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Shoulder to Shoulder, Side to Side | Peter Parker x Star-kid!Reader

Description: You always seem to be at Peter Parker’s side, whether it be on rooftops after a hard day or at a celebration. 

Notes: This is a mini-bit from the “It’s Hard to Balance” series, and the reader is Star-kid, Lumin, or Starling. Please read this series if you want to read this imagine without spoilers.

Words: 1784

Characters: Peter Parker, Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, Stan Lee.

Ships: Avengers x Superpowered!Reader, Peter Parker x Superpowered!Reader


It was one of the quieter nights, you noted. New York was a rowdy place, but tonight, everything was as silent as the dark. As were you and Peter, your cape draped over his back as you stared shoulder-to-shoulder at the city below. His fingers lightly carded through your hair, your masks bunched in a ball atop two empty pizza boxes. He was close to sleep, and your hummed lullaby wasn’t helping to wake him up.

It had just been one of those days. With your identity revealed, you were bully-free, but the same couldn’t be said for Peter. Flash teased him, the football players threatened him, he had to do both his and his partners work in bio. But miserable days at school led to afternoons swinging around the city, guiding old ladies home, taking pictures with fans and playing chess with the homeless at Central Park. The night was saved for you, the adoring silence thickly layered around you both and protecting from you the city’s high winds.

You hummed another verse of the slow song, your head leaned into Peter’s chest. His suit was soft and warm, the light patterns catching on your fingers as you trailed your hand across his chest.”I’m sorry I haven’t been staying with you at the facility as much,” Peter murmured into your hair, caressing your waist. At that moment you were concentrated on fitting your hand against Peter’s, comparing the sizes of your hands with quirked interest,”It’s okay. I’m sure May worries about you.”

“Not more than you do sometimes.” Peter smiled, folding his hands over yours. You gratefully sighed out of your nose when he pressed a kiss to your temple. His lips lingered there for a moment, before you giggled and he parted from you. You turned, taking his face in your hands and blinking up at him like he was the whole world. He would go through a trillion more school days full of bullies, work, and anxiety if it meant you did this with him each night.

Peter gently held your arms, gliding his gloved hands to rest at your wrists as you pulled him in. This, like every other time you kissed, was slow and loving. Peter progressed it by pushing in further, your sweet taste a luxury in comparison to the rest of day. It was a freedom he’d die for. It was a freedom you’d die for.

“Mr. Parker,” You pressed your brow against his, pulling from his lips reluctantly,”You are sugar personified.” The way you looked at him, with your E/C eyes swirling with love and your touch combing along his scalp, Peter felt the air he breathed was thicker. Thick with emotion. Oh, if the rest of the team could see you now. Peter, they believed he was innocent and precious. They viewed you as an infinite powerhouse. Right now you were puddles, collected in one another’s hands.

“Good thing you have a sweet tooth.” Peter laughed, wrapping his other arm around your waist. Your cape slipped off his shoulder as he shifted, and you tenderly righted it while going on to explain your recent prank war with Pietro and Clint.

At first, Peter was a little jealous. The rest of the team could be themselves at the party, but if he wanted to show up and get credit, he’d have to be Spider-Man. Which, at first, wasn’t really a problem. But Starling, or Y/N L/N, was with Peter Parker— not Spider-Man. So either he can go to the victory party and get credit from everyone, or he could go as Peter Parker and dance with you all night. He made his decision when you winked at him that morning. Besides, most of the team had a date. Wanda and Vision, Pepper and Tony. So if you, the Avenger that had clearly publicized your relationship, didn’t have a date… that would be bad.

Pietro and Bucky gave him tips. Bucky was more helpful even if he’d forgotten most of what he was going to suggest, but most of his ideas were more gentlemanly compared to Pietro’s. They were all pretty traditional, but reminded Peter to have courage; kiss your hand, offer your jacket, pull out your chair.

The victory party was going to occur in Malibu. After defeating Galactus, most of the team needed a pick-me-up, and Pepper and Tony were already arguing about having a taco bar or not. Tony threw a party after every major mission and now was no exception.

