viewing the infinite

if people were elements,
then we are ice and fire.

your touch is frost upon my burning skin,
my breath melts your frozen heart.
your kiss is cool against my lips,
and my heat warms you all the way down
to the tips of your toes.

and although we could complement each other,
beckon the other away from the end of polarity
to come and meet in the middle,
too much of one

will eliminate the other.

—  and i’d never forgive myself if i caused your destruction, c.j.n.
INFINITE’s Sunggyu To Halt Activities Due To Injury + Injury Will Affect INFINITE’s Comeback

INFINITE’s Sunggyu To Halt Activities Due To Injury + Injury Will Affect INFINITE’s Comeback

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Earlier, it was reported that INFINITE’s Sunggyu sustained a rib injury and that he would, therefore, have to halt activities to recover. Reportedly, the singer got injured while playing a game during filming for Channel A’s “Singderella.”

INFINITE’s group comeback was originally scheduled for May and the group was supposed to film the MV for their new track on March 30. A source stated, “Due to…

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Stoned love

Stop messing round with that fire,
Living like love is just a gun for hire,
Cos one moment its just messing round,
To your wiki saying she’s your spouse,
Oh but its not just girls,
Cos yeah one moment I was tearing off her blouse,
Now she says she’s living in my house,

Babe I know you said you’d never smoke pot,
Its just; that burned Like your first splif,
Now we just hanging around in the dark, you’re pale as a ghost.
Stop messing round now, cos am too stoned,
You’re know I can’t save you cos in this game am too gone,

She’s only seventeen, and thinks at sixteen am all there is,
But a degenerate kind, baby am definitely not what you need,
She wants to dance with devil, Mr brownstone is just grave,
Oh Y’know the drugs will drown her out, just too young,
Can’t believe this is my life, smoking and fucking in the back,

it’s cha boi and oh? what’s those things he’s wearing on his wrist? that’s right it’s silly bandz


(astro covering your favorite groups or songs might get you into them! note: some of the older performances may have a seventh member who was another i-Teen trainee )

vocal covers

dance covers

performance (vocal + dance) covers:

karaoke covers


인피니트(INFINITE) “태풍 (The Eye)” Official MV

I always saw minds as places, each has different corners, colors, words and views. And suddenly, I inadvertently got in yours, without any warning had been stuck. It felt like being swallowed by a tornado, but I won’t mind it, because there’s no place I’d rather be.
—  Home.
Dissecting the Magic/Sacred circle

In many forms of witchcraft and throughout a majority of the mystery religions Sacred and Magic circles are an integral part of the meditation, rituals and general spiritual and energy workings involved in them. What makes them so sacred? What makes them so magical? It is because simply put, they can represent almost everything to do with our world and our lives. 

Why is that and what do the circle and its parts all represent? To answer these questions the easiest and simplest answer can be found in nature. 

It is common knowledge that we, as humans, tend to view things like life and time in a linear fashion (yet we represent our linear time with a circular, infinite shape *clock* but… that’s philosophy and I digress!) We see life as a line, beginning at birth and ending at death. And anything that happens thereafter is simply a continuation of that line on into infinity. 

In more religions around the world, however, a circle is a better representation of life and the world in general. Some view life as infinite, spiraling on and on through different cycles (reincarnation is one of these points of view but there are many others.) 

How does the circle relate to nature?

  • Age/ Stages of life
  • Day
  • Year/ Seasons
  • Elements


It’s rather simple to correlate the aging of a person to the circle, as Pythagoras used a circle to split the aging of people into four equal quarters of twenty years. In “Magic Mirror” Cornelius Agrippa also broke the life cycle into four quarters, though he set each quarter at twenty one years. 

Now given circles with numbers representing ages on them, we can exchange those numbers for stages of life rather simply.

In non-linear thinking, the circle begins and ends at Birth (the top of the circle.) Instead of ending at death, like a line would in linear thinking. Instead, the top of the circle is not only represented but birth and death, but also by rebirth. This is the key to linear thinking. As the physical life ends, our spirit, our soul, the divine within us carries on and is (in some spheres of belief) thrown back into the physical world in some way or another. 

We go around the circle clockwise (the same way we tell time on a clock) and move from birth/ rebirth into youth and infancy, into childhood and development. Where we begin our journey of learning. 

