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العاب بنات جديدة وممتعة اونلاين 2015 أروع وأجمل العاب بنات فلاش حصريا العاب تلبيس بنات Girls Games

العاب بنات جديدة وممتعة اونلاين 2015 أروع وأجمل العاب بنات فلاش حصريا العاب تلبيس بنات Girls Games

العاب بنات جديدة وممتعة اونلاين 2015 أروع وأجمل العاب بنات فلاش حصريا العاب تلبيس بنات Girls Games اهم واحدث الاخبار على بوابة الرئية الشاملة ،العاب بنات جديدة وممتعة اونلاين 2015 أروع وأجمل العاب بنات فلاش حصريا العاب تلبيس بنات Girls Games.

زوارنا ومتابعينا العاب بنات جديدة وممتعة اونلاين 2015 أروع وأجمل العاب بنات فلاش حصريا العاب تلبيس بنات Girls Games, اهم وابرز العاب لزهراتنا وفراشاتنا…

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Theatre From the Point of View of a Tall Girl

Hello, Christine and all of your followers!  Last week I auditioned for Liesl in The Sound of Music and it was fabulous!  It was the best I had ever done in an audition.  Afterward, the vocal director, who worked at my school as the drama teacher for a short time this year, told me that I did wonderfully, hugged me, asked me if I knew when the performances would take place (you may all remember it from the excited and hopeful message I sent Christine that evening).  That all sounds very promising, doesn’t it?  Wrong, or I wouldn’t be writing this.

Skip back to this week.  I am anxious and cannot focus on anything.  I am waiting, waiting, waiting.  This morning, while at work, my mom gets a call from the vocal director.  She tells her that I am being offered a role in the nun’s chorus.  While that obviously isn’t ideal, it’s okay, because here is what she told my mom.  

She said that had it been up to her- I would’ve been chosen as Liesl.  But it wasn’t solely up to her.  She said that there were other girls who came during the adult day and were 18, who aren’t necessarily more talented than me, but are shorter.  I am 5'7", nearly 5'8".  She said that my audition was great and that she couldn’t believe that I was only a freshman.  She literally though I was a senior.  Which of course makes sense, because I am so freaking tall.  But anyway, she said that she hated putting me in the chorus, because in her eyes, I was too talented for that, but that was the only place I could be offered a role.

She told my mom to have me call her later today so that I could either reject or accept the role, so I did and I accepted any way because I’ve never worked with this theatre, and it will be a fun learning experience.  When I called her, she told me not to lose hope and continue to work hard because she was the same way.  She, as a kid, was always too tall to play the ingenue as well.  Like me, she was always stuck in the chorus or playing the older women (Like I did for her in The Music Man earlier this year. I was a Pick-A-Little Lady and they are all old, haha.  But that was also the most fun I’ve had doing anything, truthfully!).  But she told me that eventually things will turn around, and I will have my chance.  Eventually, everyone will catch up to where I am physically, and we will all be at the same playing field.

I was also given the role of a narrator in Aladdin Jr last night.  They wouldn’t even let me sing or read for Jasmine because I was simply too tall compared to the boy who was obviously going to be Aladdin.  It’s all the same deal- too tall, too big, too old.

And really, it sucks.  Being a tall girl in theatre sucks.But it isn’t the end of the world, and it certainly doesn’t devalue us tall girls as performers.  We still rock, we are still talented, and some day we will have a chance.  So, that is my experience as a tall girl in a theatre and I hope it inspires some of you to continue to work hard and not be discouraged!

- lovethybooty

#TalDiaComoHoy En 1953 Nace: Hiroshi Iwasaki, seiyuu japonés.

#TalDiaComoHoy En 1953 Nace: Hiroshi Iwasaki, seiyuu japonés.

Hiroshi Iwasaki (阪口 大助 Iwasaki Hiroshi, 29 de mayo de 1953, Prefectura de Saitama) es un seiyū japonés. Ha participado en series como Sailor Moon Crystal, One Piece, Sora no Otoshimono y Tiger & Bunny, entre otras. Roles Interpretados Series de Anime Arc the Lad como Gallarno Beelzebub como Ittōsai Kunieda y Takahashi Cowboy Bebop como Julius Demashita! Powerpuff Girls…

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Beautiful Protective Hairstyles for Natural Little Girls!

Beautiful Protective Hairstyles for Natural Little Girls!

I can’t believe I haven’t written this yet! I’ve been meaning to write beautiful protective hairstyles for natural little girls for a while now! My neighbor has a beautiful little girl with natural hair so I decided to look up some unique styles to help moms and dads who style out there! Now, the REAL the question is, are you looking for new creative ways to style your little girls beautiful…

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Kalash 29th May 2015 Written Update

Kalash 29th May 2015 Written Update

Kalash 29th May 2015 Life Ok Written Episode Today Update Scene 1 Ravi takes off his shirt, Devika says what are you doing? He says girls stop the cars when they see the body. She says you recall when on MG road you asked a girl for lift? He says oh it was you? She says yes i didn’t like you. He says what about now? she says now.. the girl says sit in the car please. They sit in the car. The girl…

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How To Paint A Bedroom

How To Paint A Bedroom

How paint bedroom floor (5 steps) | ehow, You may also like. how to paint a bedroom. cover the floor with a drop cloth because paint tends to splatter from the roller. there are many.
Girls bedroom makeover ideas paint chevrons – youtube, This is a bedroom makeover. learn how to paint chevrons. while this is for a girl…

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