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Yuzu performing his free program at the 2017 World Championship

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Total score of 321.59

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Jack & Mikeys new video & why I'm disappointed

I’m not just upset with mikey new video Im upset with jacks new video as well. The worst type of videos I hate are the one when male youtubers degrade females like with smash or pass, guessing their age, even fuck, marry or kill. Knowing jack has a younger sister doesnt he think how she will react to her older brother basically degrading women based on their looks what is that teaching to young girls with insecurities. Moving on the Mikeys video now I stated in my previous post why I didnt like his video but I will say it again on this post. Me being half Latina and after watching Mikey new video with jack really bugs me. Especially the part when mikey said a girl looks Latina cause of her skin tone and he begins to make fun of the culture.

Im just shocked that they still filmed these types of videos after both receiving major backlash of Mikeys smash or pass video. I’m disappointed in both of them I thought they would have changed their ways and be more mature then to post stuff that degrades and make women feel insecure about themselves cause they look older or they don’t look fuckable.


Yuzuru performing his free program at the 2017 World Team Trophy

With a score of 200.49

4Lo, S, 3F, 4S/3T, 3A/2T, 4T, 4T/Lo/3S, A

TES 106.93 PCS 93.56 TOTAL FS 200.49 

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  • After watching Mikey's and jacks new video I haven't been able to see them as I used to. Eveytime I will see them post on twitter, Snapchat , or appear on vlog I can't see them as the lovely dorks I used to love & adore. All I see is them degrading women and every time I see them I will remember there videos. I think it's going to be a long while to watch their videos & for me to respect them as a creator cause I honestly lost all respect for them. Anyway this is just my views and opinion on things so yeah have a lovely Saturday 💕✌🏼
  • Love- Myalwaysari (soon to change to greedyymendes)