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why yuri on ice is deeper than it seems (and why you should watch it)

Everyone loves this anime, it’s taking over the internet, I get it. But from an analytical point of view, it’s actually remarkably rich in content. (There are some spoilers in this, but they are mostly minor, and you’ve probably seen them if you have been on the internet at all.)

  • unreliable narrator, yet still a legitimate perspective
    • Yuuri qualified for the GPF the year before. From an outsider’s point of view, getting that far is already a significant accomplishment. Yet, he takes the mistakes in his performance extremely seriously and is upset enough to quit skating for half a year.
    • He’s not being overdramatic. His dog has died, he’s just lost hold of his dream, he’s embarrassed himself in front of lifelong idol.
  • the story is completely different from another person’s POV (unrevealed until later)
    • Let’s talk about the banquet scene and how it changed every single episode that came before.
  • it’s not fanservice… or at least, the fanservice is justified (see above point)
    • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 
  • it doesn’t start from zero
    • At the beginning of the series, Yuuri has already been practicing skating all his life. Unlike some other stories, he doesn’t learn skating from scratch in 13 episodes and suddenly win major competitions. 
  • lgbt+ relationship!
    • The show doesn’t just hint at one. It’s a justifiable relationship and it is canon.
  • healthy representation of said relationship
    • In episode 4, Viktor asks what Yuuri wants him to be, and Yuuri tells him that he just wants Viktor to be himself. This is not idolization or unrealistic expectations. Viktor is shown to have a reason to be in love with Yuuri, and Yuuri falls for him slowly and beautifully.
  • crying/anxiety isn’t romanticized
    • There is ugly crying + anxiety that actually messes up performances
    • It shows just how harmful a coldhearted approach (like Viktor’s in episode 7) can be to someone with anxiety IRL
    • The pressure to win is actually shown to mess up some people’s performances.
  • every character has identifiable flaws and motives
    • Even Viktor isn’t the perfect idol, and Yuuri isn’t one of those ‘clumsy-protagonists-that-trips-over-their-feet-all-the-time-and-somehow-falls-into-someone’s-heart.’ They are both human, and they make mistakes all the time.
  • none of the side characters lack personalities
    • They’re never bland, and they’re never completely antagonized. All of them have backstories and sources from which they draw their inspiration.
  • character development is constant and noticeable through parallels
  • lots of foreshadowing + symbolism + hidden easter eggs
    • Welcome to Tumblr, posts that point this out are all over the place. I hope you have seen them.
  • ^ …but not enough to make it obvious who will win any round
    • The whole fandom is currently freaking out on who will win the GPF in episode 12. While the results make sense, it’s never super clear how the competitions will go.
  • the real skating routines are shown and they are all unique
    • They’re choreographed by a real skating choreographer.
  • spectacular soundtracks
  • portrayal different cultures and real landmarks
  • there is no annoying ‘love rival’ character getting between Yuuri and Viktor
    • It’s just two dorks who don’t know that they’re in love.
  • the pacing is enjoyable
    • There are no filler episodes that get nowhere. The competitions come quick enough to keep up the pressure, but there are still lighthearted moments that keep things from seeming too rushed.
  • there are actually pets that exist that are not cats
    • Both the main characters have dogs. 
  • dreams and passion are represented nicely
    • It’s clear that Yuuri loves skating. Not just because he likes Viktor, and not just because it’s something that’s accessible to him. The anime portrays the ups and downs of having a dream, losing it, and finding it again, and even through the lighthearted tone of the show, many parts of it are brutally realistic.
  • nothing comes easily
    • None of Yuuri’s wins are undeserved or given just because he’s the protagonist. He makes mistakes and he doesn’t win everything.
    • In episode 11, Yuuri still has doubts. Even though he has a clear future cut out for him, he’s still concerned about Viktor’s happiness.

TL;DR: if you don’t like Yuri on Ice, that’s fine. But it’s not a show that can be merely dismissed as fanservice. It’s a show riddled with hidden symbolism, realistic pacing, and a gay relationship that progresses beautifully. There’s a reason why YOI is this popular, and likewise, there’s a reason why it has been recognized by world class skaters. Not every element of it is 100% true to reality, but the show still depicts the sport well and has unique and likable characters with understandable motives.

