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Hello ^-^ May I request some angst imagines for Soldier, McCree, and Genji where they call on holovid to their S/O who is currently away on a mission because they miss them. They talk for a minute (cue mushy talk) and then their S/O gets shot by an enemy? Whether they live or die is up to you. ouo

A/N: Decided to only do Genji and Soldier since they were a little long, and I figured I could make things a little more angsty if I threw in a couple of everyone’s favorite Talon members. These are kind of sad, but hey, isn’t that the point of writing angst? Besides, there’s some weird sense of pride when you write something like this. There’s some blood mentions in the story, though I try not to go into gruesome detail.

Soldier 76:

76 let out a long groan as he slumped further into his chair. The amount of intelligence that Overwatch brought in was staggering, and he had foolishly volunteered to help sort through it. Even when he was Strike-Commander, he never much cared for paperwork, it was an unfortunate part of the job. He could feel his eyes glazing over as he stared at the pile of papers that covered his desk. He’d earned a quick break, if only to refresh his mind before jumping back into his work. The metallic visor detached with a satisfying click, 76 cracked a small smile as the warm air of his office caressed his skin.

The visor was certainly a useful tool, and did wonders for hiding who he once was from prying eyes, but it wasn’t designed with comfort in mind. 76 reached into his pocket, withdrawing a small rectangular device. The screen flashed to life with a touch of his finger, the simplistic UI leaving each icon plainly visible. His hand lingered above the icon for a video call, inwardly debating on whether or not to get in touch. You’d been sent on a mission, and personal calls back to base weren’t exactly frequent when in combat. There was the odd call between active duty, but the responsibilities one had in the field took priority over phoning home.

76 shook his head, knowing that he shouldn’t even consider calling, distractions could be fatal in this line of work. Sighing gently, he decided against his better instincts, tapping the icon to initiate a video call. The device rang for several seconds, before the screen flashed again, your face appearing before him.

“Hey you. Miss me already?” You joked, smiling warmly at the grizzled man on the other side of the screen. A splash of redness tinted 76′s cheeks, though an untrained eye would have difficulty spotting it.

“Just checking in, making sure everything’s going smoothly.” He spoke stoically, his gruff tone as even as ever.

“Things are looking good, I’d say we’ll be able to wrap up within a few days tops. Talon’s been unusually quiet, not that I’m complaining.” You relaxed your posture, slumping against a nearby wall.

“Glad to hear it. I take it that intel was off?”

“Seems that way. I’m honestly rather happy that we didn’t run into him.”

“Me too, but don’t let your guard down.” You smiled at each other. 76 was never terribly emotional, but he let you know that he cared in his own way. Subtle shifts in his tone or posture, the occasional praise, even a kiss now and again.

“I never do. When I get back, what do you say we-” A rattle from down the hall drew your attention away from your partner. “Hold on a second.” 76 nodded, his face wearing its usual stern expression. You disappeared from the device’s view, a roughly textured wall the only image 76 could see. A yelp peaked his attention, the screen still showing the wall you once laid against.

“Y/N? Are you okay? Answer me!” He could feel the fear rising in his throat as he awaited a reply. The silence was deafening, until the device was raised into the air by an unseen hand. The screen shifted from the wall, to focusing on your battered body held by a single clawed gauntlet.

“Hello Jack…” The anguished voice was all too familiar to 76, the venom lacing his old friend’s words was palpable, even through the call. “I see you’ve taken interest in someone a little… younger…” 76 winced as he watched Reaper’s hand tighten further around your throat, small traces of blood leaking over the ends of his claws.

“Let them go Reyes!” 76 roared, nearly snapping the device between his hands. Reaper’s grip continued to grow tighter, the blood covering his claws beginning to drip towards the ground. “Let them go goddammit!”

“I told you, I will get my revenge.” The expressionless mask stared into his very soul, thin black mist flowing from the openings. He could feel tears begin to roll down his cheeks as he watched you struggle, the iron grip of the reaper was inescapable.

“Jack… I love you…” You coughed out between ragged breaths, your throat felt as though it was going to burst into flames. The pressure Reaper exerted was unimaginable, his force overwhelming your senses.

