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how do you feel about peoples infatuation with japan and 'japanese culture' (in their view, manga/anime, girls in school uniforms and eating noodles basically), though people have started going onto korea now, has it been a thing with lots of companies or is it unique to it and do you think its normal

it’s like (to me)…..eating noodles  (noodles and company)  and feeling all Japanese culture.     rather dumb.    like eating at taco bell is mexican.


if people are interested in Japanese culture, or Korea…..there’s more to it than

anime, and noodles.     no, it’s very superficial, and kind of insulting really

{23.07.16} // 89 days to O Levels

[11-13/100 days of productivity]

// what is cold war even. //

for the past few days i’ve been revising and trying to improve on my electives, ss and history by doing practice papers, doing notes and seeing teachers for consultation. i can definitely say i’ve improved because for the first time ever i scored really well for my ss sbq practice AND i finally understand some topics in history!! (*´▽`*) hope you guys are doing well too!!


She said “hey, don’t expect anything too amazing” and then took me on the best date I’ve ever been on.