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for the past few years I’ve been looking for the weirdest animations I could find on youtube, 2d and 3d. while I’ve found a lot of strange and interesting uploads, this one takes the cake by far. it’s a 1 hour 30 minute movie called FROGGY 2000, which is split into 7 parts (this is part 5). at first I thought it was someone dubbing gibberish over an 80′s TV cartoon with the framerate lowered, but this person hand animated everything. once they started singing “the froggy song” 1 minute in I was in total shock. I could barely comprehend the audio, and the music sounded like a Throbbing Gristle track.  FROGGY 2000 even has 2 sequels, A FROGGY ODYSSEY 2001 and FROGGY REVELATION, both being an hour and a half. a very bizarre and buried video at only 40 views, FROGGY 2000 has been the largest source of bewilderment of any youtube video I’ve ever seen


→ day one - favorite underrated villain: Kron


“she is goin crazi over pete wentz.”

Mood eternally. 😂

But seriously, I checked and this video has been out for about nine years now and it doesn’t even have 2000 views. Something tells me Pete Wentz hasn’t seen this yet and I really wanna hear his thoughts.

Could you all do me a favor and spread this video around until Pete responds to it? Let’s get this video popular! Thanks!


Happy birthday to Buckminster Fuller! The writer and designer who advocated for “the total use of total technology for total population” was born July 12, 1895, in Milton, Massachusetts.

Fuller had a long relationship with Time Inc. that officially began in 1938 with his joining the staff of Fortune, although a 1932 letter to R.M. Ingersoll shows that he’d been in conversation with the magazine several years earlier as well. In 1968, Fuller was planning the premiere of his World Game. The “game” was to be a large scale simulation in which participants would cooperate to solve global problems. 

In a letter to Time Inc. editor in chief Hedley Donovan, Fuller explained his offer for the publishing company to report on the inception and eventually on the playing of the World Game. One of the reasons why he felt Time Inc. should take him up on the offer shows his characteristic zeal:

“I am confident that the computerized world game playing will become an ever more effective instrument in bringing about all humanity’s educational reorientations and thoughtful dispositions.”

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