“I love you so much…” He croaked. “I’m so sorry…”

“How touching.” Reaper sneered, tightening his grip around your neck, snapping it as though it were a twig. It took every ounce of self control 76 had to not cry out in anguish, he could at the very least deny Reaper the satisfaction of watching him break. Reaper discarded your body, placing the device on the ground to leave your corpse in perfect view of the camera. “I’ll be seeing you soon, Jack.”

“I’m so sorry…” He whimpered, his hands trailing the screen as he stared at your remains. His heart ached as he sobbed uncontrollably, apologizing over and over again. “I’m so sorry…”


Genji stretched his arms high into the air as he pushed himself to his feet. Meditation certainly was relaxing, but his joints always felt a little stiff after an extended session. Normally he’d be able to fill some time in the day training with you, or at least relaxing near you. Since you were away on a mission, his day was rather open unless he wanted to spend every waking hour working on his form. A metallic sigh escaped his helmet, Genji found himself rather bored when he wasn’t able to spend time with you. Sure, Zenyatta was more than happy to spend time alongside his pupil, but he was hardly the life of the party. Anything outside of meditation or inward reflection was an alien concept to the enlightened Omnic.

If he was going to relax, he was at least going to do it somewhere with a view. Genji deftly scaled the walls of Watchpoint Gibraltar, making his way to the highest point of the Overwatch base. A small rooftop presented an exceptional view of the bay below, and interruptions this far off the beaten path were extremely rare. Genji had discovered the space during his original tenure with Overwatch before its collapse. Having somewhere to be alone was comforting when he was still adjusting to his cybernetic body. Though once he joined the reformed Overwatch and met you, the rooftop took on a different function.

Instead of somewhere Genji could retreat from the world, it became a space where he could share some quality time with you. A pair of bean bag chairs had been dragged up here by the youngest Shimada, and you were rather insistent that a small rug be placed between them. The metallic rooftop was far from inviting before you each cleaned it up a little, it was almost cozy now. Finding joy in the simpler things was something Genji used to be incapable of doing, but it was almost second nature when he was with you. Being able to take in such a gorgeous view alongside an equally as gorgeous partner was something he wouldn’t trade for the world.

Genji smiled as he settled into the green chair, withdrawing a communications device from his waist. You were away on a mission, sure, but you each tried to make time to talk to one another when you were apart. The device sprung to life as his fingers deftly tapped away at it, quickly opening a video call to your device. It rang for an instant, before your face appeared on the screen.

“I was just about to call you.” You laughed, smiling warmly at Genji.

“Sorry, I’m just a little too fast for you.” Genji chuckled, opening his helmet to reveal his rugged face. Scars from his mortal injuries at his brother’s hands lined his face, though you were adamant that they made him look sexy. “I thought you might miss this view.” Genji spun the device so that the camera faced the shining bay, the waves gently crashing against the rocks below.

“That is a nice view, but I think I prefer the one of you even more.” You playfully flirted, earning a smirk from Genji as he flipped the device back towards himself.

“I can’t blame you, green definitely looks good on me.” He joked, laughing alongside you. “I trust that everything is going smoothly?”

“Nothing I can’t handle, I learned from the best, after all.”

“That you did, but you’re not a cyborg ninja.”

“I like to think I’m pretty close.”

“I can agree with that.” You both laughed again, the relaxing dynamic between the two of you always did wonders when one of you was out in the field. It was hard to be stressed out about a mission when you were joking around together.

“Oh! That reminds me, I was-” A gunshot cut off your speech, a hole now present in your forehead. Genji felt his blood run cold as he watched you sit there wordlessly, your posture slumping backwards slowly, bracing itself against the wall. He was speechless as your eyes stared blankly into space, unblinking as blood began to trickle from the wound in your forehead. Genji stared in disbelief at what he had just witnessed, his love so callously taken from him, so suddenly ripped away. He didn’t know if he’d even processed the fact that you had died, or if he was simply too blinded by rage to feel anything.

The clack of high heels against tile were picked up by the microphone, Genji immediately recognized the sound. A blue arm reached down, pushing your body out of view, a large splatter of blood left on the wall where you once sat.

