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Cookie!! I was wondering What is the difference between an otp and a brotp??


THIS IS MAH MOMENT ! └(◉◞౪◟◉)┘

For meh, an Otp means a relationship in a romantical way. 

You want to see a romantic thing happening between two characters.

If ur otp is septiplier, that means you want to see Jack kiss,hang out or..u kno’ ,maybe do the do with Mark. Which in mah sense is edgy when u ship two real friends. └(・-・)/ mostly when it involves nudity…


Brotp means you want them as friends,best friends(if it’s not already the case) There is NO romance or sexual meaning behind this relationship. 

It’s only true friendship with some sexual/gay jokes,slap dat butt and fun hang out . #squadgoals └(゚∀゚└))

Watch this video, u’ll understand waht i’m tryin’ to explain:

“i love you in the most heterosexual way “  

im still angry about this™

okay im still not okay at all when it comes to incest ships and as someone who had to go through it i want to say that it’s super traumatic as hell and i’ve been trying my whole life already to get rid of it without success and basically whenever i see someone defending it i become very panicky
please just understand that shipping family members with each other isn’t good and can be traumatic to some people
-someone who survived an incestious relationship

A Friendly Visit

Fandom: Marvel

Summary: Based on: “Imagine Loki secretly taking care of you when you are sick because you are Tony’s sister and he is not allowed to be near you.” by @imagining-imagines

Word count: 1,621


Originally posted by maryxglz

The dim light was floating through the thick curtains on your left. It was your only source of time and the way you knew it was still daytime after you took a nap. Or it could be the next day already, if your nap took a while longer than you expected. It would probably bother you more if you weren’t feeling as bad as you did. You could feel your every bone screaming and every muscle trembling from the cold and exhaustion. When you coughed, a wave of pain erupted deep in your lungs with a force that almost made you cry out.

You hated being ill. One could think that all the high-tech stuff Tony packed into his tower would make the illness almost comfortable and convenient, but the sad truth was that you weren’t interested in any of his toys.

You wanted the pain to go away and the sickness out of your heavy head, but the medicines Tony made sure you were regularly stuffed with, required time to fight off the illness. It was a natural order and the plasma on the wall or a remote managing everything in your room couldn’t really help with it. Your brother did his best to make you feel better and you were grateful for his efforts.

You opened your eyes when you heard a soft knocking on the door. It was quite unusual, because Tony always made a loud entrance, even if he tried not to, and Vision would usually float into the room if he sensed you weren’t sleeping. The rest of the team was out, taking care of their own lives somewhere in the city. Or other realms, who knew where some of them liked to wander.

“Come in,” you coughed out with a much weaker voice than you expected. Your back was to the door so you couldn’t see the guest.

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Beyblade Gothic

You have bought your first Beyblade. The next day, a kindly-looking old man knocks on your door. “You must compete,” he says. All the Beybladers you meet say the same thing happened to them. Everyone must compete.

You see nothing. The children are screaming at their Beyblades. The dish crumbles. You hear a roar. Still, you see nothing.

The announcers list Kai Hiwatari as a member of a different team every day. No one comments on it. What team did he originally belong to? No one seems to remember.

Your Beyblade looks different. Other bladers claim that a person called ‘The Chief’ upgraded it for you. You don’t recall the weight of the Beyblade ever leaving your pocket. You feel uneasy, but you must smile gratefully.  

The Sacred Spirits are always kept locked away. Who locked them away? What did they know that we don’t? The Saint Shields know the answer. You don’t want to know.

Every year, the members of a team called the Bladebreakers suddenly transform slightly. Hair and eyes change colour. Their body mass shifts. After the change, no one can remember what they used to look like.

There is a vampire, a werewolf, a zombie, and a mummy. This is normal. They disappear. This is also normal.

You hear about a kid named Antonio who lives in the forest. He’s always in the forest. Constantly training. He never leaves the forest. He keeps training.

You’ve noticed there are fewer and fewer adults on the streets. All the remaining adults are old men. The very few adult women you see are scientists. Where did all the other adults go?

