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Since youtube blocked my video last night for copyright reasons, I figured that this is the easiest way for me to share it with you. Even if I can’t share it anywhere but here and not even see how many people have viewed it or anything, I still really want to share it with you. So, let’s try again.

You have to click to “watch on [blog]” to see it, and if you want full screen, just click the arrow in the right corner of the video.

Ten months in the making. Ten months of manually removing the background music on every single clip using both of my laptops, my Sherlock DVDs and a portable writer. (It’s not actually literally ten months, I kind of took a long break between February and August but it just sounds more impressive with ten.) Many many thanks to @thejohnlockhell for being my moral support the past months, this video is for you.

Oh, and I definitely didn’t intend for this to be 45 minutes long. It just… happened.

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‘Cause I still believe in miracles; I swear I’ve seen a few

And the time will surely come when you can see my point of view

I believe in second chances

And that’s why





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Parks and Recreation: First Lines vs Last Lines

So Scanlan’s ego is an intrinsic part of his character. His first introduction to us was in the character background, where he is described as “dashingly handsome in his own mind.” And I’d have to check, but if I’m calculating the time correctly, it was within the last week (in game time) that Scanlan was crying over how amazing he was for killing the Pit Fiend. He didn’t have an audience for that. That was his private reaction to the event.

I think that’s part of why episode 85 came as such a shock. If this were, say, a TV show, it would make sense to reveal that he actually thinks he’s useless and uses ego as a shield. But this is a D&D game. A lot of the stuff we know about Scanlan is from SCANLAN’S point of view! The only thing he’s ever shown self-doubt over is his ability to be a father to Kaylie. He’s never thought himself to be less than anyone in Vox Machina, unless Sam’s been lying to us (and Matt) regularly for a while now. It doesn’t make sense for this to be a long term issue.

But what if the key to Scanlan’s breakdown is actually very new? Theoretically people keep saying that the dying thing is the cause for what happened, but then they treat everything Scanlan said as issues that have been a problem for a long time. But what if they haven’t been?

Scanlan thought he was doing pretty well. Then he found out about Kaylie, and then began worrying about being a good father to her. That doubt became more and more pressing, especially in the strain they were under, and then he died twice within 24 hours. What if this is what actually broke Scanlan’s narcissism? What if without that narcissism he was left with no idea of who he was, what was true, or how to relate to the world? I think it could explain a lot. This wasn’t Scanlan letting loose bottled emotions. It was him suddenly having these emotions and not knowing how to handle them.

Just a theory.

School shooter Thomas ‘TJ’ Lane committed the Chardon High School shooting where he shot and killed 3 students, injuring a further three, one of whom became permanently paralysed as a result of his injuries.

When police asked Lane why he had committed the shooting he reportedly replied with a simple ‘I don’t know.’

Lane’s sister, Sadie, was just as shocked at the mass shooting as everyone else, after he was sentenced to life imprisonment she stated:

'It may be hard for some to understand, but I love my brother, and hope that wherever the sentence and life takes him in the future that he can touch others’ lives in a positive way from a point of view that only he can give. The brother in the courtroom and the one that did this is not the brother I knew.’

anonymous asked:

DOUBT! Isn't Daxam supposed to be a planet made up of Kryptonians who wanted to travel and be free (instead of belonging to one sect) and it's supposed to be the most accepting and nice? The Daxam that Mon El describes sounds awful. Also when did the comic version of Mon and Kara date? I know that she kissed him in the Legion of Superheroes when he had to rescue Daxam from exploding. Or did I miss an issue? Love your blog btw, you seem like an awesome person.


Well, I think Daxamites were pretty xenophobic and secluded early on, then in more recent versions it went in a very opposite direction. So it depends.

And about Mon and Kara having dated in the comics, I don’t think so? If we’re really comparing the show to comics, I’d expect a Brainiac 5 endgame. Or a single Kara endgame. That happens enough.

But I wouldn’t put too too much thought into comparing of the comics and the tv show, because they pull bits and pieces from it arbitrarily, to suit their own ends, rather than for any purpose of “staying true to the comics”. 

It’s what any writer telling their own version of a story would do. 

Either way, pulling receipts like “it’s this way in the comics!” just isn’t really a good argument. It’s like expecting a fanfiction to go through the same plot points as the show it’s based on. It may do so, it may not. They could follow it to the letter, follow just a little, ignore it, or they could completely subvert it. There are too many unknown variables, and they are all within the writer’s mind. 