Adieu.” A thick French accent spoke, seeming to relish in the kill. “Life is so fleeting, isn’t it, Mr. Shimada?” The device was picked up by your assassin, the smooth face of Widowmaker appearing on the screen. “You should’ve joined us when you had the chance, a pity they had to be dragged into this.”

“I am going to kill you.” Genji coldly spoke, his eyes piercing through the device. The rage within him was almost uncontrollable, needing every piece of Zenyatta’s advice to stop himself from tearing the device in two.

“I am terrified, truly.” Widowmaker scoffed, discarding the device to the ground, the sound of her heels fading away. Genji shook as he stared at the screen, hurling it in the bay below. With or without Overwatch’s help, he was going to make sure Widowmaker’s last moments were spent in agonizing pain. He would be sure to recover your body, but mourning would have to wait until he avenged you.

How to Binge Watch Supernatural... A Time Estimate

So I don’t know if any of you remember or have seen this post I made a while back but it was basically saying how long it would take you to binge watch however many seasons there were on Netflix at the time considering sleep and bathroom breaks. There were a hell of a lot of stupid errors and there are more seasons available now so…

I’m updating it.

Buckle up buttercup.

Originally posted by denizgibidirgokyuzu

Before we start:

  • It is currently October 14, 2017
  • There are 12 seasons of Supernatural available on Netflix as of now
  • Episode durations according to IMDb

Let’s begin…

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You defended Missy claiming "comic relief" and "exposition" as genders as not being mocking of nonbinary genders. Would you mind explaining how you got this interpretation? I'm not picking I fight, it's just watching the episode I can only see negative explanations, but I'd rather try to believe a positive interpretation.

Well, this is how I see it:

Missy is in the midst of a meta, glib, affectionate mocking of Doctor Who. And basically, she mocks the gender roles of supporting figures in the show. The companion role has often been viewed as a device for exposition, asking the right questions for the Doctor to explain things. So for the women of the show, they get “exposition.” Men, well, there aren’t many male companions in modern years, but the likes of Harry Sullivan or Rory, and definitely Nardole, are generally played for the comic relief of the team, hence “comic relief.” If anything, the joke is about how narrow gender binary categories are and limiting within onscreen representation.

And I think, on the whole, this episode is tremendously positive towards gender fluidity, and I think this week in particular extended to nonbinary positivity. Really, I think, all the Moffat/Talalay finales have been. Death in Heaven had Missy and the Doctor saying being a queen would be good, Hell Bent had the General and the lovely two truths and a lie about the Doctor being a little girl. And now, we have the amazing rooftop scene with Bill and Twelve, which, honestly, is probably one of my favorite ever Doctor Who moments. I think it’s unambiguously positive.



My third film after Point Five and Jealous Gods. It’s in 3D, select side by side mode on any 3D viewing device to watch it in its intended form. Otherwise, just watch one side of it and ignore the other.


Honestly, being able to effectively stream the comeback MV is just as important as streaming on music app. Not only does the view gets counted towards Music Show wins, being able to reach a certain number of views generates positive news for the album and for Bangtan. Let’s try our best for this too~

  • Do not re-upload the videos on any other sites. Reupload means, you download it as video and then reupload it on your own page or channel. This will take away views from the official MV.
  • YOU NEED TO WATCH THE WHOLE VIDEO. DO NOT MUTE. Plug in earphones on the device if you’re getting tired hehe~
  • Share the link on all your social media accounts, clicks from shared links will count as a view. Ask some of your friends!!! 
  • If you have a youtube account, use it to like, comment and share the video. But multiple views are more effective if you log out of the account or in incognito mode.
  • WATCH BOTH MVs ON 1THEK and iBIGHIT channel. 
  • Watching in incognito mode counts best, go to the youtube page and search for the MV title and click the link.
  • Multiple tabs doesn’t count
  • Create a playlist than has a total playing time of more than 30 minutes, please add DOPE and FIRE MVs (frm 1theK channel) to also help increase the views on those MVs.
  • Switch devices from time to time. PC then mobile or vice-versa.
  • After about every 5-6 hours, clear your cache.

There are a lot of different information on how to view MVs effectively just some things to keep in mind.

