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My November project, entitled, “It’s A Jade Thing,” is a favorite of mine. Aside from being a photographer, I share the love and admiration for makeup and art, I wanted to combine the two to create an image that possessed a sense of wonder. My model, Jade, a fantastic makeup artist and artist, shares my same passion, and from there we combined our powers. I want viewers to appreciate art and the beauty of bewilderment through my visions and passion. There is emotion in the contrasting colors, the patterns of darkness and the crackling reality of the light.

Another thing I loved about the clip and the whole calling out lgbt fetishization is a way of them telling you, this show is not about popularity but about representation. They know the popularity increased globally this season and they know why but that doesn’t mean the roots of the show are gonna change because of it and that speaks about the humility of the show.

Finn handles a blaster like no one else

Do you want to talk about how badly The Force Awakens shortcharged Finn’s character? One thing that no one to my knowledge is talking about is his phenomenal skill with blasters. This is LucasFilm’s fault, not the audience’s, because it was shown right on the screen but never properly foregrounded.

I don’t mean the time he picked up starfighter gunning with a ten-second tutorial, then combined that with lightning-fast tactical judgment in a thirty-second firefight to get himself and Poe out alive while still minimizing Stormtrooper casualties. No, that was an amazing scene that blurred by too fast for almost any reasonable viewer to fully appreciate, but it wasn’t… what’s the word… unthinkable.

What’s unthinkable, and what passed right under the audience’s noses because LF filmed it but didn’t emphasize it, is what Finn does with a handheld blaster. As I will discuss, his style at least as shown in the battle at Takodana is very different from the way we’ve seen the heroes use blasters but also different from the way Stormtroopers use them, combining his training with his own astounding skills and strength.

I hesitate to even call this style “good,” because it could be very bad indeed for certain purposes, e.g. survival. It does, however, showcase his athleticism and sheer boldness in a breathtaking way.

This is hard to tell, though, on a casual viewing because it goes by so fast and is treated more as background action to Poe’s aerial acrobatics than a focus in itself. I didn’t realize just what was so special about this sequence until I did a deliberate comparison with how other characters and groups used different types of blasters in different situations. Let me explain below the fold just why Finn’s blaster style shown here is incredible and unique.

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Modern Fairytale

Summary: You felt it was love at first sight, akin to those fateful meetings described in fairytales.
A/N: AU romantic and hopefully realistic sort of oneshot filled with cute sweet moments. Yes, this is the oneshot I mentioned some time ago. I’m just glad it’s finished x.x
Ship: YouxRiko
Words: 8,591

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Bye-bye, little butterfly.

(This pic on Twitter) Also bonus samurai Chat in a different outfit because man I love Chat in tradition clothes:

Congrats to Papapillon and all the other hardworking people whose sweat, blood, and tears made Miraculous Ladybug a reality. 

You did it!! ˚✧₊⁎˓˓⁽̨̡ ˚͈́꒳​˚͈̀*⁾̧̢˒˒⁎⁺˳✧༚ 

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Tears of gratitude and friendship below the cut:

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What makes Drive so good is that it isn’t just slow the entire time, it’s a generally slow movie that uses wide shots and is willing to take the risk of going significant periods of time without dialogue, but it’s then occasionally punctuated with really fast, intense scenes of hyperviolence. Those two jarringly different paces right next to one another accentuate the distinction between the romance and drama of the film and the action of the film, and helps the viewer appreciate the significance of the fact that they’re happening side-by-side with one another.

The elevator scene is the perfect example of this

I’ve had this Hardy/Hannah plot bunny in my head all day.

Hannah does a boudoir photo shoot. Soft, sensual, romantic poses. She sends the digital proofs to Hardy for his opinion. Should I mention that they’re just friends at this point? Anyway, so he opens the email on his mobile phone at work, not expecting it (her “which one do you think?” subject line seems innocuous enough). 