But they likely chose to make Daxam a frat boy type planet because they wanted to have Kara’s love interest be the opposite of her, but not in a way that couldn’t be changed. They were probably thinking that if it’s because of his culture rather than just his personality, then it’s not as bad. Like taking the most feminist white guy from the 1700s, but then he’s still pretty sexist compared to today. 

Oddly enough, I think the show is trying to use Mon-El to teach boys that behaving a certain way is not okay. That they can be better, and that the women in their lives can be good role models for them. 

But what everyone is worried about is it actually teaching girls that they can and should try to change boys to be better, rather than finding someone who is already a good match for them.

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: People who continue to quote Rustin Cohle to sound deep or who point at the things he says and exclaim 'that's exactly how I feel!' are completely missing the nuance of his entire character arc which takes him- the man with severe PTSD, the man who desperately wants to be a nihilist but can't quite kill the part of himself that cares so damn much- and transforms him into an angry shell of his nonbelief, before finally giving him one small speck of hope for this world, because the whole point throughout the series is that he's wrong, his views are skewed by his own tragedy and the fact that he never let himself come to terms with his daughter's death and empathizing with that and/or quoting his nihilistic views for edgy points only goes to prove that you didn't really pay attention to his character arc or the deeper facets of his character at all and furthermore-

Jungkook is so polite and i noticed it a long time ago.He behaves so well,whether it is towards his elders or a little kid.He always bows (usually a full nintety degree bow) to whoever he sees,whether it is another artist or a staff member,thanking them for their hard work,brings food for the people he is going to film with,starting from their first ever radio show to his most recent activities,like celebrity bromance with Minwoo.

And of course he is such a sweetheart to his fans.The fans he always tries to pose for,smile and wave so they can take a decent picture of him,no matter how in rush Bangtan is.And of course the little details,like in the airport when a girl that was following him with her camera fell,he wanted to help her but couldn’t because of the securiry stopping him,or at a concert when he gave his water bottle to a fan or when he politely advices girls to stop smoking when he was in Hongdae.

I am very happy,he is growing up so well,because unlike the other members who joined bighit,who,le’ts say, had already kinda formed their personalities due to their age,he was just a shy,fifteen year old boy who had to pretty much face every problem he had alone,due to his introversion and yet,he grew with such a soft,delicate heart.I am so proud of him.

Mary's speech in Sherlock's mind.... an EMP interpretation

As a big fan of EMP, I’m still convinced we haven’t left Sherlock’s mind yet!
This would mean that all of S4 takes place in Sherlock’s mind and belongs to his inner journey to become the man he wants to be!!

From this point of view the only remaining way to read this series is a symbolic and metaphoric one!
This includes many many thoughts and ideas!! Many of them already pointed out by brilliant people!!!
But for now I want to have a look at the final speech of Mary at the end of TFP inspired by this post of @gosherlocked!!!

I know this is a stiff subject, but still, I just want to share my thoughts….
So go on under the cut if you like to read a different and much more positive interpretation of Mary’s final words…

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Hook’n’Hood & Swan Queen

I keep seeing Hook & Hood being referred to as ‘beards’ and 'gay panic’, but I feel this keeps us from trying to make sense of their roles within the story in regards to Emma & Regina.

Emma and Regina have finally - sort of - come to the point where they always wanted to be. Emma finally found her parents, she’s not alone anymore. Regina is free from Leopold, from Cora’s and Rumple’s manipulations and from the cage of her own mind. They are both trying to figure out who they are in this new reality. They are reverting back to their late teens and trying to relive them, to figure out who they would have been if their lives wouldn’t have been as severely disrupted as they were.

Emma is trying to be the princess she thinks she would have been had she grown up with her parents in the Enchanted Forest. She convinces herself to be the trusting person Snow and Charming would have shown her to be. Suddenly she wears frillier outfits and acts more girly. Hook wears his pirate outfit until right before their first date. She has seen and experienced him in the world she was supposed to grow up in. Even with the wardrobe change, his walk and talk remain old world. In that sense he represents the kind of man she could have been with had she never come to our world.

The date with Hook was very clearly about having that first ball / prom night with her parents. They couldn’t have made that more obvious if they wanted to.

This is what adult Emma Swan dresses like for a date:

This is princess Emma making up for lost time with her parents.

Note that in the last picture her face is falling after she’s kissed Hook at the end of the date. She looks confused and conflicted and puts on a smile and plays the part only after she notices her parents stayed up for her.

