Loving the feedback from my blog!!! I got an email request on how to cover acne/acne scars & what products to recommend! I’ve never really suffered from acne but I’ve dealt with clients who do…Getting pictures sent to me on the changes from my viewers is everything! So glad it’s helped! Please continue to email me with topics & your results!! Xo 💋 #chrystiartistry #makeupartist #blogger #southflorida #miami #bookme #viewme ✨

my life in a story a shitty story ( a Andy biersack lovestory)

Amie is in love with her dad ,she has to make hard decisions *warning this contains swearing and sexual language, also self harm please don’t take any offense to it *

my hand

Amie’s point of viewMe and Ashley got ready quickly known the guys would kill him if he was late for his set. I just left my hair wet because it will quickly dry off its that hot outside, I towel…

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Cool Tool | eZuce’s Viewme

eZuce’s Video Collaboration Solution Viewme (formerly SeeVogh), is available to higher education institutions as part of the Internet2 NET+ initiative. Faculty, staff and students at member institutions can have unlimited access to the  video collaboration solution to support virtual classrooms, intercampus learning, extended … Continue reading →