiring, Hayabusa’s passing, Chyna’s passing, etc.) but the victories, all of which aren’t even listed here, were plentiful. What an amazing year for pro wrestling it has been, and if this rise of greatness in pro wrestling is any indication of how the future is going to be, I’m proud to be a fan!

#02 _Skull, side view

This time, I drew the “flesh” version before the skull in both cases.
I thought… I’m not interested in learning how to draw a skull, I just want to understand how face features are affected by bones. Also, it’s really difficult to start from a random skull and attach someone’s face to it, if you want to keep some resemblance with the original model :P
I’ll write a side note with technical considerations about this tomorrow (hint: nose bridge, eyes size, chin position ^^).


SOMEDAY IS NOW part III, Henry’s point of view

This is the end of this journey, I hope you liked these three videos from the different points of view and I really really hope you love the end of this video. this plot twist at the end of it. thanks for your support. mwah


THE AMEDOT fusion is a foil to garnet!!

maybe its been obvious. but where garnet is quiet, meditating, and reserved until provoked, maybe amedot fusion will be passionate, energetic, creative and willing to grow/see other perspectives

garnet is, despite being literal lesbians, conservative. it takes a lot of effort for her to see another persons perspective. how perfect would it be for amedot fusion to be the opposite; compassionate, willing to change and go with the flow, willing to understand other points of view

this would fall in line perfectly with the relationship between amethyst and peridot; with a focus on communication, willingness to understand, and compassion, as well as the basis of needing to grow with one another 


m!countdown - 150528
this will count toward sns points for next week’s broadcast / score so please watch it, along with the official mv, if you can!