YOI doesn’t just mess around with relationships, it goes all the way. And it isn’t in any way predictable. It shows the fall and rise of a dream that breaks stereotypes and inspires viewers.

274. Slytherins, from the outsiders view, can seem a bit proper and uptight. However, a few lucky students from other houses who have been in the common rooms and are trusted by most Slytherins can see that this group of usually quiet people are sitting on furniture upside down, teaching each other different, subtle languages such as morse code or sign (especially the last. They have to be able to talk to the mermaids somehow!) and are laughing at bad jokes with their peers and at first they’re confused because surely they know that if they acted this way all the time they would have a better chance of shaking the bad rumours and the bad stereotyping but then the visitors realise, The slytherin students have to act like this because this is they’re stereotype now. They can’t break the stereotype because if they try, they’ll still be seen as evil.

Theory: if you were somehow able to ban every Sun, Express and Mail letter writer from using the words “elite” and “establishment” (and “luvvie”) I think all they’d be left with are adverbs and one single comma they’d all have to share among themselves.

Twice hav managed 2 get their 3RD 100mill viewed video. Its madness. Im not a Once&from an outsiders pov its beyond crazy. Groups who hav been out there for years have not even brushed close to the success Twice has had in such a short amount of time&people thought EXO got their 3 100mill viewed videos quick well they should check out Twice. I know Twice have a lot of haters so not many ppl will be happy with that but come one, give them some credit for what they have already managed to achieve

They asked me what was something I never wanted to experience, and I tried my best to form an explanation that would make sense outside of my own mind.

Never do I wish to experience the sensation of no longer having control of my life, as if I am looking in on my decisions and my actions from an outside view, unable to do anything about it.
Unable to warn myself to take ten steps back.
Never do I wish to overstep my own personal boundaries and to lose sight of my goals.
After all is said and done at the end of each day, I’m the one living with myself.
Never do I wish to experience a moment where I am living for somebody other than myself, unless it’s an equal division of living for the heart I give to somebody I’ll love for the rest of my life.
Even then I wish to maintain my boundaries.
Never will I wish to lose myself and to get so caught up with the anxiousness of somebody else’s standards.
Never will I wish to feel so lost that I no longer wish to live. Never again.
I wish to find some form of happiness each and every day.
I wish to experience solitude and confidence in my mistakes when I admit them.
Never do I wish to stop being myself.

—  ARH / To My Future, experience life the way you wish to experience it
I’m sorry.

Pairing : Dean x Plussize!Reader, Sam
Word count : 1,124
Author : Mel

Final part of Dinner with Dean

Dean explained everything while you ate. What happened to you, what they did for a living. His heart breaking as he saw you slowly pulling away. He couldn’t blame you, this had happened to you because you were close to him. You had almost died, you were almost turned. All because Dean Winchester let you into his heart.

Sam sat next to his brother, across from you. He watched you with sad eyes. He could see you weren’t holding it against them, against Dean. But he could understand why you were weary.

Later on, Dean wasn’t surprised when you asked to go home. He wasn’t surprised when you sat in the back seat even though Sam offered the front. And he wasn’t surprised when you spent the ride quietly looking out the window. Dean would glance at you from time to time in the rear view, and sigh.

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Tech Guru #5

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(Y/N) Johnson, was the best computer specialist within SHIELD, now is the best computer specialist working for the Avengers. All her life she wanted to live the edgy, dangerous life, finally gets that but it’s still viewing from the outside- well computer screen,  she makes missions run smoothly. She’s like the human Jarvis but for the other Avengers, always in their ear but they’ve never seen her, till she saves a supersoldier’s life.

Warnings: Self body-shaming/ Self-hatred, mentions of the word fat, weight issues and body-size

A small series about an unnamed OC I have been working on, I picked Rebel as face claim, cause I wanted to write something on a “plus size” character. I’ve made it |reader insert| cause it’s more fun that way, I hope you enjoy this small drabble series, the character is closely based upon “Fat Amy” the best character, I believe, to be written. - Ro

“You left early?” Lee asked with disbelief, “you actually showed up to Stark’s party and left so early, I didn’t even show up yet!” He chuckled, at least, he was finding this hilarious. “What happened?” His voice sincere as he sat down in the chair beside you.

