view of office building at night


With the Windenburg University Fan Pack, you can better prepare your Sims for their transition into adulthood. Immerse them in the college lifestyle and let the Campus become their classroom! Send those teens off to Get Educated!

EXPLORE THE VAST CAMPUS by @redhotchilisimblr

ID : DWould / CC Free / 64 x 64 / Library / 859K

  • Get set up in your new dorm room and meet your fellow students, maybe join a club or two! On the first floor of your dorm, you will find the common area where we keep recreational and gaming equipment that can be checked out from the hall desk, as well as a small kitchen for late night snacking.
  • Don’t forget to take note of the lecture halls inside the main building so you aren’t late on your first day. The Dean has a great view of the entire Campus from his office in the tower so make sure to be on your best behavior.
  • The library in the West wing of the main building boasts more than 3000 books to browse, 14 desktop computers, and a quiet space to spread out and do all that homework you’ve neglected!
  • The cafeteria in the East wing of the main building will keep you well fed. Keep an eye out for (hopefully) delicious experimental dishes from the Culinary Arts Kitchens upstairs.
  • Interested in the fine arts program? Take some time to explore your creativity in the Art District next door to the dorm. With it’s towering walls decorated with former student’s works of art, you’re sure to feel those creative juices flow and become inspired to create some of your own.
  • Across the Quad from your dorm is the Science District. Collect samples from the surrounding area to splice and grow in our gorgeous Greenhouse and terrace.
  • In your free time, ‘The White Lotus’ basement terrace is a gorgeous place to grab some caffiene and sweets. Later in the evening, The Green Leprechaun Bar will be your new stomping ground. Mingle with your fellow nightowls and blow off some steam! Shop at the official campus bookstore for all of your supply and swag needs.

Windenburg University Majors

  1. Science (Skills : Logic - Programming)
  2. Art (Skills : Painting - Handiness - Photography)
  3. Media / Communication (Skills : Charisma - Photography)
  4. Physical Education (Skills : Fitness - Wellness)
  5. Drama (Skills : Charisma - Comedy - Singing)
  6. Business (Skills : Logic - Charisma)
  7. Culinary (Skills : Gourmet - Baking)
  8. History (Skills : Writing - Logic)

SHOW YOUR SCHOOL SPIRIT SWAG  by @vivificus-zombiae

And also new buy mode recolors (with various swatches each) :

Includes*… :

  • 4 base game top recolors (5 swatches each)
  • 5 new hairstyles
  • Puff chair (19 swatches)
  • “Hipster” style 3-piece living room seating set : couch, loveseat, armchair (5 swatches)
  • Matching area rug (10 swatches)

(*) Base Game Compatible.

TS2 > TS4 CONVERSIONS by @zx-ta

Includes 25 objects from The Sims 2 : FreeTime and Teen Style Stuff

Also includes a walls set !


Includes 16 new poses (more not in the preview)

Note :

Every items have been successfully playtested. For MAC users, you might encounters stuttering issues if your computer is running on an old version or with minimal requirements. For newest versions or PC users, no issues have been found.

Because the University is set as a lbrary, kids can possibly show up. It doesn’t happens a lot, but it could be annoying for some users. To prevent this, chose the lot trait “teens hangout”. Also, if you’ve Get Together, create a group of students and set up the campus as their favorite location. With both combine, you’ve a slim chance to have kids showing up, and if they do, they’ll leave pretty soon.


(Includes all the custom contents, the poses pack and the lot tray file)

We’re all so proud and happy to finally share our project. It was quite challenging but I think the wait finally worth it. Thanks for your support, your patience and ideas. Besides, I want to thanks all the person who’ve somehow participated on the project. No doubt I’ll do it again because it was such a great experience to share with amazing creators and you. Once again, happy simming and feel free to tag us or use the hashtag “windenburguniversity” if you’re using our creations !  -Red.

The Only Exception (Part 3)

Summary: AU. Reader is given the task of running a popular love advice internet show when her coworker is fired. Her cynical attitude toward love makes her offer some harsh advice, and more than a few hearts are caught in the aftermath. Will hers be one of them?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 3,523

Warnings: language, fluff, wishful thinking, hot firemen, sarcasm, cynicism, bad jokes, drinking, sad story retelling (mentions of death and loss)

A/N: Moving right along…and yes, I used a Keep Reading line. Also, shout out to @redgillan for making my day brighter.