The music had started but barely any guests had arrived. You were finishing up in the bathroom while he looked around your room. You had a room in every one of Tony’s homes, but this and the one in the New Avengers Facility were more crowded with your personality. There were polaroids of you and him plastered on a corkboard, posters of objects of your interests, a mini-fridge loaded with your favorite snacks. Peter found himself smiling at the photos, his heart beating anxiously in preparation for the night. He was never really one for parties.

You exited the bathroom, desperately trying to reach for the zipper on your dress. With a grunt of distress you gestured behind you,”Pete, can you…?” Peter stuttered at your appearance, the (color) dress glowing in time with your skin-tone, wrapping around your body like a second skin. It was tight… but in all the right places…

“Yeah, um, sure. Come here.” You turned around, guiding your hair over your shoulder as you waited for his assistance. Peter took the pull tab between his thumb and forefinger, gently dragging it up the chain and over your spine. You shivered beneath his touch, curving around to face him. Your arms came up to fold around his neck, one hand gently stroking his jaw as you took in his appearance,”You need to wear suits more, Spidey.” You whispered. Peter blushed, gently pressing you against his chest,”May-maybe, yeah.” With a flustered shrug, Peter pointed to his undone tie,”Can you…?”

You took the tie in your hands and began to tie it, folding and knotting as Peter admired your face. You glanced up at him, smiling sneakily at him as soon as the knot had been finished. You tugged on it to make sure it was perfect, pulling Peter’s face closer to yours with the pull, before you kissed him as fiercely as you could manage. Peter responded with unhidden enthusiasm, pawing at your back and waist as you messed up his hair.

“You know I love you, right?” Peter asked breathlessly, following your lead down the hall to the main areas of the event. You slowed your walk to match his steps, flashing him a dazzling smile,”I love you too, Peter.” You both smiled like idiots in that instant, legs jello and hearts a flutter, shoulder-to-shoulder as your shoes clipped down the hall. The music began to steadily grow in volume as you entered the heart of the party… which wasn’t beating as loud yet.

“Hey, Dad!” You called out across the way. He was leaning against the bar, and nearly did a spit take as the pair of you approached.”What?” You questioned in response to the face he made. Tony gestured to your outfit,” Sorry, I thought you were just some random kid that broke into our house and called me ‘dad’. Since when do you wear dresses, Star-nerd?”

“That’s Quill’s title,” You defended your name,”And I wore them since Peter started liking them.” You laughed. Tony’s eyes flashed to Peter’s, the teen’s hands suddenly clammy and face paler than the moon,”I just… I just thought that she’d, uh, be able to fight better in them, sir… wha-what with her legs being more… free?” Peter tried to save himself, but you shook them both off with a snigger,”I’m just joking. Where are the others?”

“Either here or on their way. Even T’Challa RSVP’d, so everyone should be coming over. We’ve got a few other guests too, I think Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Speedy Gonzalez are bringing some friends from your school.” As Tony relayed the news you and Peter exchanged a mutual glance of anxiety; that could either mean Michelle and Wanda chilling by the punch bowl skeptically, or the entire Midtown football team hiking after Pietro. Hopefully not both.

“Oh, well, where’s mom?” You wondered. With a start, you suddenly flushed and rushed to correct yourself,”PEPPER! I said Pepper, good ol’ Pep. Not mom. I didn’t say mom. Peter, did I say mom?” You turned to him, hoping for his assistance in your embarrassed state. You’d referred to Pepper as “mom” to him in private, as a code-name for when you were discussing your surprises for her and Tony’s wedding.

“What? No, you didn’t say mom! Yeah, no, she didn’t say mom. What are you talking about, Mr. Stark?” Peter flushed along with you for no apparent reason, squeezing your hand in hopes to convey his second-hand embarrassment for you. Tony shook his head, smiling at the thought of Pepper,”You two are made for each other. Now go get some punch or something.” He chuckled, watching you and Peter skitter off like startled animals.

“Hands above the waist, Parker!” He added in parting. Peter’s hand immediately shot up higher, fearfully retracting his touch. You put your hand over his and slid it back to your hip, shaking your head but internally thanking the distraction,”C’mon, Parker. Dance with me before the dance floor’s too crowded.”

Peter couldn’t say no, he didn’t want to say no, and thus collected you in his arms.”Ay, Lee!” You shouted to the DJ. The elderly man pulled out an earbud,”Yeah, Stark?” You gestured to your and Peter’s dancing position,”Can you play something slow for the gentleman and me?” You said teasingly in a “rich person” voice. Stan aimed a pair of finger-guns at you,”You got it, kids!” He punched a button the laptop in front of him, one of your favorite slow songs beginning to play steadily.