At the bottom of the circle is middle age, where we begin the culminating of our lives and planting the seeds of future generations. This is the point in our lives when we (by most standards) reach the point of parenthood, and true adulthood. Being in the depth of our careers and some say the ‘prime’ of our lives. (Though I’m rather sure we all view the prime of our life at different stages, depending on our own experiences.)

On the left side of the circle is where we become elderly and begin looking toward the horizon of our lives. We’ve grown wise and wrinkled and pass on knowledge and look back over our lives and all things we have done and on toward the next stage.


With the circle now connected to the life cycle of a person, let us turn to the cycles of the Earth, and let us start with a single day compared to the circle. Imagine the Sun at the center of the circle and the circle is the orbit of the Earth around the Sun. In doing so, the circle will now look like this. To make things easier, we now will use Cardinal Directions to help in the continuity of the circles. 

As we compare the circle to our lives, so we have to keep the correlation the same when we compare the circle to a single day. The North, where death, rebirth and birth are at now becomes midnight, the turning point in every night where the Sun begins its return to the horizon. 

Following the movement of the sun, we come into Dawn in the East, where our youth and childhood is. When compared to the single day, this is where the day is still new, it is the morning, the rise of the sun into the sky. As we grow around the circle, so too does the day grow around the circle.

And so we move into Noon, the middle of the day, in the South. As our lives are in their prime, at their peak, the day is also at its peak here.

From there we move into Dusk, as in our lives when age catches up to us and the light in us begins to fade, so too in this circle does the Sun begin to set. 

The circle continues into the depth of midnight and is reborn after midnight as the Sun begins to appear again the following day. Endless, continuous, infinite.

Year/ Seasons

From comparing the circle of a day to the circle of our own lives, it is easy to see how the comparisons will continue and how essential the sacred and magic circle is to almost everything to do with our lives. Now we will look at the circle in comparison to the seasons. 

In continuing the same themes, as the Sacred circle does, we can compare the North to death/rebirth/birth, Midnight, and also to Winter. They all share the same theme. Winter is the dark part of the year, and so like our lives, we begin in darkness and emerge into growing light. Winter is a time of death leading into Spring, the time of birth and rebirth for the for the world. 

Spring, (East) in full bloom, is the youth of the year. Everything is new and pretty, we are growing and learning. This is where our lives grow and where the day grows with the rising sun into Dawn.

To the South is Summer, which is the prime of the year, the brightness of Noon and the prime of our lives. We find hear the great joys of life, 

And so like our lives age, Summer turns to Fall in the West and we can see the world changing. Leaves begin to fade from green to brown and red, trees begin to ‘die’ and the world grows slowly colder and darker. As in our lives, the signs of an aging year and the seasons begin to become apparent. 

Again into the North and Winter where the world dies and slumbers waiting to be reborn once again. So the circle is once again, the center of the year and of the seasons. 


In many religions and in witchcraft the four directions are typically related to the four elements with Spirit at the center. In comparing this schism to the aforementioned day and year circles, we can clearly see the relationship they have. A circle representing the Earth’s path around the Sun and given the cardinal directions can overlay one where those same cardinal directions are given to the four elements.

With the Sun at the center, representing Spirit (as the Sun so often does in many religions around the world) we can then find the four elements around that circle. 

The four cardinal directions are most often associated with the four elements in this fashion





Understanding the Center

In the center of the circle is the Sun, Spirit, our essential self. If the circle represents us, then the center represents the divine within us. In comparing the circle to ourselves, to a single day, to the world, and to the elements, we can find connection between all these things. And this, this continuous and ever flowing circle that represents all things, we find the Sacredness and the Magic of the circle. 

When creating a magic circle or sacred circle, the space within represents the unity of all things and can be represented by you, by a candle, by an altar or any other thing that you feel holds that symbolism. We often thank the elements, acknowledge them and their associations in ritual and or rites. 

In most mystery religions we use sacred circles as opposed to temples or churches because, let’s face it, we don’t have them and often don’t even need them. It’s stereotypical and often misunderstood and misinterpreted, but nature, the world around us, truly is our church. 


If anyone has any info they’d like to add to this post, send links to me, or reblog and add the info :) 



anonymous asked:

Sometimes I feel like you're very lonely. Are you? I know what loneliness feels like, and I can't help but come back to you each time it draws near. I want to be someone there for you to rely on and to pull the loneliness away. Even if it's just for a moment, I would attempt to try it instead of doing nothing.