Part - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10

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Promise (M)

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a/n: oh sweet lordie, here we go

warning(s): smut with a fluff ending. Nothing too too wild

theme: Baekhyun is the CEO of a mega corporation, and sometimes he gets so caught up in work that he forgets different events. Usually you didn’t mind too much, but today was different, because it’s your anniversary.

word count: 1.8k

You sighed, looking over at the clock again for seemingly the hundredth time. It was almost 10pm, he was almost 4 hours late. You had made dinner, gotten all dressed up, and were ready to have a romantic night with your boyfriend, Baekhyun for your 4 year anniversary.

Going into this relationship you knew there were gonna be times when he forgot about something you needed him to do, or a party you wanted to go to, or a multitude of other things, because of his work. This was the first time he had forgotten your anniversary though. At first you weren’t sure what to do. Should you call him? Should you just leave a note and go to a friend’s house?

“No, and no.” You thought to yourself. It finally came to you what the best course of action would be. You warmed up the food, packed it into a basket and headed to your car.

The building Baekhyun worked in stood tall in the dark night, lights still on in a couple offices here and there. He was on the top floor, on the far left, the lights were still on in the office. The receptionist let you up, and on the way you gave yourself a pep talk. He was your boyfriend, and you loved him more than anything. You knew it wasn’t his fault he forgot. He had been extremely stressed lately. Even if you were a bit mad, you understood.

His office was completely surrounded by glass, with both a view of the city and a view of the cubicles. It was completely empty besides him. You took a deep breath, smoothed out your skin tight dress, and walked in. His head popped up at the sudden entry, and a look of both delight and confusion was on his face.

“Y/N! What are you doing here?” He let out a sigh before speaking once more. “Did I forget something again?”

“What’s today’s date?” You asked, setting the basket down on the chair next to you.

“Well, it’s June 19th…it’s our anniversary. I’m so sorry Y/N, I can’t believe I forgot.” This realization caused pain in his voice. He got up and came to where you stood, locking you in a tight embrace. He pulled your face up to meet his, placing a soft kiss on your lips. There was a small smirk on his face when you broke.

“Let me make it up to you.”

He hoisted you up, pinning your back to the cold glass that made up the walls. You instinctively wrapped your legs around his waist. He kissed you again, rougher this time. The feeling was euphoric, easing your feelings of missing him. He took full dominance, leaving you weak in his arms. You were breathless when he finally stopped, and he let out a small laugh.

“Did I ever tell you how good this dress looks on you?”

“You have.” You replied.

“Well it looks so much better off of you.” He played with the bottom of the red material, lifting it up and off of you to reveal the lacey black underwear you had on underneath. He bit his bottom lip at the sight, which was as intoxicating to him as any alcohol. You were his cocktail, and he intended on enjoying every last bit of it.

His lips made contact with your neck, causing a soft moan to lowly escape from your lips. His hands roamed your body, caressing you in all the places he loved most. His hands were cold against your skin, sending shivers up your spine. Excitement for whatever was to happen next coated your sex by this point, which Baekhyun was quick to take notice to. His fingers ghosted over you, the intense teasing turning you on even more.

He wasn’t going to give you what you wanted that easily though. If there was one thing Baekhyun was good at, it was sweet, sweet torture. Bringing you just to the brink and leaving you a mess, and you knew that’s exactly what he intended on doing, especially considering how needy you were already being. Your hands were tangled in his jet black hair, softly pulling at it when he reached just the right spot on your neck, sending waves of pleasure through your body.

He kissed up and down your jaw, finally making his way back to your lips, which craved the feeling of his. In the midst of the kiss your hands made their way down to his shirt, methodically unbuttoning it until it hung loosely around him until he finally pushed it off.

He picked you up, walking over to his desk and gently laying you down on the dark wood, whilst never breaking the engagement your lips were in. He tasted of gin, which he usually drank sips of whilst in a meeting. The way he kissed you was usually spirituous enough, but this was an added sweetness this time that you very much enjoyed.

           He pressed his hips into yours, the feeling of his hardened erection causing another small moan to escape you. He laid his hands on your hips, keeping you two together. He wanted you to feel just how much he wanted you, and he also wanted the satisfaction of bringing you to the point where you had to beg him to fuck you. This you happily obliged to.

The glass room was filled with the sounds of moans, wet kisses and heavy breathing. The fact that anyone in the neighboring buildings could see you in such a state, eyes glazed over with lust, a light sheen of perspiration covering your body, and you hair strewn everywhere, was lewd and erotic. You had to admit that you enjoyed the promiscuity of being so intimate in such a public place.

He broke the kiss for a moment, taking in the sight of you laid upon his desk, eager to be touched by him, willing to let him do whatever he wanted. He licked his lips at the thought. His eyes made contact with the wet spot on your panties.