  • Youtube tracks your view based on your IP address. If you view the video once, it counts and then youtube kind of IDs your IP on their system.
  • Then they have preventive measures for bots or programs who can manipulate this view count, so if youtube identifies your IP address as viewing a specific link over and over in a SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME, it will treat it as spam and invalidate these views.
  • That’s why you create a playlist so you can watch other videos and your IP won’t register as watching the same thing once you go back to the comeback MV link.

ARMYs please do share your best practices as replies below!!! We might have varying techniques on this. What is important is that you make sure that your view counts!!! Thank you~~~ ^_^

If you embed images on AO3, you might have noticed that wide images like covers extend past the screen width on smaller mobile devices. To view the whole image, a reader has to scroll to the right.

There’s an easy fix for this. Go to Skins –> My Work Skins –> Create Work Skin (or edit your existing skin). Enter the following:

#workskin img {
  max-width: 100%;
  height: auto;

This sets your image’s maximum possible width as the width of the element that contains it. So if the image is 800px wide, but its parent is just 600px wide, the image will adjust to fit. Setting the height to adjust automatically ensures the image ratio is maintained. 

Bulk-apply the work skin or just edit the fics with embedded art. If you need help with this, let me know!

ETA: I edited the explanation for why this works so it was more precise, but I wanted to say you can also use this technique on your tumblr theme, if you have elements that extend past their parents. You might have to play around to get it working. Feel free to message me if you get stuck.

Lemony Snicket observes Rhink

Dear Reader,

Though it is my solemn duty to document the tormented romance of the two men you see before you, there is no reason you should subject yourself to misery and woe of this channel.

I urge you, while your eyes are not clouded by uncontrollable grief, to pause and unsubscribe - before you indulge in even a second of the torturous pain you are about to see. It’s not too late to watch another video featuring simpler, happier things, but if you choose to watch on I can assure you only frustration, unfulfilled love, and awful food awaits you.

I myself have spent days weeping into the waters of Buies Creek, where I find myself researching the lives of the Neals and Mclaughlins. The depths of the unfortunate circumstances that haunt these two men even now keeps me up at night, and my only hope is you do not suffer the same fate. So as you read this I implore you to pause for thought, before promptly throwing your viewing device off the nearest high surface. 

Of course, there are many things that would make one pause for thought. For instance, a school of sharks might have you pause for thought as you question the wisdom of dipping your toes in the water, or a look on a teacher’s face may have you pause for thought as you question where you went wrong. But nothing, in all my years of research, has ever made me pause for thought like the look of despair on Rhett and Link’s weary faces.

I have concluded while examining the history of these entertainers, that the two men sitting behind the custom built desk are soulmates - a word which here means; long-suffering and deeply, deeply in love. It is a tale that reminds me, whenever I am witness to the dismal display, of my own beloved Beatrice, and I am sorry to say neither story has a happy ending. 

I leave this letter taped to the underside of the Harnett Central bleachers, in the hope that my editor finds it safe and delivers this message to the wider public.

You could still enjoy a happy little clip of a laughing goat. 

Yours sincerely,

Lemony Snicket

Note: If you aren’t familiar with Lemony Snicket or Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate events this will have made absolutely no sense and look really freaking weird. It’s weird anyway but… yeah. 


I had a great time at the screening and panel! So lovely seeing our favorites in person. The sad news is that recording devices were not allowed. And they were monitoring the audience, but I did manage to sneak a few videos. I’ll try to upload them before I get on the plane home. Please forgive the shakiness and wonky angles, I was trying to keep my camera from view of the recording devices police as they patrolled.

(I have a lot of asks, if I can get to it before I lose internet, I will, otherwise I’ll answer later. I’ll try to put everything with a 6x11 spoiler under a cut.)

The Peach

There’s a secret genius to the fact that Dakota gave Cavendish a peach to throw at himself. Of the things they could have thrown, a similarly dimensioned food object would probably have served just as well, because Dakota would want to collect such an item, thus completing the loop (i.e: Orange, apple, or a mango etc.)

It’s interesting that we’ve seen a lot of what Cavendish carries around. (Some goggle viewing device, grappling hook, journal, blue ballpoint pen, communicator, the goggles on his hat—which at least has a night vision capabilities, teleporter, and his pocket watch)

However, very little is known about what Dakota carries around. (Sure, we can assume food, but it’s good to have confirmation that he’s carrying around stuff like peaches.)