Morty is silent for a long moment as he considers this. It was extremely rare for anyone to perceive any insecurities beneath his many eccentricities. Perhaps even rarer for him to admit it, and taking a deep breath, it felt to him like a good moment to be honest…

“You know, it’s funny…I spend so much time getting lost in my visions and such, whenever I stop to consider my own life, it is hard not to view it as just something infinitely tiny compared to the vast possibilities of everything. And even if it’s tiny, I do my part in the world to help people, because even tiny actions have great, resounding effects that ripple incomprehensibly through Time, forever changing and shaping the future, and due to the infinite potential actions of every single person on the planet, not a single possible outcome is ever set in stone for even a single millisecond. And that’s just a tiny glimpse at how vast the universe and all its possibilities are…

…And in a world that vast, it’s not hard to feel the gravity of it all. Because you’re right.

I am lonely.

Sometimes I feel the need to wind down from how overwhelming all of this is, and when I do, I don’t feel like there’s anyone there who really understands. I have friends, sure, and I love them very much. Bright, shining, wonderful people, and they appreciate me, even if I do hide so much of myself. But even if someone were to understand what it is exactly I feel, I just…I don’t know. It’s not that I feel daunted by how…big everything is; the opposite in fact. Being just one person, I appreciate how I and my actions have the ability to help people and that’s enough for me. 

I don’t need to make a big impact in this big world. Just a bit of help to a few people here and there is all I want to do with these gifts that I have. That’s my responsibility; to help, because I can. But…even so, I don’t really have anyone that I can share that with. I don’t mean in terms of a relationship or a soulmate…I just mean that it’s my own cross to bear. Being the guy who helps out as he passes through means you don’t forge those connections with anyone. You don’t really have people stop and take a good look at you, and realise what you’re all about.

…Maybe that’s why I’m lonely. Because I do what I do alone, because I’m the only one who can.

…I’m a man of science, but also a man who believes in impossible things. One might contradict the other, but it makes sense to me. We all like to believe in things that may seem absurd, if they give us hope and comfort. And even though I spend a lot of my time researching death, and what comes after, and ghosts and spirits and what have you…sometimes I think I haven’t learned a great deal. It’s such a complex, impossible thing to study. But people always believe that when someone they love has passed away, that they’re still with them.

It’s such a strange phenomena. Someone disappears forever, and there’s grief, but you can still feel them there. Sometimes it’s like they never left, and they’re standing there, right beside you, and you can almost feel a comforting hand on your shoulder. One thing I think is possible…even if there’s no such thing as an afterlife, and that death really is nothing more than just…the end…that phenomena, of still feeling like someone you’ve lost is still with you, is your own product of emotion. Your memory of that person, all all the happiness they gave you, gives you strength. It gives you hope. It gives you love. So even if someone really has gone…they’re still with you, in your heart. That’s the beauty of memory.

…So maybe, in that regard, I’m not so lonely. People I love, even if they’re not beside me, be they either passed from this life, or simply far away…maybe they’re with me, giving me strength to keep going when I do feel lonely. Maybe.

It’s just a thought…”

Odyssey of the Neelkanth in Madhya Pradesh - Pachmarhi

They call it the Rani (Queen) of the Satpuras. And why not, since it wears the crown of the most picturesque place in Madhya Pradesh.

As one of the most idyllic places in India, Pachmarhi is a quiet quaint and cozy place with beauty at every glance. I arrived here from Tawa, with an invigorating excitement; what I found here was the sound of silence. I was immediately at ease, free from any worry or stress. The energy and vibe immediately relaxes you, and makes you want to go and explore.

Pachmarhi was discovered by a British Army Captain – James Forsyth in 1857 and he wrote book on Pachmarhi called “The Highlands of Central India”. Dense forests and its inaccessibility had made it a safe place for hideout for freedom fighters like Rani Jhansi and Tatya Tope. The presence of 5 ancient caves had made it famous with the name of Pachmarhi where “Panch” means five and ”Marhi” means caves. Its scenic beauty and climate had made it popular among Britishers during the pre-independence era in summer.