“Look at how wet you are, y/n. What do you want me to do about it?” His voice was coated with the intense lust that had been building within him. His expression was animalistic, like he wanted nothing more than to ravage you. Which was probably exactly what he wanted.

“Fuck me.” You said in a whispery voice.

“Babygirl you’re gonna have to be louder than that. Now, what is it you want me to do?” You pulled his face back down to meet yours.

“Fuck me.” You repeated, your voice louder and more commanding this time. “Hard.”

He wrapped an arm around your back and brought you up, and quickly unclasped your bra before laying you back down. He placed soft kisses on your collarbone, making his way all the way down your body. There was something so seductive about even this small action.

His fingers played with the waistband of your panties before quickly pulling them off and throwing them off to the side. There you were, completely naked in front of him, completely vulnerable, and he loved it. He undid his belt, removing his pants and underwear, letting his erection spring free. You bit your lip, so hard you thought you might’ve started bleeding.

He pulled you down so you hung slightly off the desk and placed himself at your entrance. Before you could even think he was inside of you, a loud moan exploding from the both of you. He tightened his grip around your hips, pushing you down as he thrusted in, ensuring he was as deep in you as possible. Your legs kept their grip on his waist.

    He went a little slow at first, almost in a teasing manner, as he knew how much you needed him. His paced quickened, and you pulled him in for a kiss as he did, trying to muffle your moans a bit, as they had gotten louder and louder the quicker he got.

Through heavy breaths you requested him to go a little harder.

“You think you can take that?”

“Don’t tease me Baekhyun.” You said in almost a growl. He smirked before adjusting to pound into you harder than he had ever done before. This was exactly what you needed, as he hit your g-spot, causing a scream of pleasure from you to fill the heavy hair of the room.

The intense euphoria of the way he was taking you provided a high you never wanted to come down from. His moans music to your ears. Your hands pulled at his hair, and when they weren’t there they were leaving scratches on his back that would surely remain there the next day, as a sign of the good time you two had.

You were coming close to your orgasm, which he knew as he went ever harder and ever faster, putting in the necessary work to make you feel as good as possible. Your body trembled as you hit your climax, soaking Baekhyun’s dick in your juices whilst your moans had hit their peak in volume.

He still had yet to orgasm himself, which gave you the opportunity to pleasure him yourself. He leaned against the desk whilst you dropped to your knees, licking your lips with excitement. At this point he was the needy one, and this shift in power enticed you. His hands tangled into your hair as he harshly thrusted into your mouth. The taste of both your juices and his precum stimulated your tastebuds.

Beautifully lustful obscenities fell from his lips in an almost poetic nature, mixed with calling you princess and telling you just how good you were making him feel. All of which was enough to fuel neediness within you again, but you help yourself back, wanting to focus on Baekhyun, who was throbbing inside you currently. You bobbed your head a little faster, and even brought the full length of him in your mouth.

A long, drawn out ‘fuck’ came from his mouth as he released himself inside you, the sound a satisfactory one to you, assuring you that you had done what you set out to do. He pulled you up, giving you a soft kiss before once again sitting you on the desk.

“I really am sorry I forgot though, y/n. I love you more than anything, I promise I’ll never forget again.” You chuckled, finding it absolutely adorable that the first thing he did was apologize.

“No no, don’t promise me that. Maybe you should forget a couple more times, if this is what I get for it.” He laughed this time, before kissing your forehead gently. The both of you gathered your clothes, dressing yourselves as if nothing had happened. Although the crumpled papers, and those that had fallen onto the floor would beg to differ.

“So, what did you make?” He asked, motioning over to the basket that still sat on the chair near the door.

“Oh, right, I almost forgot about that.You’ll love it, I promise.”

hope you enjoyed! feel free to leave more requests :)

Because When It’s Only Raining, It’s Better To Surrender. - Part 2

Cloudy Sky, It’s Still Raining

Author: @dylan-trash-tbh

Pairing: Stuart x Reader


Warnings: abusive relationship, swearing

A/N: PART TWO :) I hope you’ll like it. I’d love to hear what you guys are thinking about it.. 

Thanks again Piggie for being my partner in crime for this 🐷💕I freaking love you! @golddaggers



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Hey Seattle Peeps:  Want a Chocolate Bar?

So two things have happened recently:

1. I won a box of mixed chocolate bars from Animas Chocolate Company in a raffle, which is great, but more than I can reasonably consume.

2. I’m in the final prep for launching the Indiegogo campaign for Seattle Bites, the queer cryptid romace/swashbuckler/satire/it got out of hand and genres are BS anyhow book I’m writing, but I’m in need of some local help- Specifically, LOCATION SCOUTS.

