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i. Hermes comes to you first, on a rest stop
somewhere between Argentine and Peru.
He speaks a Spanish full of shhs,
but it’s the wings that catch your eye.

You’ve never seen anyone look so silly.

He doesn’t even try to warn you away,
just clicks his heels together and says,
“No going back now, cariño.”

ii. Maybe you expected Hecate next,
but there are no more crossroads from here.
You get Aphrodite in an empty parking lot,
which is not much of a surprise.
You’ve always known love and lust
to come in the quiet, in the dangerous.

“Trying to find me?” she asks, all mouth,
“Or trying to get away from them?”

You have no time for her games.

iii. Athena slides into your booth
and steals one of your fries.
McDonald’s has never been a favorite,
but you both have other things to consider.

“I thought you were going to grow up better,”
she grimaces at the watered down soda,
then at the state of your clothes.
“So did I,” you answer, “but life happens.”

She lifts an eyebrow, and the world flickers.
You see history in her eyes,
blood and sorrow in her hands.
It’s the epitome of survival,
of all you never knew how to become.
“That’s a poor man’s excuse.”

iv. It’s Hestia who welcomes you back.
She waits in the middle of your old room,
as the clock shines 3am red against her skin.
She takes your hands, and the heat
seeps into the stiffness of your fingers.

“I knew you would come home.”
She looks like your sister, which is easier;
your sister always understood leaving,
always had the same restlessness
coursing just underneath her skin.

“The world won’t give you peace,”
she explains, maybe a little too late.
“You’re taking the fear with you.”
—  Tiny stories in between [or the way to getting over yourself], written for @inkstay‘s DareToWrite Challenge.

niall is one of the most gorgeous people ever he’s literal sunshine his soul is like a fire that warms me up to the tips of my fingers he makes me smile no matter what; he’s caramel and gold and he makes flowers grow with his laugh and i am soso endeared