Children command the elements through vicious creatures. Spinning tops destroy entire buildings. No one thinks of putting a stop to it. The old men encourage it. The crowds cheer whenever a child is beaten down.

You hear a new MingMing song on the radio. You already have it saved to your computer. The date stamp is from 3 months ago. You don’t remember downloading it.

A man shows up claiming to be Takao’s brother. Takao has never mentioned a brother. He’s never mentioned a mother, either. Where is his father now? Why does his grandfather insist that Takao learn to use a sword?

Kai Hiwatari keeps appearing on top of high buildings. He just stands there. No one saw him climb up. No one see’s him climb down.

Two disembodied voices enthusiastically discuss the match. A series of Beyblade matches are going on simultaneously in different rooms. No matter which match you visit, those voices are there.

You are walking down the street when you spot one of F Dynasty in the distance performing in costume. Is it Raul or Julia? Neither, they whisper. Both, they whisper. Somehow you can hear them clearly.  

You are Beyblading in America. Suddenly, you are in Europe. Then Russia. It takes little time, or no time at all, to get there. You’ve lost track of time. Apparently this tournament has been going on for weeks, but it only feels like a few hours.

You see a boy with red hair. You are told that boy is from 'the Abbey’. You have no recollection of 'the Abbey’. You feel cold. The boy has a gun. They all have guns.

Crusher Moses tattoo’s change place everyday. He’s crying. He’s always crying.

You hear rumours that Robert Jurgens has set traps around his castle. Guillotines. He is disappointed when people escape. He invites you to his castle.

You look at the audience. You see familiar faces. You realize it’s always the same people, the same audience. They smile at you. Their expressions never change.

the nice thing about being back in Isak and Even’s point of view, if only for a little while, is that you feel like there’s some logic to the updates and you can chill for at least an hour after the time has hit a double number and nothing happened.

‘Cause I still believe in miracles; I swear I’ve seen a few

And the time will surely come when you can see my point of view

I believe in second chances

And that’s why





Bad Ideas | Yuta

Genre: bartender!au | comedy

Main star: Yuta / Reader

Word count: 2 760

Warnings: Language

“Bad ideas make the best memories.” The bartender in front of you shrugged while he filled your glass with another shot of saqué.  You were drinking that specific type of alcohol because he suggested and, well, why not? The week has been bad enough and you just needed to forget it as a whole. Also, the guy serving you was pretty much handsome and his face made you ignore the fact that you ex-boyfriend was in the same club as you.

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You and @ichinoue are truly savages. Always telling it like it is. What's funny is that you guys don't need to perform all sorts of mental gymnastics to try and justify IH. The proof of your arguments are LITERALLY right there in the manga panels you provide. Like it literally shows what you say it shows. Nothing is twisted or manipulated to make it fit your narrative. IR fans on the contrary, have to change, twist and/or erase parts of the canon story to make sense of a romantic IR

I’m tagging @ichinoue so she can see the compliment as well ! 

Thank you anon ! But we do not deserve a lot of credit here , the manga itself showed us ichihime , so we just analyze it and point out the character growth and the symbolism but we work on what the manga tells us first and foremost. 

The ichiruki fanbase on the contrary begins by what they want to see ( romantic ichiruki ) and then try to twist the manga into what they want it to be . They were so very much convinced that ichiruki would happen they never stopped and asked themselves ‘ But what is the manga telling me ? ‘ they just expected the manga to have romantic ichiruki and so every single scene ichigo and rukia shared had to be romantic just because.  But when they tried to put it into words it didn’t work because the manga wasn’t romantic ichiruki so trying to say it was was ridiculous. 

On the other hand the manga had plenty of romantic ichihime so you just had to read it and explain it for your analyses to be pertinent. 

On tumblr there is this idea that all interpretations are equals. I thoroughly disagree with this ! The only correct interpretation of the work is what the author intended . I know fandom is mostly about reinventing a book , a manga … but I could never see the fun in it . You might as well invent your own stuff if you want to stray away from canon that much. 