He’s overwhelmed. Not by arousal really. He’s a grown man who can look at sensual photos of a woman without boners all over the place, ok? But he’s compromised more by his emotions. The poses are intimate, private. Like she’s reliving the sensations of love and touch and tenderness from her memories. It’s her experience to revel in, and does not cater to the viewer.  Yet he appreciates the poise and composition like a masterpiece. Chiaroscuro brought to life with her skin. The soft, close-eyed smiles. Her hair trailing over champagne satin sheets until they seem to meld. Black lace, white lace, sheer silk chiffon. He could almost hear her sigh in bliss or happiness or whatever–it wasn’t his place to infer.

His office, the entire world, is silenced, stoppered up by the revelation that she entrusted this moment of hers to him. Of course he imagines feeling her tremble like this from the touch of his hands. Wonders if she’d smile like that to feel his kisses on the freckle between her breasts that he knows is there despite trying so hard not to notice. Then his heart aches for her to love him like he does her, and he goes to reply so he can move on to finish out the rest of his work day without this weighing on his mind.

God’s sake, Han. Did you mean to send this to me?


Recycled Motor Oil Pool Reflects The Stunning Architecture of Switzerland’s Bellelay Abbey

Switzerland’s Bellelay Abbey is featuring two enigmatic pools of recycled motor oil, which reflect the stunning architecture of the grand, ornate chapel. A contrast to its white-washed environment, the glassy black pools mirror in detail the building’s beauty The juxtaposition lends itself to the purity and prestige of the building. Unlike water reflects, the oil pool allows viewers to appreciate a vivid, clear image with no glare. Along with its aesthetic value, the oil pools offer Bellelay Abbey a serene and poised atmosphere. 

bakcaufield  asked:

While I do think that you have a point in what relates to Freelee, giving Vertical Addiction a nickname and telling the same stories over and over again isn't what I would exactly call "get over your ex". You are not over your ex until you have cut all emotional attachments to that person, including the negative ones

I hear where you are coming from.

Let me clarify some points.

1. Im not the average dude and my relationship with FL was under the spotlight for the last 9 year on social media. Therefore treating it as an outsider like it should be treated like a ‘normal’ relationship is backwards thinking. When you have a 9 year live in relationship that the local papers cover when you split up and you get a total combined million + hits on the break up vids then you might understand what I mean by that. 

2. I like to be transparent and share what I think, know and feel. My longterm viewers appreciate, respect and enjoy that. Im here for the longterm and the longterm crew. 

3. Im not on social media to be popular or a hipster like casey neistat etc. im here to share and be legit. Some times Im cringe AF but at least Im being real. I don’t brush my hair for the camera angle or do jump cuts every 3 seconds because my audience is a bunch of 14 year olds hooked on adderall. 

4. In school I was friends with anyone who was decent. I didnt outcast the kids who were outcast by others. If I thought you were ok, I was ok with you REGARDLESS of what the other kids said. Some people ‘unfollow’ me (but they still watch me regularly) because they don’t want their fake pretentious friends to say ‘OMG! You follow DR!?? He is not cool man!’ haha. Im not here for those flakes mate so don’t expect me to behave like I am.

5. i understand i could die tomorrow and life aint a beauty pagent or life long selfie. We are here to make a difference, make it fucking count and leave a positive legacy. 

6. Splitting up with FL was the best thing I ever did because now Im even more free to be myself and not have someone over my shoulder looking at how messaged me, why I said what, who is asking me for advice, what do they look like etc. I just can’t handle that level of possessiveness. I share my experiences (which really are all first world problems at the end of the day) so others can benefit, learn or maybe even just laugh from. Figsy is an innocent victim in all this though, she deserves to be walked by anyone who wants to walk her and is capable of doing so. The fact that FL has tried to ban Tori and myself from walking a dog she ABANDONED is just idiotic.

7. Does any of this make sense?

8. Thanks for reading. :)


For those interested: I just got this original Stimpy layout drawing in the mail!

I love the Ren & Stimpy pilot because they were able to put so much work and thought into every shot, in a way that wasn’t possible during the series.