So if any of my Seattle peeps want to answer some questions/maybe go take some pictures for me (I can research anything once I’ve got a name/address for it) and supply an address, I will mail you a lovely chocolate bar and a personal thank-you card from yours truly.  Locations needed are under the cut to avoid this being six miles long:

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title Bang Bang
summary The neon lights make me numb
pairing Itasaku
rating babies, close your eyes. racier than what i normally do. 

Part i | Part ii (here) | Part iii | Part iv | Part v | Part vi | Part vii | Part viii | Part ix | Part x | Part xi | Part xii | Part xiii | Part xiv | Part xv | Part xvi | Part xvii | Part xviii

The view from Victoria Peak was one of her favorite things about this city. Sakura clung to the metal barrier. The wind whipped at her cheeks and clothes, angry for a moment. And then calm again.

The entire island took on a strange gradient of glows. The bottom buzzed orange and warm as the streetlights beat back the darkness. And then came the high-rises growing from the concrete. Their many windows lit up florescent white and blue. She could pick out some of the nightclubs and parties even from here- the windows pulsing bright purples and greens. Last were the skyscrapers that reached like hands to the heavens. It almost looked like the clouds would snag against their pointed tops. 

In the distance, she could make out the dark skeletons of buildings still in progress. The strangely-shaped one by the harbor was of particular interest. Yakushi Kabuto had invested a significant amount of money into that project. Her boys were still looking into why.

“Aunt Cheng.”`

“I know,” Sakura said, pushing away from the barrier. 

“Uncle Hashirama is waiting,” Tenten reminded her, opening the back door of the car.

“We’ll stop by the restaurant and pick up some roast goose. He never gets mad when I come with food,” Sakura said. Tenten sighed as she got into the back with her.

“Honestly, you’re the only person I know who tests the Dragon Head’s patience,” she scolded half-heartedly. Zabuza chortled as he started the car and began driving. He took them through the long, winding road that spiraled down from Victoria Peak.

“I’m also the only female Red Pole, Tenten. I didn’t just get here by being a pretty face,” Sakura quipped in return.

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And now it is time for the second half of the 94 line, our amazing leader, my lowkey spirit animal who looked so cute at Jungkook’s graduation dinner, like the hair was niCe, the clothing was nice as always, it was just a really good look, very boyfriend material, Kim Namjoon aka Rap Monster aka joon

