After watching Clerks II again tonight, I felt that I could follow up my original memoir of the movie, not where my life felt perfect but it was just one of those moments that as Charlie Sheen would say was “Winning!”

Being the Jersey kids me and my friends were, we decided to road trip one summer day to Kevin Smith’s Comic Shop and the original Quick Stop.

The moment that stands out for me is when we were walking around the Quick Stop my friend jabs me in the back with his fist and makes a motion to something behind him.

I look back and I see a middle-aged woman on her knees in front of the milk refrigerator…looking through all the milks trying to find the one with the longest time until expiration date. For those that don’t know, this was a joke made in both Clerks I and II, and for it to be happening at the actual Quick Stop was enough to make the trip more than worth it. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a photograph of the “milk maid” as they are called in the movies, but I will never forget that image in my head.


Watched Mallrats today.  Feeling so nostalgic.  Nothing captures the feeling of growing up in suburban New Jersey as well as the Viewaskew movies (or Pete and Pete.)


Red State: An Excellent Movie For Halloween night! FTW. 

May 17th, 2012: Clerks. (1994)

I have never seen a Kevin Smith movie. I never intended on this tragedy occurring, but by pure luck I have never seen a Kevin Smith movie. I find he himself to be incredibly funny, but my friends never seemed to care enough to watch a movie by him. Finally, I decided to just sit back by my lonesome and watch Clerks, the first film that he wrote and directed. I tried to describe the plot of the movie to somebody and honestly, there is no plot here. It’s just the day to day antics of a bunch of people in New Jersey. As such, they are completely unimportant and nothing dramatic really happens to them, as they merely exist with nothing special about them. Nothing special except for that Kevin Smith charm, which I must say, I like.

Best Part: The little nerd in me was very intrigued by the discussion of Return of the Jedi. It’s a very simple discussion that has no relevance to anything but it is exactly the kind of conversation I can see these characters having. Hell, I’ve had similar talks. This little scene is very impressionable and gives you a great sense of how meaningless these guys are, that they can spend their days doing this.

Worst Part: The lack of a plot makes this movie drag on a bit. Watching it felt like listening to a podcast and the film never really takes advantage of the format it is provided in. Without a plot, the characters don’t have much to drive them through the story (Or lack of) other than the random events that string together a day. While it is a healthy reflection on what their lives on, it’s a little dull.

Side Note: I thought Silent Bob didn’t talk. Isn’t that his whole deal? I guess since Kevin Smith had no idea he would be making a string of movies he decided to give Bob one line as a wise offering to our lead. It’s funny and it’s accurate, like much of the criticism provided throughout this movie. 

Overall: 7 out of 10. A funny, if unimportant movie.