If I had drawn a pose this nice, I would have held it for the viewer to appreciate but instead Stimpy anticipates before popping into this extreme pose and then settling for 3 or 4 frames.

Your eye doesn’t even register the single drawing because it’s only one frame but the extremity of the drawing gives the animation that much more impact. You feel Stimpy’s hunger.

If you’re an animator, freeze frame this cartoon. It will unravel your brain.

This is a great use of a splash panel - providing a wide view of the apartment in such a way that the viewers get an appreciation of what the police are looking at.

(Heavy Metal issue #145, July 1993 - Page 34 Apocalypse: The Eyes of Doom by Gimenez)


Comme des Garcons’ SS 2011 collection was probably the most underappreciated and misunderstood of the last decade. The reason? In this collection, garments that looked like jackets were actually meant to be worn as skirts and jackets that were meant to be three jackets in one were, and meant to be worn only one layer at a time (see demonstration above) were improperly photographed or displayed for both stores and online boutiques, who typically showed the jackets as two smaller jackets stuffed into a larger jacket (see photo above, center.) This made the jacket appear unflattering and unappealing.

It is only when this collection is seen on the runway, and allowed to be seen from a 360 degree perspective, that the viewer had the opportunity to appreciate garments that were designed to be appreciated from every perspective – not only that from the perch facing the runway. The jacket was the key trope of the collection. A large number of garments were designed so that with some manipulation it could ultimately appear as a (awkwardly proportioned) jacket. However, when actually worn on the body the jacket was sometimes meant to be worn as a skirt, as a single layer jacket with either one or two jackets hanging off the back and invisible when viewed straight on, or as a jacket, which when pulled apart, is meant to be worn as a stole.

It doesn’t surprise me that Comme des Garcons’ AW 2012 critically acclaimed (and wildly popular) “Paper Dolls” collection was widely interpreted as a critique of the exclusivity of the runway. For the SS 2011 show, only the few people who received invitations to the shows, or who had access to the market showroom, would have had the privilege of seeing the designer’s original intention for the garment. Those who were not able to view the collection as it moved down the runway and as it passed by one’s seat would not see the coats hanging behind the wearer, particularly as photos taken for fashion magazines would show only the frontal perspective. The lay viewer rarely had an opportunity to see the details and few understood the concept without having the benefit of those extra degrees of perspective. 

Perhaps as a reaction to the missed details of the SS 2011 collection, garments from the AW 2012 collection imitated paper doll clothing – the kind that you dressed a paper form by attaching the dress using paper tabs and required only a view in two dimensions to see the whole of the garment. In the runway viewing of AW 2012, the sides of the garment were held so that the silhouette could be seen and appreciated in its entirety by looking straight-on the model. By having the sides of the coats and dresses held so they would hang horizontally along the body, the collection could be appreciated in two-dimensions. There was nothing hidden or to be discovered by examining the back of the garment.

I was able to pick up a few items from SS 2011 from the rack, benefitting from the general misunderstanding of that collection, Even on the rack, jackets that were meant to be worn as skirts – and I felt this was overly obvious from the proportions of the “jacket” – hung on the racks as jackets. At least someone won that season.


Special thanks!

I had to get to work this morning, so I really only had time to answer the ask I had and make a quick note to the person tumblr woudn’t let me respond too, but I’ve been meaning to say something to everyone who’s sent me asks, liked, reblogged and left nice comments in their tags about my work.

Thank you. Thank you all, so very much.

I struggle with depression, which contributes to the insomnia I’ve mentioned in tags. This fic is only two chapters long so far and less than a week old, and the praise it has gotten means more to me than I can possible express. I can only make you this promise:


How much would we appreciate La Gioconda today if Leonardo had written at the bottom of the canvas: This lady is smiling slightly because she has rotten teeth or because she’s hiding a secret from her lover? It would shut off the viewer’s appreciation and shackle him to a reality other than his own. I don’t want that to happen to 2001. —Stanley Kubrick