view windows

Evfra De Tershaav (Office Window)

So I’ve seen a few people saying that it’s odd that such a cold, distant guy as Evfra would chose to have his office in a place with such a phenomenal view. I have a theory (it’s got a bit of a preamble).

For one, I don’t think Evfra is as cold and closed off as people seem to think he is. Yes it seems like everyone that knows him says he doesn’t make friends and his codex says he keeps people at bay, but that’s just because he does feel very strongly. Strong enough about the loss of his family that he chooses to never relive the pain again.

For two, I think the view from the window is several things to Evfra. Every time he looks out the window it’s a reminder of what he’s fighting to protect. So why have it face out upon the land instead of inward toward the city? Well maybe it’s because Evfra doesn’t want to look out a window and be constantly reminded of what he’s intentionally keeping himself from: Friends. Family. A community that embraces you. He needs to keep himself isolated, so a view like the one he has now suits him just fine.

I think he also chose this spot because he wanted a great view of something beautiful and relaxing that he could pause and stare at when things get stressful. Evfra has to make a lot of choices in a day that can either kill or save both people in the Resistance and civilians. He basically juggles life and death every day, and if he stops or drops the ball, who knows how many could die? That has to be stressful. Which is why I think you sometimes see him just staring out the window. He’s trying to calm his mind and ease his frayed nerves so he can think clearly and make rational choices. I mean, Evfra is not the kind of guy that can talk about his stressful day with his friends and family. He doesn’t have either, so he’s had to learn to manage his own stress by himself. I think that view probably helps.

“But most Aya buildings seem to have those big windows. Him being in a room with a large window doesn’t mean anything.” Maybe, but he didn’t have to pick that particular spot in that building. There’s more to the building the Resistance is in than what you can run around in, since there’s at least one door you can’t go through. Assuming the building was given to he and his Resistance by whoever was ruling Aya when he made the command center there, he didn’t have to pick that spot for his office. He could have had it down in the basement somewhere. Or in a part of the structure we can’t see.

But he chose the spot with the scenic view. And you know he chose it because, well, this is Evfra. No way he would allow someone to dictate where his office would be. So he picked the spot he liked the most: The one with the scenic view.

Also, I don’t think it’s outside the realm of possibility that angara would make windows that they can absorb sunlight through. It is a pretty massive part of their health requirements. So maybe that influenced his decision as well. He can have a nice big window to help soak up all that tasty sunlight, which quite possibly also helps with stress management. It’s hard to control stress when you’re unhealthy. It’s also hard to make others fear and respect you if you look sickly.

My current workspace is an L shaped area with a huge workbench (pictured) connected to a giant slab of wood for my work space. It’s messy. I’m messy. I’m organizing and growing to fit this space. I’m always posting pictures of my window view but here is the other angle of my L. I can’t wait until I get this all cleaned and organized and stamped with my quirky weirdness and warmth.