Regina meanwhile, it seems, is exploring what life would have been like if she could have run off with Daniel. The concept of one True Love was important to her at the time when Cora killed Daniel. As she mentally puts herself back into that state, this fairy dust approved Robin Hood is her only option. I’ll have to rewatch it, but I think even the pitch of Regina’s voice shifts as she is with Robin. She acts like the teen she didn’t really get to be. The very jaded former evil Queen reverts so far back into naivety as to give her heart to Robin for protection. Something only young Regina would have done. After Marian comes back, Robin and Regina are forced to sneak around. They make love in a vault, Snow has to point out her bra is showing. It’s both reminiscent of teenagers experimenting and of the hidden life she would have led with Daniel. In fact, had she run away with him, thereby insulting the King, her life with Daniel as a fugitive would very much have been like a life with Robin in the forest.

The outfit she wears here, one that ties her to Robin, is the closest she’s ever come to wearing something that also feels like her riding outfit.

They are both exploring the women they didn’t get to be. They are taking back the lives they didn’t get to live. It almost doesn’t matter who these men are personality-wise, because part of these relationships is created in the women’s minds. They both need to go through this, to grow and to learn they can’t erase their pasts. Maybe they’ll even learn they got a head start on the lessons they would learn anyway. Part of them seems to be constantly aware of this relationship not being completely right. They both haven’t actually completely reciprocated and Regina calls it ‘the closest to happy’. Which is not exactly happy.

I do think there is genuine care and attraction between these characters, but the way they are presented to me, they don’t seem like the people Emma & Regina will stay with. They are there for growth and learning and they are meaningful in their own way.

I don’t believe they are results of gay panic, or that they are just the love interests that happen to stick, exactly because of the Swan Queen parallels. We have all noticed the Regina-Hook (dark, villain) and Emma-Robin (light, thief) parallels and the fact that the boyfriends’ names are only one letter apart doesn’t seem like a complete coincidence. Which brings it all back to Swan Queen. Pretty sure I don’t need to repeat why Emma and Regina are right for each other, they do a great job of that themselves in canon. If you need reminders, go drown yourself at sacredbookofswen or ethan-8 ‘s page.

There is one other reason we need Hook’n’Hood to make Swan Queen happen. We are conditioned to believe in the importance of the number three in Fairy Tales. Especially in the West, but also in other cultures. Their respective second relationships just can’t be the final ones, it has got to be the third one. Which is also the reason why the relationships with Lily and Maleficent will only ever be subtextual, otherwise Hook’n’Hood would be bumped up to number three.

And we can’t have that, can we?

…am I the only one that thinks this is not Kaiba’s hand? It looks more like Yugi’s hand… (I believe Kaiba’s fingers would be slightly longer than that) ..It would make sense :/ Yugi was the owner of the Millennium Puzzle, that was his treasure, so he kept it.

I’m aware of the fact that there’s a scene in the trailer in which Kaiba seems to observe a virtual Puzzle/ analyze it etc, but I’m not sure it means he’s the one trying to rebuild it again… (plus, there are new characters around who are clearly related to the ancient Egypt or some mythical past anyway, thus very suspect for the whole Puzzle matter..)

“I think there’s very interesting and modern depictions of women and of men,” she explained. "I think Katniss is obviously a very inspirational, resolute, determined woman. But also, we have Peeta, what one could consider to be an unconventional character because he is not a brawny man. He is someone more emotional. I just feel like they’re embracing a more interesting and diverse and realistic view of men and women in this film.“
—  Gwendoline Christie on The Hunger Games (x)
he wasn’t in love with you at first.
no one has ever seen him fall.
in fact, the earth was still un-indented,
when you left.
and there was no noise.
no breaking of bones.
just the breaking of a heart.

he had not let anyone see,
but i think he fell when you turned your back.
it wasn’t the most pleasant of ways,
but he still did.
and there’s no one there to catch him.

when i think about it today,
there’s nothing more painful than that.
than watching him fall in love,
with the ghost of a whirlpool.

you were a vortex,
bringing him down.
and no amount of pulling can get him out.
he was willing to let himself drown,
if it meant the quenching of your own thirst.

but he wasn’t angry.
i was.
god i was so angry.
i would have burned a whole village to bring you back.
i would have damned it all to hell,
i would have screamed at god,
just to tell it that you shouldn’t be alone.

that you have him.
you have me.

but there are no birds to tie this message to.
just crows hungry for flesh.

so wherever you are,
come back.
for me. for my brother.
—  for my brother | j r e f