“Nice DJ.” Peter complimented quietly as you began to sway.”Good guy, but I don’t know much about him.” You responded. Peter sighed happily, whispering something about how he wasn’t one for parties. You agreed, resting your cheek against his shoulder. Giggling, you nuzzled into his neck, draping your arms over his shoulders. Guests were just beginning to arrive as the chorus started in.

Peter gently began to whisper the lyrics of the song in your ear, his lips grazing your skin with every word. Breathing in his scent, you exhaled peacefully. Oh, what a night.

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Berena Appreciation Week Day 5: Favourite Quotes

I am way behind on the fic side of things; I have started one for every prompt so far, but I’m having trouble finishing *sniggers* *that’s what he said* *shut up you child*
Anyway, I’d just like to take a minute to talk about my favourite quote, as well as some silent moments that speak volumes, to me. 

Stare at him together, shall we?
Ok, so even in the context of Bernie having caught Serena staring at Jason, after Serena has warned the entire ward that Jason is prone to a good stare, this is still SO FLIRTY! So flirty! Bernie in most of this episode is just a big, sauntering flirt. 
And look at their faces! It’s like when Serena just melts when Bernie says “how about this, Serena Campbell…” They literally glow under each other’s gaze.

So off on a bit of a tangent, just a bit about the weight of emotions that Bernie carries in her words and her eyes. 
Aaand apparently here’s where I break the gif search so all I can see is the top of Serena’s head in anything I’m searching for. I mean, there are worse views, but there are infinitely better ones that I was wishing to demonstrate, but I guess we’re back to the good old imagination!

I’ve missed you (19x17 Of Lions and Lambs)

Any room for me in you future plans….Ok. I can live with that. Do you really have to go? (19x26 It’s Only Love if it Hurts)

I’m just very much awed by Bernie in these particular moments. 
By her own admission, she’s been a bit useless with emotions, and it’s a general consensus that she’s a bit pants with words, but she has this overwhelming love for Serena that makes her want to help, to make things better, or right, or something. And she doesn’t want to cloister her, suffocate her, but she wants to make sure Serena knows she cares, and also because, now that she’s embraced it, she can’t fathom not showing Serena that she loves her. 
So it makes for these beautiful moments where Bernie’s going to be completely honest with her feelings, but it’s so weighted that she has to look away in the moment of saying it, or just before/ after saying it. Whether to steel herself at the emotion or to shield Serena from the strength of it. 
As she’s saying “I missed you” she looks down, momentarily, and when she lifts her head, her eyes are positively shining. 

And the rooftop scene oh, my god. “Any room for me in your future plans?” She cannot look at Serena when she asks that. Looks down, and then after they kiss, she keeps her eyes closed for the longest time, and when she opens them, so still takes a while to look up, to meet Serena’s eyes, and her voice, small and accepting, but that little plea that she cannot hide. She doesn’t want to burden Serena with any of it, isn’t sure that she won’t fall apart if she doesn’t look away, take a moment to guard at least some of her emotions, but god, is that beautiful, these actions that speak louder than her words. 
Amazing acting and character development. 

INFINITE’s Sunggyu To Halt Activities Due To Injury + Injury Will Affect INFINITE’s Comeback

INFINITE’s Sunggyu To Halt Activities Due To Injury + Injury Will Affect INFINITE’s Comeback

External image

Earlier, it was reported that INFINITE’s Sunggyu sustained a rib injury and that he would, therefore, have to halt activities to recover. Reportedly, the singer got injured while playing a game during filming for Channel A’s “Singderella.”

INFINITE’s group comeback was originally scheduled for May and the group was supposed to film the MV for their new track on March 30. A source stated, “Due to…

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Dissecting the Magic/Sacred circle

In many forms of witchcraft and throughout a majority of the mystery religions Sacred and Magic circles are an integral part of the meditation, rituals and general spiritual and energy workings involved in them. What makes them so sacred? What makes them so magical? It is because simply put, they can represent almost everything to do with our world and our lives. 

Why is that and what do the circle and its parts all represent? To answer these questions the easiest and simplest answer can be found in nature. 