  • This is gonna feature a bit of father!joon bc I can’t resist (all of the father related posts are here) this is also gonna feature youtuber!joon (here)
  • Visuals are up first bc I got some images in my head and I need it
  • I’m gonna add in some blonde!joon bc have you ever seen blonde!joon in a suit it screams CEO!joon
  • Blonde!joon is such a nice look like whether it’s the blonde with the buzzed sides or the blonde with the fringe or even the grayish/silver blonde pretty much all the blonde shades on Namjoon have been incredible and I never get tired of it
  • Like he’s been blonde a few times and you’d think by now it wouldn’t really affect me like I should be used to it but nah it still hits me every time bc he looks s o good do you ever just see a picture of Namjoon and have to appreciate it for a minute bc he’s just so breath taking and then you remember that he has an amazing personality too like woW
  • But CEO!joon does change his hair color all the time, every few months, he’ll go to the office with a different color, he’s done pink, purple, blue, red, pretty much all the colors
  • Namjoon’s fashion is v v important to him, he likes to put in the time to make sure he’s looking niCE, he wants to make sure he’s representing his business well with his cute lil outfits
  • He switches it up when it comes to suits, he likes to keep the classic black suit with a white dress shirt for date nights and more personal events but his office suits are more varied, sometimes he’s got a dark blue suit (if anyone remembers the Epilogue concert teaser, you’ll know the exact look I’m talking about bc that look is entirely CEO!joon) sometimes it’s red or pink or white
  • Some days he’s got a tie, sometimes it’s a bow tie and on some days he just ditches the tie idea entirely (also side note I just thought of joon with a loosened up tie and a white dress shirt and the black dress pants and it’s just oh shi T)
  • He doesn’t always wear suits, it depends on why he’s going into the office, if he has a meeting or something more business related, he’ll wear a suit but if he’s just going in to check on the products or the employees or to design something, he’ll wear one of those amazing Kim Daily outfits
  • Okay so Namjoon is a fashion designer and his company grows s o much so quickly bc he’s got all of his subscribers supporting it and spreading the word
  • It starts off with him just showing some design sketches he’d made and then everyone was telling him he should sell them as merch and that they’d love to wear it and after a few weeks of thinking about it, he finally launches his first few shirts and coats and a scarf
  • He doesn’t expect too much from it but then everyone loves it and he sells out so quickly so he has to restock the following week and then soon he’s releasing more designs, more products, he gets some dresses and skirts and pants onto the site
  • Pretty soon, he’s starting an official fashion line and he becomes an official designer and he’s just s o happy bc he expected maybe one or two people to buy the original shirts and now here he is, the CEO of an extremely popular fashion company
  • Now he’s got his own office, he’s got people calling him and asking him to dress their celebrity clients for awards shows, he’s got his collections in fashion shows around the world
  • He started off in this tiny apartment in LA, making random videos about his day and now he’s got so many different stores all around the world selling his clothes
  • He’s starting to work on building his own store in LA but since his bby girl was born a few months ago, he puts it on the back burner bc she’s his top priority
  • His office would have a view of LA, similar to his old apartment, he gets to look out at night and see all of the lights come on and it’s really beautiful
  • His office is a bit messy bc he has sketches everywhere, he’s got fabric swatches hanging off of everything, he’s got color swatches, notebooks, pens, glues everything he needs to design
  • The furniture is all really modern, they don’t have the typical angles like the bookshelf looks like a giant Tetris piece but he makes sure everything is still functional and he gets really protective over bby girl when she visits the office bc she’s in that exploring phase that most toddlers have so she wants to see what’s up with the book case but that’s a real easy way for her to bump her head on it
  • It happened once and Namjoon felt s o bad bc she was crying and kept rubbing at her head and it was obvious that it hurt pretty damn bad and he just kept giving her head gentle kisses and he had to give her five pieces of chocolate before she’d calm down, after that day, he doesn’t let her out of his sight around the office
  • Okay but head canon that Namjoon has fashion collections for both of his bbys, he designs a bunch of kids’ clothing bc he figures it’s time for an actual collection since people have been asking for it forever
  • He makes a video about it for his channel and he has bby girl and bby boy model the clothes and he’s giggling behind the camera the entire time as they’re “strutting” down their “runway” and posing and he can’t stop smiling bc those are his munchkins looking so proud to represent their father’s clothes
  • He’s also got several collections based off of you, the very first one he did, he actually spent a really long time designing it and getting every detail right and he gets s o fucking happy whenever he sees you wearing anything he made but especially when it’s the collection he made for you
  • He even lets them design a few things and they’re actually pretty cute so he makes them one of a kind clothing so they get to wear their own designs
  • He’s makes a lot of custom clothes for bby girl and bby boy like a lil jacket with “Kim #~″ on the back (you and joon are #1 and #2, bby girl is #3 and bby boy is Kim #4)
  • He takes this one picture for Instagram where all of you are wearing your jackets bc he’s proud as fuck of his cute family
  • “My Kims”
Nice to Meet You -4-

A/N: I’ve been in the middle of finals which is why I’ve been gone for so long :( sorry

Your accounting firm was in a large building situated nicely in downtown Gotham. Its location made for a beautiful view of the Gotham skyline as well as a dangerous journey home for anyone who didn’t watch their surroundings at night. Your bosses were pretty lenient as well. You supposed they fancied themselves the ‘modern’ sort. They opted for a set up without cubicles and instead built office floors with standing desks and the occasional bean bag chair, and kept the kitchen stocked with an abundance of free-trade artisan coffee.

As you leaned carefully on of the thick glassed window-walls that allowed you to see the skyline, you flicked through your phone. Taking a sip of the cardboard cupped latte in your hand, you opened your Instagram app. Camille had been officially on maternity leave for two days, and while from the pictures she posted showed that she couldn’t have been happier, you were slightly miserable. It wouldn’t be right to say you were completely lonely, you’d gotten used to being alone and dealing with the reality of the alienated city life, but it was her that you missed. More accurately what you missed was quietly giggling to each other while the two of you people watched, mostly in a judgmental fashion. It was all in good fun for the most part through, most of the people that worked on your floor you liked. You may not have been the most social person, but you appreciated the fact that many here would have been willing to listen if you had told them your problem.

You feel your lips pull down in a pout as another picture of Camille and her husband pops up on screen, this time his large hand placed lovingly on her rounded belly while she kissed his cheek and slyly peeked at the camera.

“All right, this is sickening,” you say as you hastily put your phone to sleep and slip it into the pocket of your blue blazer.

You turn your gaze out to the window again as you sip your coffee. Your eyes scan over the tall skyscrapers and then something out of the ordinary clicks in your mind. A familiarity works its way to the front of your brain while the word weaves itself deftly to the back.



It was involuntary really, the contact that your free palm made with your forehead, but well deserved.