No , different interpretations are not all equals , the ones revealing what the author intended are the most pertinent ones . It’s the same for shipping in Bleach. Our interpretation of the manga is pertinent because Kubo did write the whole manga with romantic ichihime and intended to have it canon , ichiruki’s interpretation of it isn’t because it’s more wishful thinking than analyze . 

Unpopular Opinion About Tamlin: Maybe We’ve Been too Harsh?

I enjoy the “Tamlin the Tool” tag as much as the next person, but ever since I wrote my ficlette “What Rises from the Ashes” (in which I use the fact headcanon that Amarantha was Tamlin’s mate to explain his behavior) I have been thinking more and more about Tamlin.

The Preface:: I think Tamlin is emotionally and physically abusive (based on how he treats Lucien before UtM and his tantrums destroying rooms). Now, he’s not the kind who would beat someone for not having dinner ready on time, but I do think he’s abusive (I’m not getting into defining that, this post has other purposes). I do not subscribe to the headcanon that Tamlin is bipolar. Just putting that out there. He also seems to have some inherited misogyny and racism as far as his views to women & faeries proper places.

After Under the Mountain, I think Tamlin suffers from severe PTSD, and that finds a poisonous mix with his other character flaws that basically turns him Amarantha-adjacent.

Now, About Tamlin…

If you look at the series from Tamlin’s point of view- is it really so difficult to understand why he did what he did and where he was coming from? 

I think Rhysand and Feyre started vocalizing this bit by bit in ACOWAR as they thought more about it, but if you look at the story from Tamlin’s point of view, here’s how things played out (remember, TAMLIN’S point of view only)–

  1. After UtM Tamlin obviously suffers from PTSD. Feyre repeatedly begs him to let her go out, but he forces her into the role of his wife. He might need things to have a sense of normalcy, he might think he is protecting her, and he might think it’s what she needs- probably a mix of all 3.
  2. Feyre looks utterly terrified on their wedding day, and then Rhysand appears. It was obvious she was about to reject Tamlin, but at the time- if his mental state was anything like Feyre’s- he probably linked those two separate events to Rhysand causing Feyre’s fear, like she could sense him coming through the bond or maybe he spoke into her mind directly.
  3. No one seems to know that Rhysand was Amarantha’s sex-slave. Even the High Lords are surprised and suspicious when he reveals it in ACOWAR.
  4. When Feyre returns, she passes on that Rhysand showed interest in the possibility she has this potentially devastating array of powers.
  5. More and more, Rhysand comes for Feyre and repeatedly reminds Tamlin he is powerless to stop it.
  6. Tamlin tries locking Feyre in the house, and one of the most powerful figures in the Night Court strolls right into his manor and takes her away.
  7. Eventually, Feyre sends a mega-short letter dumping him. If this conversation had happened face-to-face, the rest of the series probably would have been VERY different.
  8. The Night Court- and a High Lord Tamlin betrayed to the death of his mother and sister- now has Feyre and might be interested in some more retribution (I know they were friends once but that ship is long since sunk).
  9. In ACOTAR and early ACOMAF, Rhys’ court is repeatedly said to be what Amarantha was inspired to re-create. Basically, Amarantha(’s willing little lover) now has Feyre.

The next bit is based on what Tamlin himself says in ACOWAR and what others imply (not dealing with the execution of the sentries because that was wholly knee-jerk).

  1. Tamlin, at some point over those months, begins to realize he was choking the life out of Feyre and that she suffered from as many nightmares as he did if not more (again, we have no knowledge of what happened to Tamlin UtM when he wasn’t in front of the crowd. Did Amarantha do to him what she did to Rhys?).
  2. At one point in ACOTAR, Lucien hints at inter-court spying and it sounds as though there are eyes in the Court of Nightmares that report directly or indirectly to him.
  3. If that spy does exist: All Lucien and Tamlin hear after desperately searching for Feyre is that male-Amarantha suddenly shows up with Feyre one day out of nowhere and very nearly fingers her in front of everyone. When she is not with him (before he enters and when he has her step away), she is immediately surrounded by and remains slavishly close to his inner circle- his spymaster, warlord, and that very same woman who dragged Feyre out of the house. To an outside, biased observer they might appear to be her handlers.
  4. When Lucien tries to rescue Feyre, she suddenly sprouts wings like her “master”.
  5. At some point, Tamlin goes to Hybern to make a deal to get Feyre back.

