viewer submissions

I posted this a bit ago but only just realized that I never formally offered it as tribute! 

Just a small concept piece, I hope to make a more involved digital painting in the future!

Thank you for being such an amazing well of inspiration, in both words and deeds.


Thank you, @aurasighted! Wonderful work on this! I don’t get a lot of straight-on headshots, and this is really great.

Hello my lovely little viewers! I have finally delt with that…problem I had a few days ago. It was a weird situation to have been in and I didn’t like every second of it.

I um do wish to thank those that helped me. I shall do so soon.

As I am sure you all know, I now have a boyfriend. I had been losing hope of find someone who’d love me and not hurt me.

I love him very dearly.

Ah anyways if you have any questions or some art or stories for me please send them in.