“Oh, I’m an idiot.”


Majority of the time Bruce Wayne would say that he tried his best to run his company, well as well as he could, given his double life.  He remembered the names of his secretaries for the most part, but he supposed that was from doing thorough background checks on the people whom worked so close to his office rather than actually caring anything about them personally. The people whose names that he couldn’t quiet remember he would greet with a charming smile and enough attention throughout the year that many of his employees thought that working for Bruce Wayne “wasn’t so bad.” He even did his best to keep his eyes open during board meetings, he didn’t succeed most of the time but he always gave an effort.

However, there was one thing that he could care less about, paperwork. Hold up in lavish office, with a stack of files that needed his signature or documents that needed proper reviewing, he could not begin to give one iota of a fuck about what they said. In fact, for the past ten minutes he’d been hypnotized by the bouncing screensaver on his computer, something that he found vastly more appealing than the work he had to do.

So, it was a relief when he felt the vibration of his cellphone on his thigh. He pulled the phone from his pocket and felt his brow furrow at the unknown number, however he answered it anyway.


“So, you’re a pretty big deal, aren’t you?”

His eyes widened at the voice before he let and easy smile slide its way across his lips. When he left the coffee shop the other night he hadn’t been expecting a call, and was happy that he hadn’t given his number out in vain.

“Oh, what makes you say that?”

“Your big stupid name plastered on the tallest skyscraper in the middle of downtown Gotham.”

“Oh, so you noticed that, did you?” he said as he leaned back in his computer chair, paperwork forgotten. “If it makes it better, I didn’t design the building this way. My dad did.”

“So, then your dad was the egomaniac.”


“Hmm, and you willingly admit this?”

“I’m not one to hide things about my family.”

“What about yourself?”

“That’s a completely different story.”

“I Imagine, maybe I can work out some of the things you’d like to hide about yourself over dinner.”

He stood up and left his desk, slightly startled by the forwardness of the suggestion.

“Why not?”

“Good you can pick me up from work, I get off at 6.”

“You aren’t going to tell me where to pick you up from?”

“Use that brain of yours. I told you what I do and you know that I can see you or your building at least, it shouldn’t be that hard.”

The smirk was so present in tone that the only way that it could have been more real would have been if he could see it in person.

“Let’s see then.”


Bruce walked over to one of the large paned windows that opened to give him a more than lovely view of the city. While there were many accounting firms that dotted the city, there were few that garnered an unobstructed view of Wayne Enterprises. He caught the glimpse of a building that laid off to the right. A tall dark building decorated with gargoyles on its ledges. Ledges that he had often used to het a vantage point on the city. He also recognized it from a time when his father took him their when he was younger. Wayne Enterprises had its own accountants but Thomas Wayne had taught him the need to interact with the establishment, if only so you don’t piss them off.

“You don’t seem like the type of person who’d work out at Wessler and Burns,” He said with a hint of playfulness in his voice. “To many suits.”

“You’re right. I went in for an interview and I left with a restraining order. They call for new blood but when that blood has a cleavage the old farts can’t seem to keep their eyes to themselves. No offense, I know you’re not too far behind in the age range.”

“I’m wondering if I should be offended. The youngest person with any value there is sixty.”

“What are you? Fifty-Five?”

“I’m definitely wondering if we should be going on this date.”

“Don’t worry Bruce, I’m sure your old bones to can keep up with this young’un.”

“The question is can you keep up with me?”

“Who knows, I’ve been out of practice for a while.”

“Don’t worry I haven’t.”

“You old dog,” she said with chuckle in her voice, “Have you figured it out yet?”

“I think so,” he stated as his eyes caught a glimpse at relatively new building that faced his own.

“Good, because my break is over and flirting with an old man doesn’t pay the bills.”

“I imagine it doesn’t”

“Bye Bruce.”


The phone hung up.

Carlisle and Preston accounting was a young firm for the city, having been there for about two years. It had sprung up on the west coast about ten years ago, and with an unusual swiftness for an accounting firm, opened multiple branches up and down the coast. This branch was the first on the east coast, and had likely brought Bruce Wayne’s date with it to the city. He’d found their unusual productivity strange, but there was nothing obvious or seemingly hidden that could be attributed to the success of the firm. Research had only turned up, that the CEOs Michael Carlisle and Jonathan Preston, regularly showed up at firms across the country and interacted as much as they could with their clients on a personal level. A relaxed working environment dedicated to the needs of the needs of workers in the 21st century made the seemingly boring profession more ‘sexy.’

He leaned against his car, parked in front of the entrance of the building, hoping to catch a glimpse of the form that captured his interest.