I want to focus on that deal Tamlin made. He was called a traitor to his entire continent for that decision. But from his perspective- wasn’t he just doing what Feyre did for him? 

He made a bargain with a demon in order to try and free the female he loved, who he honestly believed loved him and was under the control of a massively dangerous male who (again, only as far as he knew) had willingly been Amarantha’s lover.

Feyre sold herself to Amarantha for a chance to save him. After failing her so wholly and completely, he probably thought he was being gallant and returning the gesture. Amarantha controlled him so that even when Feyre was tortured in front of him he never dared blink an eye or behave in a way Amarantha did not allow, what if Feyre was doing the same? What if Rhys was controlling her through his powers, taking advantage of her already shattered mind, or if he’d tortured her into submission like some kind of Stockholm Syndrome (or whatever the Fae call it)?

Moving on a little bit—

  1. When Feyre is freed she explicitly incriminates Rhysand, saying he held her mind. Rhys confirms this.
  2. Over the next few weeks, Feyre does not outright say Rhysand repeatedly raped her, but she makes leading statements and to Tamlin that’s the same thing. She never contradicts him or Lucien when they dare talk about it and they immediately back down to spare her the memory.
  3. Tamlin seems to have learned his lesson- he lets Feyre leave whenever she wants to, even when he doesn’t like it. When he really doesn’t approve, he just comes along. He never locks her in again (threatens to but she reminds him how well that went last time and he backs down).

I mean, if you look at the story from Tamlin’s perspective, he thinks he’s this great and mighty hero come to save the woman he loves- only to have it all thrown back in his face like a mountain of shit (why I ended the list where I did and didn’t go through the High Lords meeting). He’s pissed for being played the fool, embarrassed, and utterly enraged every time he’s called a traitor for trying to be a hero.

Again, I love “Tamlin the Tool” and think he’s abusive with that temper of his, but just from his point of view- are his actions really so hard to understand? Now, add Feyre and Rhysand’s perspectives back in the mix and it’s a whole different beast, but Tamlin didn’t have that benefit when he made his decisions. He didn’t know the whole picture.

So… when he said he thought he was doing the right thing, can you really fault him in the same vein as Hybern?

Heroes of Tomorrow, Heroes of Today (STONY/RUCAS AU) - Chapter Two

Heroes of Tomorrow, Heroes of Today

Synopsis: Riley is the daughter of Tony Stark, but no one knows who she is. Her life has been a lie for her own protection, so when she strikes a deal with her father in six months the world would know. How hard can that be? Well when you’re going to a school where your teachers had once betrayed him, and the one guy you might like hates your father, well everything just becomes a complicated mess.

Or How I mixed two of my favorite universes and made Tony Stark a better father than his own father ever was.

[Previous Chapters]

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So Scanlan’s ego is an intrinsic part of his character. His first introduction to us was in the character background, where he is described as “dashingly handsome in his own mind.” And I’d have to check, but if I’m calculating the time correctly, it was within the last week (in game time) that Scanlan was crying over how amazing he was for killing the Pit Fiend. He didn’t have an audience for that. That was his private reaction to the event.

I think that’s part of why episode 85 came as such a shock. If this were, say, a TV show, it would make sense to reveal that he actually thinks he’s useless and uses ego as a shield. But this is a D&D game. A lot of the stuff we know about Scanlan is from SCANLAN’S point of view! The only thing he’s ever shown self-doubt over is his ability to be a father to Kaylie. He’s never thought himself to be less than anyone in Vox Machina, unless Sam’s been lying to us (and Matt) regularly for a while now. It doesn’t make sense for this to be a long term issue.

But what if the key to Scanlan’s breakdown is actually very new? Theoretically people keep saying that the dying thing is the cause for what happened, but then they treat everything Scanlan said as issues that have been a problem for a long time. But what if they haven’t been?

