Eorzean Units of Measurement
Is there a comprehensive listing of the units of measurement used in Eorzea? In particular, what are the units for measuring volume? I am aware of the following. Length (from shortest to longest): ilm, fulm, yalm, malm Mass (from least to most): onze, ponze, tonze I can't recall finding a reference to liquid volume or any recipe measurements more descriptive than a 'pinch'. On the other hand, I barely got into crafting, so there's a good chance I missed some terms. (I posted a similar

We went over the ones you know long ago, but it’s worth putting them in the lore forum. We’ll start with that. Known volumes are hard to guess at and don’t seem to have been mentioned much (if at all)

1 Ilm (Im) = 2.54 cm
1 Fulm (Fm) = 12 Ilm = 30.48 cm
1 Yalm (Ym) = 3 Fulm = 0.9144 meters
1 Malm (Mm) = 1,760 Yalm = 1,609 meters

1 Onze (Oz) = 28.35 grams
1 Ponze (Pz) = 16 Onzs = 453.6 grams
1 Tonze (Tz) = 2,000 Ponzs = 907.2 grams

Rule of thumb is to just use the USA’s system. (cont.)

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Kyoko’s gift to Ren is an actual product in japan. Guess its sales must have gone up after the omake XD (japanese)

Thanks to Mangafox sencha1554 for finding this and vampirecat gave a very interesting insight of the product and omake.

Quote- “With those benefits and features, no wonder Kyouko couldn’t just make one for Ren’s birthday. And it’s a Japanese brand, so it’s definitely available for her to special-order. And then there’s the roses bit, linking the pillow to the Queen of Roses and the Princess Rosa and the rose glass! And "everlasting and eternal love”? Kuon = eternal

EDIT: I was just looking at the flowers in the last page (of the omake)—for the nth time—and the background ribbons brought to mind “the red thread of fate,” so I decided to look up the flowers to see what meanings they might have in the flower language of Japan.

Calla lily: superb beauty | purity | a magnificent beauty | a maiden’s grace | a dreamlike beauty | (colored) enthusiasm/passion/zeal
Boston ivy: sincere/honest/faithful | marriage | industry/diligence
Euryops daisy: a perfect/complete connection/relationship | bright/cheerful love | matrimonial happiness"
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the entire list is practically homestuck humor in how over the top it is.

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Finally an article not focused on love interests!
And it looks like Lana will have a lot of screentime, YAY!

PSA: Regarding Au Ra

I’d like to call attention to this right here:

“The Au Ra group is made with the image of the devil. Their designs are inspired by demons, not dragons. Because of this, even though they have a similar appearance to dragons, they won’t be especially persecuted by city residents.” - Oda