“So, you actually found it with your old man eyes.”

The snarky familiar voice caught his attention as he saw the woman that he had been waiting for. He looked to his right and saw her approach, seemingly coming from a side exit rather than the front entrance.

“Well, my building is the tallest in the city so even I can see something.”

She smiled and then he noticed that her eyes flicked over his outfit.

“I hope we aren’t going anywhere too fancy I am slightly underdressed.”

He looked at her, blue blazer with a white blouse and jeans to match. If he took her to any of his usual establishments she would stick out like a sore thumb, they’d think he took her out as a charity case.

“True,” he said thinking about their situation.

“There’s not an Olive Garden in Gotham, is there?”

“What is that?”

She stared at him blankly, eyebrow raised lips quirked down at the ends.

“You may be too rich for me.”

“That has never been a problem for me.”

“I imagine,” she said with a roll of her eyes. “Listen, for now coffee will be our thing. And over said coffee we will eat small pastries and half-cooked microwaved breakfast sandwiches while I extol you the value of cheap carb loaded cardboard tasting Italian food and the like.”

“Sounds thrilling.”

“Trust me, when I’m done with you you’ll be addicted to breadsticks the same way most of middle America is.”

“That doesn’t seem factu-”

“Shhh, don’t question it,” She said as she made her way to the passenger side of his car. “Just let it happen.”

Prompt #172 - After Work

ANON: Owen sends Claire extremely dirty texts KNOWING she’s in a late night meeting

ANON: Can you write about Claire riding Owen’s face. Pretty please.

You. Guys. Will. Kill. Me. 

I love it. A little.

AO3 - To Build a Home


She was watching the sun set over the city from the high rise view of her office building. The end of month financials were almost her favourite and her least liked meetings under her array of compulsory tasks. The only reason why she enjoyed it had everything to do with the view.

Claire watched the sky split into a multitude of colours until her phone buzzed in her hand, drawing her attention away for a split second so she could check the notification. It had to be Owen, she expected it to be him, letting her know he was heading home from the construction site they were calling their dream property. He was back at their small rental, text complaining that it was strange to find her not there but that he wouldn’t wait for her to get home to eat. There was no use, she was set to be stuck for another three hours and Owen wasn’t the kind of guy who could keep himself awake for that long.

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The recently completed 102-story Empire State Building (Shreve, Lamb & Harmon, 1931), with its empty office space completly illuminated in this night view looking southeast from the top of Continental Building, in 1932. Buildings are foreground are the 1400 Broadway and Bricker Casino Building (both of Ely Jacques Kahn, 1931). 

Photo: Samuel H. Gottscho.

Source: Donald Albrecht. “The Mithic City. Photographs of New York by Samuel H. Gottscho, 1925-1940” (New York. Museum of the City of New York-Princeton Architectural Press. 2005).


V. O. Hammon Publishing Co. booklet, “Souvenir of Minneapolis in Colors”, 1910s. 

 - Bird’s Eye View
- Minnehaha Falls
- Calhoun Boulevard
- St. Anthony Falls
- Hotel Radisson
- Scene at Lake Minnetonka
- St. Marks Episcopal Church
- Powers Mercantile Co.
- Minneapolis Court House and City Hall
- Steel Arch Bridge and Union Depot
- Old Block House, Fort Snelling
- Nicollet Avenue West From Sixth Street
- Nicollet Avenue at Night
- Minkhada Golf Club
- Stevens House
- New Roman Catholic Pro-Cathedral
- Minnesota State Soldier’s Home
- Hotel Nicollet
- Metropolitan Life Building
- Park Bridge No. 1
- Minnehaha Falls
- Minnesota State Capitol Building
- Donaldson’s Glass Block
- The Anchorage, Lake Calhoun
- Milling District By Moonlight in Winter
- Hotel Dyckman
- Typical Building in Wholesale District
- Stone Arch Bridge
- Milling District
- West High School
- Nicollet Avenue East From Sixth Street
- View Along Harriet Boulevard
- Pier at Shady Island, Lake Minnetonka
- Shubert Theatre
- Masonic Temple
- Racetrack at Minnesota State Fair Grounds
- Public Library
- Auditorium Building
- Post Office Building
- General View of the University of Minnesota
- Bridal Veil Falls
- West Hotel
- Security Bank Building
- Bridge Over the Mississippi River at Fort Snelling
- Folwell Hall and Physical Laboratory
- Plymouth Building
- Seventh Street North from Nicollet Avenue
- Loring Park Showing Hotel Plaza
- New Bridge Over Mississippi River at Fort Snelling
- Minnehaha Falls in Winter

Night view looking north of Midtown Manhattan from Empire State Building. Fall, 1968. 