Scanlan thought he was doing pretty well. Then he found out about Kaylie, and then began worrying about being a good father to her. That doubt became more and more pressing, especially in the strain they were under, and then he died twice within 24 hours. What if this is what actually broke Scanlan’s narcissism? What if without that narcissism he was left with no idea of who he was, what was true, or how to relate to the world? I think it could explain a lot. This wasn’t Scanlan letting loose bottled emotions. It was him suddenly having these emotions and not knowing how to handle them.

Just a theory.

The Hanged Man.

Clear your mind of all doubt and uncertainty. Look at your world from a new point of view. Seek only truth and understanding.

Highlight Challenge

I wish I knew SOMEONE who didn’t know of my love for Seventeen, so I could force them to play this game I just thought up, but since I don’t know anyone I’ll just leave the rules here and if you know someone, you can make them play.

The rules are as follows: You sit someone down and have them watch the 13 member Highlight dance practice. Beforehand, you explain to them that the song was originally written for only 4 people, and it’s their job to guess which 4. You can give them as few or many hints as you like, but here’s some hints I suggest giving them

• The vocal parts have been switched, so the main singers might not be the original singers. However, the dance has remained mostly the same, so it might be helpful to look for members who seem to be more confident and practiced in the dance as others
• There is never a moment in time where there’s not at least one of the original singers in view. There are points where only some of them are visible and others aren’t, but there are no points when there are simply none of the four.
• A majority of them do not wear hats, and none of them are blonde. Granted, this rules out like one person, and maybe none of them are wearing hats, but at least you’ll know you’re wrong if three of your picks have hats.

Since telling 4 out of 13 is incredibly hard, I would recommend maybe two watches, three if you’re a reeeeally nice person. If you decide to play, let me know if you gave any other hints or how well your friend/you did!

Jungkook is so polite and i noticed it a long time ago.He behaves so well,whether it is towards his elders or a little kid.He always bows (usually a full nintety degree bow) to whoever he sees,whether it is another artist or a staff member,thanking them for their hard work,brings food for the people he is going to film with,starting from their first ever radio show to his most recent activities,like celebrity bromance with Minwoo.

And of course he is such a sweetheart to his fans.The fans he always tries to pose for,smile and wave so they can take a decent picture of him,no matter how in rush Bangtan is.And of course the little details,like in the airport when a girl that was following him with her camera fell,he wanted to help her but couldn’t because of the securiry stopping him,or at a concert when he gave his water bottle to a fan or when he politely advices girls to stop smoking when he was in Hongdae.

I am very happy,he is growing up so well,because unlike the other members who joined bighit,who,le’ts say, had already kinda formed their personalities due to their age,he was just a shy,fifteen year old boy who had to pretty much face every problem he had alone,due to his introversion and yet,he grew with such a soft,delicate heart.I am so proud of him.

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Ereri, 14 <3

Thank you so much for the prompt! 14: “Did you ever expect your life was going to be like this?”

I hope, you like it. <3

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Summer Sky

After all his years living overground, Levi is still adjusting to the seasons of the year. The storms of autumn, with all their vibrant colours and earthy scents, with the golden light and the mist hanging in the woods. The icy grip of winter, with its glittering snowflakes and frost so fierce that it feels like he never will be warm again unless he sits down in front of a fireplace. The tender touch of spring with its hesitant green and vitality in the sky, in the soil, in the wind. The summer with its merciless heat, the sticky air, and the relieving crackling of thunderstorms at night.

Never has he seen the summer sky over a sea of blue before though. His skin itches and burns from the scorching sun. His lips taste like salt. The sand seems to be everywhere, creeping through his clothing, sticking to his skin, fine and rough and almost shockingly white.

They’ve been here before ever since the war has ended. A couple of times, in fact. In the spring time mostly. But never in the summer.

He looks down at his boots that seem to sink more and more into the ground with every movement. The change is barely noticeable, but he wonders if he only stayed here long enough, the sand would swallow him up and consume him, feast on his body and gnaw on his bones. Or maybe it would just let him sink and sink, never too far, his only companion the sea with its ever-rushing waves that greet him and say goodbye with every come and go. 


Swoosh! Swoosh…

He likes that last thought.