You sighed softly, “They were laughing at me and giving him weird looks, looks of, ‘why is he with the fat girl?’ and… I just left because it’s better than having to explain why people talk when he’s around me.” You shrugged and looked at Lee who nodded sympathetically, “and save me the bullshit Lee, we’ve seen me and I don’t need a play-by-play of pity.”

“I’m gonna say it, you’re a great, intelligent girl. I’ll save you the pity, if you save yourself the self-hatred, it’s not nice to hear or for you to think that way.” You gave a nod before standing up, “Tony tells me that Steve was looking to talk someone from tech department all week, you gonna have to face this sooner, don’t let it be later. Cap is a stand-up guy, he’ll actually understand.”

And curses, Lee Rodis, the son of a bitch was right. After a successful week and half of avoiding Steve Rogers, he had finally caught you. Thankfully, it was the day you decided to actually try for work since you had an important meeting with Stark, plus a few other important faces over the Tech upgrades.

“Hey, Y/N?” Steve jogged up to you as you left the meeting room in the Avengers compound, you stopped and gave a small smile, “I’ve been wanting to talk to you, where ya been?” He asked casually, he didn’t sound mad or anything you thought he would, mostly concerned which was weird.

“Working, Natasha, Black Widow even had an undercover mission in Vienna and she requested the best; not to brag but Lee couldn’t do it, so I was called.” He chuckled at that, “duty calls and that…” you trailed.

It’s silent as you stand in the hall before you can run off, “Why did you leave Stark’s party like that? I wanted you to meet Bucky, he wanted to meet the girl that- and I quote- ‘saved your punk ass.” You softly chuckle at that before shrugging.

“Parties aren’t my thing and I had work early, plus I’m not that big of a deal, you should tell him that.” The last bit was meant to be a joke, only Steve saw past that and knew the underlining of truth you held there.

“I think you’re great,” You sighed and shake your head, “What? Did I say something wrong?”

You chuckle at that, “Don’t take this the wrong way but all I did was do my job, it could have been anyone to help you out, so I am having a difficult time understanding why you keep wanting to talk to me.”

“Because I want to?” He questioned back with a small frown of his own, “cause I didn’t really know there was anyone watching my back for real, so it’s kind of nice to know that person! To be friends, I hope.” He shrugged.

“We aren’t even the same species,” You scoff and he frowns at you, “You’ve seen yourself, right? And it’s not that hard not to see me, get my point? See where I am going with this?” You stare at him as he just stares down at you.

It’s silent for a long moment, “I honestly, didn’t see a problem with wanting to be your friend! I wasn’t always looking like this, ya’know? I know what it feels like to be judged-”

“-Really? You? Please, looking how you do I highly doubt people stare at you as if you are some freak, laugh and point because you’re disgusting. I don’t need pity from Captain America or his friendship to make me feel wanted.”

Steve steps back with mild hurt flashing over his face, “You don’t know a thing then, do you?” He says before stalking down the hall, shoulders tense not even sparing a second glance.

You frown before turning down the opposite hall back to your group, wondering why Steve got so offended over that, you did decline his friendship but still the hurt on his face let you know it was something deeper than that. Like you wounded not only him but his heart, you felt bad without even knowing why you did. Granted, you didn’t know a thing about him, you didn’t pay attention in History nor did you care enough to Google him. 

You decided to talk to Olivia.

“He used to be this sickly, thin guy who never got laid, at all.” Olivia said bluntly as she typed her on her keyboard, you frowned at her, “he was accepted into the army through an experiment for Super Soldiers programme, the rest is kind of history but yeah, he was kind of an outcast; like you.” She chuckled as you rolled your eyes.

You sighed, “So, when he says, he knows what it’s like to be judged… he means it?” You asked and she nods, giving a sympathetic smile. “I literally judged him for not judging me but understanding me!?”

“When you put it like that, then yeah, you do sound like an utter bitch.” Olivia nods, you sighed and thumped your head onto the desk  in front of you, Olivia refrained from laughing, “You’ve got it hot-wired in you that any decently attractive guy that talks to you is either, a) doing it for work related reasons.” She holds up a perfecctly manicured finger, “or b) doing it as some sick joke and laugh.” You nodded.

“Steve was doing opition c) wanting to thank and get to know you, which yes, that does happen in real life.” 