It is common knowledge that we, as humans, tend to view things like life and time in a linear fashion (yet we represent our linear time with a circular, infinite shape *clock* but… that’s philosophy and I digress!) We see life as a line, beginning at birth and ending at death. And anything that happens thereafter is simply a continuation of that line on into infinity. 

In more religions around the world, however, a circle is a better representation of life and the world in general. Some view life as infinite, spiraling on and on through different cycles (reincarnation is one of these points of view but there are many others.) 

How does the circle relate to nature?

  • Age/ Stages of life
  • Day
  • Year/ Seasons
  • Elements


It’s rather simple to correlate the aging of a person to the circle, as Pythagoras used a circle to split the aging of people into four equal quarters of twenty years. In “Magic Mirror” Cornelius Agrippa also broke the life cycle into four quarters, though he set each quarter at twenty one years. 

Now given circles with numbers representing ages on them, we can exchange those numbers for stages of life rather simply.

In non-linear thinking, the circle begins and ends at Birth (the top of the circle.) Instead of ending at death, like a line would in linear thinking. Instead, the top of the circle is not only represented but birth and death, but also by rebirth. This is the key to linear thinking. As the physical life ends, our spirit, our soul, the divine within us carries on and is (in some spheres of belief) thrown back into the physical world in some way or another. 

We go around the circle clockwise (the same way we tell time on a clock) and move from birth/ rebirth into youth and infancy, into childhood and development. Where we begin our journey of learning. 

At the bottom of the circle is middle age, where we begin the culminating of our lives and planting the seeds of future generations. This is the point in our lives when we (by most standards) reach the point of parenthood, and true adulthood. Being in the depth of our careers and some say the ‘prime’ of our lives. (Though I’m rather sure we all view the prime of our life at different stages, depending on our own experiences.)

On the left side of the circle is where we become elderly and begin looking toward the horizon of our lives. We’ve grown wise and wrinkled and pass on knowledge and look back over our lives and all things we have done and on toward the next stage.


With the circle now connected to the life cycle of a person, let us turn to the cycles of the Earth, and let us start with a single day compared to the circle. Imagine the Sun at the center of the circle and the circle is the orbit of the Earth around the Sun. In doing so, the circle will now look like this. To make things easier, we now will use Cardinal Directions to help in the continuity of the circles. 

As we compare the circle to our lives, so we have to keep the correlation the same when we compare the circle to a single day. The North, where death, rebirth and birth are at now becomes midnight, the turning point in every night where the Sun begins its return to the horizon. 

Following the movement of the sun, we come into Dawn in the East, where our youth and childhood is. When compared to the single day, this is where the day is still new, it is the morning, the rise of the sun into the sky. As we grow around the circle, so too does the day grow around the circle.

And so we move into Noon, the middle of the day, in the South. As our lives are in their prime, at their peak, the day is also at its peak here.

From there we move into Dusk, as in our lives when age catches up to us and the light in us begins to fade, so too in this circle does the Sun begin to set. 

The circle continues into the depth of midnight and is reborn after midnight as the Sun begins to appear again the following day. Endless, continuous, infinite.

Year/ Seasons

From comparing the circle of a day to the circle of our own lives, it is easy to see how the comparisons will continue and how essential the sacred and magic circle is to almost everything to do with our lives. Now we will look at the circle in comparison to the seasons. 

In continuing the same themes, as the Sacred circle does, we can compare the North to death/rebirth/birth, Midnight, and also to Winter. They all share the same theme. Winter is the dark part of the year, and so like our lives, we begin in darkness and emerge into growing light. Winter is a time of death leading into Spring, the time of birth and rebirth for the for the world. 

Spring, (East) in full bloom, is the youth of the year. Everything is new and pretty, we are growing and learning. This is where our lives grow and where the day grows with the rising sun into Dawn.

To the South is Summer, which is the prime of the year, the brightness of Noon and the prime of our lives. We find hear the great joys of life, 

And so like our lives age, Summer turns to Fall in the West and we can see the world changing. Leaves begin to fade from green to brown and red, trees begin to ‘die’ and the world grows slowly colder and darker. As in our lives, the signs of an aging year and the seasons begin to become apparent. 