Ironically enough, he’s found his peace in what must be one of the loudest places on this earth.

It might have something to do with the figure standing at the shoreline ahead. He’s left his own boots in the sand nearby Levi and has strolled on with an inviting grin and the determined announcement to dip his feet into the water.

Levi doesn’t trust the sea. 

It’s fine from this point of view—only looking at it, estimating it from afar, from a safe distance. But Eren doesn’t seem to mind. His trousers legs are rolled up and he simply stands there, the waves lapping playfully at his feet, the sun illuminating his silhouette, the salty breeze ruffling his hair, his shirt not quite concealing how broad his shoulders have become over the years.

He looks down, bends to pick something up and washes it in the water before holding it against the afternoon light and turning around to Levi. Even with the back light blinding him he can see the smile splitting Eren’s face and before he knows it he’s forsaking the grasp of the sand and stepping closer, noticing the changing texture of the damp, not really wet, beach under the sole of his boots—hard, yet soft, pliant, yet steadying.

Somehow Eren always manages to make him try things without really thinking them through first.

“I found a piece of amber,” he says over the sound of the waves as Levi is so close that he can make out the colour of Eren’s eyes. It’s an almost pure, dark blue today, matching the sea ahead and the beam of his smile. 

“Amber,” Levi repeats. It’s supposed to be a question. 

“Yes. Dried resin.” Eren turns around to the full and steps away from the waterline. His excitement is palpable. His whole figure seems to glow and shine and there’s a ring to his voice as he speaks, softer now, that makes Levi want to smile back. A little thing is caught between his fingers, so small that it seems to have the size of a small pebble or a little berry, and he holds it out with smooth and warm, ocean-damp fingers for Levi to examine.

The object is surprisingly light as he takes it and astonishingly…strange. It’s surface is obviously roughened, but smooth to the touch, it looks like a stone with an almost milky orange hue, but as he lifts it up to inspect it closer, it suddenly catches a ray of shimmering light in an astonishing brilliance of honey or sunset, that’s reflecting all the way through its core.

It’s beautiful. And while Levi feels himself marvel at the odd, little stone he thinks it reminds him of Eren’s laugh.

“They used to wash up on the riverbank of Shingashina every now and then,” Eren says, interrupting his reverie. His words are fond and Levi looks up to meet his eyes, where he remains for just a heartbeat too long.

Focussing on the curious thing between his fingertips once more he reaches for his voice. “Resin, you said?”

Unlike so many others when it comes to odd questions about nature, Eren never seems to mind them and is eager to explain. “Yes. According to Armin’s books it’s from conifers. Dried very quickly and somehow washed away. We used to make a game out of it, who would find one. Armin and Mikasa did once or twice, but I never did.”

Levi can picture them: Three scrawny kids at the riverbank, one cheering, one watching in silent earnestness, and one trying not to pout.

The thought makes him smile. “Well, you found one now.” He stretches out his hand to give it back, but Eren shakes his head.

“Keep it.”

It’s yours, Levi wants to insist. I can’t keep it. But Eren already turns to face the horizon again, and Levi knows he won’t take it back. He lets the little stone roll between his index finger and thumb, holding it against the sky, and nods shortly, closing his hand around it in protection. “Thank you.”


For a while they just stand there, watching the birds above and the constant rushing around them. Eren stirs next to him, his feet wriggling in the half-dry sand and digging deeper. It makes Levi wonder for the first time how it must feel like; if the sand between Eren’s toes feels scratchy like the bits caught in his shoe, rubbing distractingly against his raw skin, or if it feels different. Warm from the sun or cool because of Eren’s heightened body temperature. He can feel it wafting over to him, breaching the distance between them and settling on his own skin. Just like the salt.

Eren shifts again, his elbow almost brushing Levi’s as his toes wriggle even deeper into the sand, and the brief proximity makes the hairs on Levi’ arms rise with goosebumps, despite of the heat of the day. Eren gazes at the waves, the sun catching in his eyes.

Levi has never felt this alive. He never wants it to end.

“Did you ever expect your life was going to be like this?” Eren’s question mingles with the wind, floats on it in a way that tells Levi he doesn’t have to answer if he doesn’t want to.