(If you have any ideas for parts for this series, let me know, cause I do struggle with ideas sometimes. Idk if I should make a pairing, at the moment, it has no actual plot. So ideas are welcome for this. - Rosalee)

British Invasion 2/2 - Steve Rogers x Reader

Tech Guru |Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 |

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VIRGO - Deep Inside

They need to be organised in their mind, sometimes all their energy is taken from organising their mind that they have a difficult time organising their surroundings. They easily look too deep into an issue and over analyse what they percept. Virgo is ambitious and strives to always know more and have more. This is in their eternal quest to bring order to chaos. Even if an order is obtained from an outsiders’ point of view, Virgo will not be settled for they have a very active mind that is always thinking and can never be silenced. Virgos want to be of use, they need to be important and essential to everyone in their lives and in everything they do. Virgo’s major life lesson is to learn to trust in and have faith in the unknown. They have to understand that things in life happen for a reason that is not always known to them, they do not have to always know everything. They need to learn to calm down and not over-analyze a situation or event. Deep inside, Virgo is very sensitive and they need to be appreciated for all the things they do. When is Virgo is offended or hurt, they may never show it.


There’s quality art and then there’s quality classroom shitpost doodles abt nerds reacting to their dork friends

Words Rolling Off Your Lips

A Harry Styles one shot.

One of the things Harry liked about working in this studio was the location.  He could park where his car wouldn’t be noticed off the main street, he was in close walking distance to small, family owned restaurants and cafes, and the views from his favorite room were incredible.

He could see people walking outside.  He could watch the traffic move at the slow pace the narrow street required.  He could watch kids and dogs playing in the park across the street.  He could watch people move in and out of the neighborhood library right next door to the park.  He liked watching people go about their normal lives.  There was something poetic about the way people interacted each other, and watching from a distance, he could dissect parts of it that they may not recognize.  He could connect it to a memory that might lead to a string of other memories that would lead him to a song.

It was the closest he had found to Holmes Chapel in the U.S.

Harry was scratching at his notebook, waiting for Julian to finish with his phone call so they could go back to work.  They had been struggling for a week to get work done.  Harry had come into the studio full of ideas and hope, only to have it all crumble to his feet for multiple reasons.  They didn’t sound right out loud.  He couldn’t piece the words together in a sensible manner.  The lyrics were golden, but the music just didn’t sound right.

It was frustrating.  Enough to drive any person mad.  He hadn’t considered how difficult it might be writing for just himself.  He’d always had a wealth of individual voices to work with and join together, and now it was just him and some musicians.  Harry was used to writing alone, they often split up to write, but there was a distinct loneliness knowing that it was only his voice going into this.

There was pride, too, and excitement, but right now the loneliness was winning out.

“Maybe we should take the afternoon off,” Julian suggested, coming back into the room as he hung up his phone.  “Take some time to relax, stop thinking about writing.  We can try again tomorrow, maybe after supper instead of meeting in the morning. We do our best work after dark.”

Harry had to bite back the urge to respond with, “Yes, I know.  We named an entire album after it.”  He was going into a gloom and everyone, including himself, could sense it.  He didn’t want an entire album built around his angst; it was in everyone’s best interest if they went in their own directions for a while.  On a deep sigh, he sat up as he ruffled his hair out. “Yeah, sounds good, mate.  After 7, maybe?”

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lol so this is just a super random thing but how do you feel when people call the au sun and moon? i was just scrolling through the blog and i saw there were people calling it that instead of day and night especially in the earlier parts. i know you've made yourself clear on that but i guess it is easy to make that mistake when you first see it from an outsider's point of view. (1/2)

heck even i did, so i can’t blame them entirely (laughs) anyway it’s just a super funny thing that occurred on my part and i just wanna share. hope you have a nice day wherever you are! stay awesome and happy! (2/2)

whenever i see people call my au the sun and moon au i just think but it’s… it’s not?? lmaoo and i don’t really feel anything i just don’t want you guys to get the idea that they only meet during the solar/lunar eclipse. that’s angst and i don’t like angst most of the time. i wanted to make an au with the similar concept as the sun and moon but without the angst, hence day and night was born

hopefully this message will clear things up?? hahaha anyway thanks for sharing!! have a nice day as well anon!!💙