Again into the North and Winter where the world dies and slumbers waiting to be reborn once again. So the circle is once again, the center of the year and of the seasons. 


In many religions and in witchcraft the four directions are typically related to the four elements with Spirit at the center. In comparing this schism to the aforementioned day and year circles, we can clearly see the relationship they have. A circle representing the Earth’s path around the Sun and given the cardinal directions can overlay one where those same cardinal directions are given to the four elements.

With the Sun at the center, representing Spirit (as the Sun so often does in many religions around the world) we can then find the four elements around that circle. 

The four cardinal directions are most often associated with the four elements in this fashion





Understanding the Center

In the center of the circle is the Sun, Spirit, our essential self. If the circle represents us, then the center represents the divine within us. In comparing the circle to ourselves, to a single day, to the world, and to the elements, we can find connection between all these things. And this, this continuous and ever flowing circle that represents all things, we find the Sacredness and the Magic of the circle. 

When creating a magic circle or sacred circle, the space within represents the unity of all things and can be represented by you, by a candle, by an altar or any other thing that you feel holds that symbolism. We often thank the elements, acknowledge them and their associations in ritual and or rites. 

In most mystery religions we use sacred circles as opposed to temples or churches because, let’s face it, we don’t have them and often don’t even need them. It’s stereotypical and often misunderstood and misinterpreted, but nature, the world around us, truly is our church. 


If anyone has any info they’d like to add to this post, send links to me, or reblog and add the info :) 




(astro covering your favorite groups or songs might get you into them! note: some of the older performances may have a seventh member who was another i-Teen trainee )

vocal covers

dance covers

performance (vocal + dance) covers:

karaoke covers

We have different ideas about religion. I’ve never found heaven, for example, a particularly interesting place to go. In fact, I take the view that God, in his infinite wisdom, didn’t bother to spring for two joints–heaven and hell. They’re the same place, but heaven is when you get everything you want and you meet Mummy and Daddy and your best friends and you all have a hug and a kiss and play your harps. Hell is the same place–no fire and brimstone–but they just all pass by and don’t see you. There’s nothing, no recognition. You’re waving, ‘It’s me, your father,’ but you’re invisible. You’re on a cloud, you’ve got your harp, but you can’t play with nobody because they don’t see you. That’s hell.
—  Keith Richards, Life
"Infinite Challenge" Issues Apology For Using Inappropriate Subtitles On Video Of EXO's Kai

“Infinite Challenge” Issues Apology For Using Inappropriate Subtitles On Video Of EXO’s Kai

External image

MBC’s “Infinite Challenge” has issued an official apology for an inappropriate subtitle used during one of their recent episodes.

On July 23, “Infinite Challenge” released an official statement that read, “While explaining a newly-coined word that means ‘Loving something without being a fan,’ we used footage that left a deep impression on us. However, the subtitles we used were inappropriate and…

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The thing with Jack is we know he beds women a lot and is charming and stuff but he was never a perv about it. He never really disrespected women. Off the top of my head, the farthest he went was like “the view is infinitely better” on rumrunners island when he was completely smashed. And yes, he was completely smashed this entire first half of DMTNT but he didn’t have to be. There was actually a purpose behind him being really wasted in COTBP.

Barbossa was kind of the resident pervert (and even then, not later on) so when Jack was saying all that stuff about Elizabeth’s boobs to her son?? And when Carina said she was a horologist. Also when Carina was taking off her dress in the boat it was like “wtf Jack?”

It’s still Disney hello so I’d like it to stay that way because I didn’t sign up for Jack the Perv™ cause that’s not him.


Apeiron has three basic meanings: “infinite,” “indefinite,” and “unlimited.” Apeiron stems from peras, which means “limit” and so a-peiron means “without limit.” Yet it also relates to peiron, which means “experience or trial,” thus it can also mean “unknowable.” In mathematics, apeiron describes the “infinite,” because the infinite seems to go on without limit.

From an ancient point of view (pre-calculus), anything “infinite” (apeiron) cannot be known because it goes on to infinity. This includes anything infinitely divisible or infinite in addition/multiplication. To know something means to determine it, i.e. place a limit on it.