”Did you?”

Eren chuckles. “No.” He shoots Levi a glance again, knowing—too knowing—and carefree. “I hoped so, though.” 

Sometimes Levi wonders how Eren does it. How he is still is able to hope and laugh and smile this gently. How he can find beauty in a tiny, little thing—washed ashore next to a whole ocean of freedom and looking completely unimposing until it is held against the light—and still not mind giving it away, as if it meant nothing, even though Levi has nothing to give him in return. 

“I didn’t,” he admits, remembering standing under a sewer in the midst of darkness, looking up in an attempt to catch a glimpse of the world above. It all seems so unreal now. Even to him. 

“And yet, here we are,” Eren says, his eyes shining brighter than the summer sky. “You and me.”

“So it seems.”

Eren remains silent, only smiles.

Levi feels the stone of resin press against his palm in an unsaid promise and the breeze of the approaching autumn whispering through his hair. Now he has all the seasons, the whole world open to him. Yet Eren is the most fascinating phenomenon of it all.

And as Levi allows himself to take that last step Eren tastes like salt and hope and like the colour of honey, shining against the blinding sun.

Next to them the ocean whooshes.

            just a few little hcs about Scar & Pepper bc since Scarlett was born, Pepper has been a pretty important person on her life ( probably the most import one after Nat & Clint) and here are some motives for why scar loves her so much )

  • to start, Pepper is her godmother
  • when scar was a just baby, Pepper used to take care of her when Nat & Clint were away on missions ( i imagine that they would like to leave her with a person they trust over to leave her at shield on such a young age ) & she passed a lot of time with her when she was growing up so she have a lot of childhood memories with Pepper ( almost more than she have with her own parents lol )
  • Scarlett has dyslexia, and Pepper helped her a lot with that thru the years. She always supported and encouraged her, and was always patiente to help her when she had difficulty with reading something or doing her homework. For that, Scar is very thankful
  • Scar sees Pepper as a person who she can trully trust. she is one of the only people (actually probably the one) for whom Scarlett always tells everything, no matter what. She tells pepper things that she don’t tell Nat or Clint for example.  Sometimes she will go first to pepper to tell something that happened to her or what she is going through.she also know that she can asks her for advice when she need
  • Scarlett likes to travel with Pepper. She already took Scar to a lot of different places and she loves it..
  • Pepper knows how to calm her down when she’s having panic attacks or having a pretty bad day.
  • They train together & Scar admires her as Rescue
  • To finish, Scar sees Pepper as a second mother

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Listen… acting like su is still an amazing and progressive!!! show is unrealistic and lying to yourself. Sure, are they diverse? Yeah! But that’s not enough. Marginalized people need to see themselves on screen, and su does that (kind of. more or less). But they need to see themselves portrayed well. Seeing yourself as the villain or in the wrong is nothing new, the media has been doing that since the beginning of time. Seeing the character you relate to be turned into a joke or just straight up toxic? Not revolutionary. If people only see themselves in a negative light, that’s not a progressive way to run your show.

Take everyones favorite, Pearl. Specifically, Pearl being a lesbian. She’s clearly a lesbian, she’s a main character, this is fantastic, right? No. Nothing good comes out of Pearls sexuality. She was in love with Rose to the point that it’s read as creepy and obsessive. When Rose found someone else, Pearl became a salty, bitter lesbian and in flashbacks (which yes, are biased, as they’re from Greg’s point of view) she’s only there to spite Rose’s love interest and be extremely jealous. She relates everything to Rose. She’s endangered Steven because of her feelings for Rose. She plays a big part in Steven’s self esteem issues because she can’t help but act like he took Rose from her. Her inability to be a good parental figure to Steven is almost if not entirely related to her loving Rose. How can you act like that’s good representation?

And Lapis? Holy shit, new topic. She has PTSD. This is obvious. She’s been reduced to trauma jokes. Only trauma jokes. After Alone At Sea? Psssht, now it’s just the occasional crack about it. She doesn’t openly exhibit any other traits about it! Sure, a lot of survivors make jokes about their trauma as a way to deal with it. I’m guilty of this myself. But that’s all she does. And if maybe she was treated less like a joke, less like a “literal emo child,” I’d like her more.