I’m assuming that he also got stuff like candy bars, trail mix, bags of chips, beef or turkey jerky, and other such goodies.

It’s good to know Dakota also makes sure to eat fruit too, if the peach is any indication.

Will we see any other indications as to what else is in Dakota’s every day carry?

Only time will tell.

Magical Office Episode 1 : Introductions

MY MY! I must say I’ve become very popular since my mystery post about my new series. Anyway here is my Office x Fantastic Beasts crossover. Things you need to understand before you read this. As The Office is done in a documentary style, I’d decided to write this fan fiction as a script. Meaning the actions will be in italics and the person who is speaking will have their name in bold. Hopefully this makes sense and reads okay for you guys. This first episode is just going to be an introductory episode to all my characters and for you to get a feel for the style. There are a couple of made of characters that are based on different characters in The Office, but only one person knows who is who ;). Also please note that I am fully aware that Newt is from the 1920′s/30′s and cameras were not invented…for the sake of the fanfiction, let’s bring Newt to the 20th century ;)! Thanks to you wonderful people. Once again thank you to my bestie @fantasticnewtimagines for all the loving support!! Enjoy! <3 

Originally posted by tempora-mutantur-rp

Camera zooms in on you. You stand at the entrance of a corridor of office rooms. There are people walking around and you try to flag someone done, but they are all too entranced with what they are doing and they don’t notice. You look into the camera.

Y/N: I’m new, I’m just trying to find Newt Scamander?

The camera motions to the first office. The door has claw marks running down it and is scorched in the corner. You walk over to it, awkwardly thanking the camera man as you scoot past him. You hesitantly knock on the door. Behind the door, rustling can be heard and a loud bang. As you open the door to find out what happened to the person within, a little black creature scurries out and runs past the camera. A man in a long blue coat follows and collides with you.

Newt: Bugger! He’s escaped again.

Y/N: Are you Newt? I’m Y/N, I’m here to work as your assistant? Minister Parkinson hired me last week?

(Newt scratches his head trying to remember. Suddenly he looks over into the camera and his eyes continue to look back as you speak. Uneasy about their presence.)

Newt: Oh those bloody cameras.

(Newt looks at the camera. A voice is heard from behind the camera man.)

Director: Come on Newt we talked about this.


Director: It’s just a documentary for the wizarding world. You know, to show people the inner lives of the average Ministry worker.

(Newt fidgets with his bow tie and accidently undoes it from nerves.)

Newt: I-I-I’m not sure how comfortable I am with all this.

(He continues to try and retie his bow, but keeps fumbling over his fingers and he keeps trying to make eye contact with the camera.)

Director: Don’t sweat it Mr. Scamander. Just pretend like the camera isn’t even here. We’ll take you in to ask questions every now and then but otherwise, just go about as your normal Scamander self.

(Finally Newt proceeds to get a hold of himself and begins to redo his tie and completes the task.)

Director: Don’t sweat it Mr. Scamander. Why don’t you just give us a brief introduction.

(The camera goes in and out of focus while it tries to capture Newt’s face. He blinks rapidly to try and gain confidence as he looks shyly into the camera.)

Newt: Hi…ummm…I’m Newton Artemis Fido Scamander… not sure why I gave you my full name… people just call me Newt. I work in the department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. I recently just joined the ugh…umm…beasts division. I’ve been with the ministry for 5 years now. My family is very involved in the ministry, so naturally I joined on. Need to keep up with the family. Unfortunately, Magizoology isn’t a glamorous ministry job.

( Newt sits in his chair visibly uncomfortable. He tries various positions but ends up settling into his normal position of having his leg cross over his other knee.)

Newt: The minister feels I’m kind of a lose cannon.

( Newt runs a hand nervously through his hair, his wand in his hand.) Therefore he thinks I have a need for an assistant. So I do believe my day will be sent getting her acquainted with the office.