I stayed at the Champak Bungalow, a place with a historical flavour, frozen in time. It makes you feel immediately connected to all the stories of India’s history. It was sheltered in the middle of a lot of trees and connected to a small water body. The moment I walked to the reception, there was a list of around 20 different places to be visited. My brain started planning each trip. I was ecstatic.

The nearest destination was Christ Church, with architecture of a distant past. It is true that Art and Architecture have always captured the essence of the time in which they came into being. I enjoyed its delicate yet bold roof, the magnificent rosette, the evolved and mixed forms of tracery that came from a time before it and I continued to stare.

The next destination was Bison Museum. It is a lovely expanse, with intimate structures that hold the documentation of flora and fauna of MP. I saw the images and description of species I had just read in textbooks about and thought that I might encounter a few while I am here. I felt like an explorer searching for these natural treasures.

The Church and museum had taken my heart and I walked out full of joy. The only thing my eyes fell upon was the majestic sight of Dhoopgarh. And so I began my chase.

“Sunlight reaches this peak at the earliest and sunlight leaves this peak at the last. It is the tallest peak in the Satpura Range”, said the guide explaining things to a tourist family next to me. I overheard and thought that it does makes sense as I was preparing to capture the infinite stretch of mountains and sky in front of me. I was 4400 feet above sea level, and on the tallest point in central India. The colours of the sunset were taken straight out of a Neoclassical painting, my brain was making this association as I found myself unable to capture the view in one sight. But the sky! The sky was pure magic. The clouds were blending into greys but left a sharp bright lining of the sunlight. The sky, however was in a dynamic crimson and orange. Before my mind figured out how to make this specific colour with proportions of yellows, reds, oranges it had already moved to another combination. Then I stopped. I started to internalise this infinite view. I felt humbled as I knew that I am a mere speck in front of this regal theatrical of nature.

The next day, we were taken to Apsara Vihar, popularly known as Apsara falls. Pachmarhi is endowed with more than 10 waterfalls, but my guide insisted that we visit the most enamouring of them all.

I saw these waterfalls and I had already figured out why the name was so. Such a magnificent site! Smitten by its charms, I continued to descend where the waterfall had taken a break to carry on horizontally. I saw the years of passage had cut down into the bed and the waters were crystal clear. I touched the waters gently, and I thought of it to be the most poetic of places. What a wondrous sight! 

To one side, I see waters falling and moving towards me, to the other, waters moving and falling away from me. I moved closer to where the curtains of water touched land. As I moved closer to it, I could feel the droplets softly touching my skin, from where they separated from the curtain. It was almost like it was calling me further towards it. I reached out my hand and touched the drapes of water and there was nothing left but a big smile.

In Pachmarhi, I watched the world change in a matter of a few minutes and I thought of what a rapid river time is.

About the artist

Artist-storyteller Harshvardhan Kadam is fascinated by surreal landscapes, mystical beings and mythical creatures. His collective, inkbrushnme, with its eclecticism, has produced conceptually and stylistically powerful Visual Art. With conceptual clarity and solidity, he has illustrated many characters in graphic novels, and children’s books.

By Harshvardhan Kadam
Process for “Search for the Halo” collaboration with Negshin

I was commissioned for a painting of Sunngyu which would be printed as a postcard for the encore concert in Seoul. The requested brief given was “Fantasy, Sexy, Angel vs Devil.” After finding some reference images and drawing up drafts, I asked my friend @negshin for her opinion on the layout and the colors. During the discussion, we decided to collaborate together for the final image. A few more details were added to the initial draft and it was approved by the commissioner.

In order for the collaboration to go smoothly, we each painted sections and would regularly update each other. We frequently offered each other suggestions and would send WIPs almost every step of the way. I started working on the faces and the wings while Negshin worked on the bodies. We worked in black and white at this stage to get our base values down and play with the colors later.

Before going into too many details, we started adding colors. We experimented with the background a bit, finally settling on a strong red rim light against the darker, contrasting shadows.

With the image coming together, we began fixing things here and there. The wings needed more depth so their colors were changed and more feathers were added/refined. 

We also decided to change Angel Gyu’s tie from black to red to unify their overall look better. We struggled with his shirt a bit cause it just didn’t look right.

For the final steps we added some fire effects, refined the details even more and played with the colors a bit more to push back some of the reds. All done! GO HERE TO SEE FINAL VERSION AND CLOSE UP VIEW.