Oh, and when she does (read: did) exhibit other symptoms of PTSD? She’s shown to be in the wrong for it, or it’s played for laughs, and that’s not okay! Barn Mates? We were expected to see that as “Peridot is a cute awkward bean uwu and Lapis is just being difficult uwuwu”. Getting upset over a pond? Yeah, makes sense if you just spent literal months under the ocean. Having to live with someone who kept you prisoner and doubting that they’ve changed? Yeah, doubt I have to explain that one. I don’t agree with her breaking the tape recorder, but the other actions mentioned are pretty fucking reasonable, if I say so myself.

TL;DR if your “progressive” characters flaws all stem from what makes them so great, it’s not progressive. It’s regressive and awful.

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Hi!, nice to meet you!. My name is Celia and I'm from Canary Islands (Spain). I'm studding Russian because I'm a huge fan of Rhythmic gymnastics. I was told that Putin's approval ratings were very high, like 80%. Are those official manipulated polls or something? I hope things get better, specially for the lgtb community. I saw a documentary about their situation at Russia and it was so unfair.

Hi Celia!
I can tell you one thing: our society is frightened. It’s in a constant state of stress thanks to the government. And whether some people are afraid of Putin himself, they hate him and want him to leave, others afraid of what will happen if he leaves, while both groups agree that the country is controlled by disgusting corrupted mafia. 

I suppose everything is clear with the first group, so let’s talk about the second one, who can be considered in manipulations as those who ‘approve’ his politics.

If you ask a regular Russian person, ‘are you satisfied with the government?’, the answer will be ‘no’ in the majority of cases. If you ask ‘are you satisfied with how the government treats its people?’ it will be ‘no’, 99%. But when you ask ‘do you want to see putin as the next president?’ the answer will be ‘are there any other candidates?’ = ‘do we have a choice?’
This is what mostly counted as ‘Putin’s approval thing’ in the polls. 

The reasons of that answer:

1. For 17 years of his practical ruling, he didn’t give a chance to any real opponents to exist. The whole ‘democratic’ government are his puppets, everyone knows it.

2. People firmly believe their opinion is meaningless. We had protests in 2011-2013 when russians were against Putin as a president while the elections were rigged. But it resulted only in numerous arests and more strict censorship.

3. Some adults are afraid that things will get only worse when he leaves: this is because they experienced criminal chaos and hardships of 1990 years, when USSR became ruins in one shot. A walker could be killed in the nearest courtyard, the salaries were not given in money but in absolutely random equivalent. People had nothing to live on. Like, literally. My friend’s mother month after month was getting a salary as boxes of the same socks and tights, emm. My father was given dozens of same ceramic chicken statues (we still have boxes with them in the basement). This absurd may seem funny, but imagine it when you need to eat something, to raise your children and so on. While ordinary russians were put into poverty, others  through bloody underground wars and privatization of gas, oil and mineral manufactures suddenly became millionaires - those who are sitting in the government right now. (btw, the film Dead Man’s Bluff, or Zhmurki depicts the social situation of 90s perfectly). And in the end of this horrible decade Putin comes to rule. You know, he didn’t do any fantastic things. He returned ordinary life conditions plus there was no gay censorship in the beginning and he was tending to make Russia a democratic European country people could be proud of… So for some adults he is associated with a life far from ideal, but at least the one where you get the salary and you won’t be killed in front of your house. (Yeah, in the regions people are happy to survive with 100$ in a month). All of them, even if they see the truth now, are still afraid that dismissal of Putin means the change of the system, which will result ‘in the next 90s’. And of course the controlled media put all efforts to sustain this point of view, they make enemy of anyone who stand out in the obedient crowd (lgbt, for example). (p.s. As many many others, I don’t excuse this point of view, I’m only trying to explain it)
However, as you can see from the last events, Russia is rid of the current situation. People are hoping to overcome it someday… But right now, many of russians are in despair, as we don’t see any improvements, things are only getting worse.