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SOMUA AC 4 without installing the turret boxes and the roof of the engine compartment
SOMUA S 35, registration number 67225, the third production copy tank. Clearly visible additional fuel tanks
The same tank from the left side. On the turret box is visible cast number, which suggests that this is chassis number 3
This tank yet viewing devices. Their delivery was a delay, for this reason some of the tanks went into force without them
Tank with registration number 67237, rear view. Circuit at that time was a very common type of means for coupling during transportation
The first public demonstration of the SOMUA S 35, Paris, 14 July 1938. Tanks have still not received vision devices
Tank Assembly plant SOMUA, November 1939. Technology the use of large castings, collected on the bolts, greatly simplified the Assembly. The result SOMUA provided a relatively high rate of release
Sad ending campaign of may-June 1940. Half-track tractor in the picture is the SOMUA MCG, the closest “relative” AC 1

Drarry Fic Recs
My masterlist page broke, so here’s all of my recs in one easy to navigate layout. Sort by my personal favorites and starter-pack recommendations if you’re new to the ship, length, genre, era, career choices, popular tropes, rating, and more!

Open in your browser if you are viewing on your mobile device, the theme layout is not supported on mobile. 

Reasons I love I Wanna Dance With Somebody from Irving Plaza:

I am still not over this show…. sorry, not sorry…

Here are all the reasons I loved this performance featuring Carrie Manolakos at Irving Plaza (in no particular order)

  1. The cute little hand motion he makes at 0:37 “loneliness calls”
  2. Anyone else catch the “Mmmm” at 0:50 (reminds me of the Mmmm from the TMOLM performance)
  3. THE DANCING that starts at 1:19 and just continues the entire song (Side note: My friends who are watching BrainDead are like omg his dancing and I’m like guys… it’s legit.)
  4. Aaron acknowledging someone in the VIP section with the point and wave at 1:33!
  5. The “hold me in his arms …. I need a man” part at 2:00 - his faces and motions are hilarious!
  6. The recording stopped but after this he mentioned something like: “Well now you guys know how I dance at weddings” and he looked at the section his friends and family were in and was like “ you guys already knew how I danced at weddings”. Too. Friggin. Cute.
  7. How much fun he had with this song!
  8. How his hair gets totally destroyed during this song!

Video taken on my iPhone so it may be better viewed on your mobile device!

Also, apologies for the shakiness of the video… I may or may not have been totally dancing! :)

As always, let me know if you guys want something specific from Irving Plaza! Love all your questions/comments!

Xoxoxo- A

Split Frequency, Split

I’ve written about the perks of putting side-chain compression on only the low frequencies of a bass earlier.

To do so, three copies of the sound are needed. Or, as this post will show, you could split the frequency into three bands (high, mid and low). By doing this, it is possible to apply different signal processing on each band.

Now I usually try to write about music production on a more abstract level, and not about a specific DAW or instrument, but this time I going to illustrate with Ableton Live on Mac. The theory is the same though, you just need to figure out how it works in your particular environment.

So I’m using the stock effect Multiband Dynamics to split frequency. The device has noticeable affect and coloration on the signal, even when the intensity amount if set to zero, but it should be transparent enough for now.

  1. Drop a Multiband Dynamics in the Device View.
  2. Set the Amount control to 0.0 % to neutralize compression or gain adjustments to the signal.
  3. Group the Multiband Dynamics in an Audio Effect Rack (select the device and press CMD + G).
  4. Show the Chain List of the rack.
  5. Dictate the crossover points on High and Low (the Mid consists of what is left in between, so remember to also change the crossover points in the mid chain if you make adjustments on the others), e.g. set the bottom of the frequency range of the high band to 1.00 kHz.
  6. Duplicate the selected chain two times.
  7. Rename all of the chains High, Mid and Low, from top to bottom.
  8. Solo each band respectively on the Split Freq, i.e. solo Low on the low chain.

Now process each band individually. Use a Utility device on the low chain and set Width to 0.0 % to direct the low frequencies to mono. Also, on this band, set up a side-chain compression triggered by the kick drum. Try a stereo widening effect and some reverb on the mid chain. And perhaps a little saturation to add some crunch on the high chain, I dunno, it’s up to you.

Okay, so apparently the YouTube version is blocked in some countries or is not able to be viewed on mobile devices, so for all of those who cant view it on the YouTube link I’ve shared, you can watch it here!

Hatters if you could Reblog/Share that would be great!:D