Rockefeller Center’s original Art Deco’s buildings (The Associated Architects: Reinhard & Hofmeister; Corbett, Harrison & MacMurray; Raymond Hood, Godley & Fouilhoux; Edward Durrell Stone, 1931-1940) dominated by 70-story R.C.A. Building (Associated Architects, 1933) are on the center. The new Avenue of the Americas’ modern glass office skyscrapers are at left with the new 45-story Interchem Building (Emery Roth & Sons, 1969), at 1133 Avenue of the Americas, nearly completion, at foreground, and the new 50-story Burlington House Building (Emery Roth & Sons, 1969) under construction at background. The 58-story Art Deco’s 500 Fifth Avenue tower (Shreve, Lamb & Harmon, 1931) and the new 50-story-modern General Motors Building (Edward Durrell Stone-Emery Roth & Sons, 1968) are at right.

Photo: Verdon/Fotogram.

Source: Thomas Page. “New York”. Genéve. Minerva, 1976.


“final appeal” by hugo poon
Via Flickr:
(Do click the image to view large) Court of Final Appeal Building and HSBC Main Building, Chater Road, Central, Hong Kong

Something weird I’ve noticed…

Okay so I work probably walking distance from wherever this is meant to be taken from. That’s the London 02 Arena in back of him, so yes he’s in London. 

However, I have no idea how he could snap this photo as from where he is there’s pretty much only office buildings and maybe a couple restaurants? Liam’s flat is near the O2 but there’s a rooftop bar there that I’ve been to and again there’s no way this photo could have been taken from that building. This is a view of the O2 (at night lit up) from that bar:

As someone who literally spends every day in this area I have no idea where this is meant to be.  Here’s what the O2 looks like from above:

You can see that his photo is taken with his back to this direction since the Air Emirates line (a gondola thing) is in the background, but there’s not a lot of places he could be standing in order to get his exact shot unless he’s in a helicopter. 

I mean, I doubt he’s a stranger to photoshop and I honestly don’t see why in the world he’d go out of his way to photoshop something like this, but all I’m saying is that this is my stomping ground and it’s puzzling. 


HAPPY BIRTHDAY tearitar!!!!!!! i’m so sorry this is late it’s been a little hectic lately with the work function+vacation BUT ITS FINALLY FINISHED

tanya requested TEAMWORK, COMPETENCY, AND KISSIN’ ON A MISSION. here is the result

also thank u tomioneer for the proofreading u are an angel from heaven


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Ugly Sweater

Just barely sliding in this contribution to @madgesundersee‘s 12 Days of Gadge celebration (it’s still Day 10 in my time zone!). 

Day 10: Mistletoe or Mistake

Madge was not a morning person. But her new boss was, and he wanted his “team” (ugh) in the office when he arrived, which meant Madge had to drag herself into work long before she was ready to deal with humanity. In the elevator each morning at 6:55 a.m., she felt like declaring war against every single other passenger for taking up space and pressing buttons for all the floors standing between her and Floor 48.

Coffee helped her cope. And so did the Elevator Hottie.

She first noticed him one morning when the woman standing next to her unthinkingly swung her gym bag into Madge’s side, which shoved her into the guy standing next to her.

“You all right?” he asked, steadying her.

She nodded, eyes locked on her triple grande nonfat latte to be sure it hadn’t spilled. Then she glared at the woman with the weaponized gym bag who was now busy obliviously pushing her way out of the elevator.

“Sorry,” she muttered to the guy, retreating back into her own space, though not before noticing how good he smelled: earthy and spicy at the same time. Clean. He was easy on the eyes, too, with tousled dark hair, killer cheekbones, and a wiry frame. She guessed he was about her age, a plus.

He gave her a polite, restrained smile and returned to staring sternly straight ahead over the heads of the other elevator passengers.

Sipping her coffee, Madge watched him and tried to guess where he worked. He wasn’t wearing a suit (promising), just khakis and a striped button-down shirt under a rain jacket that looked like it could protect him in a hurricane. Maybe he was a skier? Snowboarder?

He must have felt her studying him, because he turned his head and gave her a quizzical look.

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imnotoverlyobsessive  asked:

Anything Hiccstrid, really. Or another one of your originals (I have Similies bookmarked on my phone). I'm not picky, everything you write is amazing

I was so touched by your request for something original that I accidentally wrote nine thousand words in eight hours. This is probably really stupid compared to Similes cause that’s the only decent thing I’ve ever written, but I wrote this for you and you can blame supper for this. 

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