The Pythagoreans associated the apeiron with “the even,” because anything even could always be divided into even components without reaching an end. They associated peras (the opposite of apeiron) with “the odd,” because dividing the odd eventually yields an indivisible remainder. The Pythagoreans believed that the universe was structured out of a mixture of the peras and the apeiron, structured around the musical ratios in the Pythagorean scale. These “ratios” would have been understood as a logos (account). Unless the apeiron were mixed with a peras (i.e. the even were mixed with the odd), a logos would be impossible because there would be nothing definite.


Plato disagrees with the Pythagorean notion that the even is the apeiron. Instead, Plato posits two apeirai, the greater and the smaller. In Plato’s unwritten doctrines, the highest metaphysical principle is "the one,” which is something like the form of the good. The other highest principle is “the indefinite dyad,” which contains the two infinities of the great and the small. The dyad brings about a principle of multiplicity, the One a principle of unity.

For Plato, one of the infinities (the small) involves infinite decrease, the other (the great) infinite increase. In the Philebus, Plato gives the “hotter” and the “colder” as examples. The “hotter” goes on infinitely, because something will always be potentially hotter than something else. Likewise, “the colder” goes on to infinity, because things will always be colder relative to something else. Yet “the hotter” and “the colder” cannot be known until we understand these apeirai in relation to a peras (limit) and metron (measure). We need to say “X is 8 degrees hotter than Y.” Only by putting multiple measurements into play in proportions (symmetron) can we say “how hot something is.” Otherwise, we can only say “it’s hotter than …” without specifying any kind of relation.

Further Reading

For a review of all the ancient perspectives on the apeiron, I would recommend reading Aristotle’s Physics, Book III.

Also, for more about Greek mathematics, check out Jacob Klein’s Greek Mathematical Thought and the Origin of Algebra.

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인피니트(INFINITE) “태풍 (The Eye)” Official MV

the angry lesbian

Here’s a curiosity: in shows that do not center lesbians but in which lesbians occasionally feature (im talking murder mysteries/crime serials that have the obligatory one-off “gay” episode), they’re inevitably portrayed as angry and vengeful (spoiler alert: the girlfriend did it).

And the thing is, I, a lesbian, am angry about a lot of things. Late capitalism, institutionalized racism, the gender binary, the price of plane tickets obstructing me from kissing my girlfriend on a daily basis, etc.

But I have never, ever heard of one lesbian killing another lesbian out of jealousy or anger or in a fit of rage. Granted I don’t know THAT many lesbians, but according to the news I should be a lot more scared of straight white cis dudes than my fellow queermos.

The story goes as follows: An ostensibly happy and well adjusted lesbian is found dead. She is mourned by her equally ostensibly distraught partner up until the eleventh hour, when it is revealed that the shifty, cold-hearted bitch did, in fact, do it, her motive for murder being either a) jealousy, b) some twisted version of how straights perceive internalized homophobia, c) fear of being outed (newsflash: queer women do not demand or expect or pressure other queer women to out themselves) or, my personal favorite (I’m looking at you, Rizzoli and Isles), d) getting…bored? Of the relationship and slowly poisoning your partner with her own insulin shot?? In lieu of? Oh, I don’t know? Asking for a divorce? WHAT WAS AT STAKE HERE THAT YOU HAD TO KILL HER? This was in the first season of R&I, mind you, when basic story devices like plot and motive and character development were still taken into consideration.

It just amazes me (no it doesn’t) that in all the world of storytelling, out of all the possible motives, the imagination of straight writers can only fathom lesbians as violent and vengeful and degenerate: subhuman, if you will. This falls in with the dead lesbian trope. They’re often intertwined. Lesbians get ONE narrative, if they get any narrative at all (the same can be said for most marginalized identities but I am a queer woman therefore am addressing ladies lovin ladies).

There are so many lgbtq issues to tackle, and it may seem like representation in stories should be at the bottom of the list. But claiming our own humanity through stories, being in charge of our own narratives, is integral to not only how the world views us but how we views ourselves (the latter being infinitely more important). For too long, heteronormative writers and lawmakers and tellers of tales have had a say in our narratives, in the stories of our lives. And the only way we’re going to change anything at all is to take the story back.

I always saw minds as places, each has different corners, colors, words and views. And suddenly, I inadvertently got in yours, without any warning had been stuck. It felt like being swallowed by a tornado, but I won’t mind it, because there’s no place I’d rather be.
—  Home.