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How do open snoot??? I have so many problems when it comes to drawing open mouthed critters/expressions!! I just can't wrap my mind around how open snouts work with the skull or the circles I use for the skull anyhow.. Do you have any advice on this??

 I’M GONNA TRY MY BEST TO EXPLAIN THIS because, man i feel u but at the same time I know very little about the technical anatomy when it comes to skulls ;;

Let’s do a sorta above ¾ view for this rlly quick, when I start out, I always like to establish one part of the snout at a time, instead of trying to just DIVE RIGHT IN. So I start by putting vague upper muzzle shapes here, just to get the direction goin’

NOW WE GOTTA GIVE THIS THING A LOWER JAW to help keep it symmetrical, I like to pull the lines from the corners of the upper lips. DON’T BE AFRAID TO OVERLAP, OVERLAPPING IS IMPORTANT IN GENERAL BUT ESPECIALLY WHEN DRAWING OPEN MUZZLES LIKE THIS!! See that line that goes from the upper right corner of the lip and through the top half of the muzzle? I basically use that as my guide to keep from pulling the jaw too far out, or too far in. Don’t worry if it looks a bit like they have an underbite either, depending on the angle, perspective will do likes to fuk with ur brain a bit

OKAY NOW we’re bringing back the overlapping line because chins are still hard for me to draw and I change how i do it constantly but this is a good method to get a chin that doesn’t thrust too much outwards or inwards (unless that’s the specific jaw shape you were going for with ur character, then by all means do so!!! ) bring the line from the further corner of the eye, form the cheek, and bring it down (overlapping over the top jaw as we are wont to do) and bring it AROUND TOWN. You see here that it’s kinda boxy and I could probably curve that line some more to give a more slender look but w/e IT WORKS WITH MOST SHAPES

if you’re referring to something like the BND draw I posted recently, it’s pretty much a similar course of action, so let’s use this  asshole as an example because his mouth is obnoxiously wide when it’s open 

Start off with the upper jaw, again, it’s easier to piece these things together vs trying to shove all the shapes together at once (for me it is anyways) 

i’m doing this from profile view this time but you can see the overlapping lines still work!! I roughly places where the otherside of the upper corner of the lip would be on the side we don’t see and used that to help me get an idea of how far down the lower jaw is gonna go~! Don’t worry, it’s gonna look awkward most of the time  and it’s a perfect chance to go in and fix the length of the upper/lower jaw before you start adding in deets like the tongue and teeth! <:

there we go!!!! looks a lot less awkward LOL

you can also do something like this if ur feeling kinda toony (it’s really fun, simple yet effective!)

It can work for a lot of different styles, from realism to toony to my stupid doodles i do a lot when being a Serious Artist ™ is just 2 much for me :^)


James the Vagabond Guy

James Haywood is the most famous and talented models in Los Santos. Fans scramble for his autograph when they see him. His face is on half the billboards in the city, selling everything from colognes to underwear to gnome themed sweaters (a poor decision was made by an agent that no one can find now). He’s the perfect man, dreamy and smart. Often seen with Meg Turney, a former news anchor turned actress, rumors have it that the two may even be in an on again off again relationship.

The Vagabond’s face is a black skull. Viewed throughout the city as a harbinger of death and destruction, citizens scramble away when they see him. His mask is plastered on half the wanted posters across the city, listing only height, weight, and a rumor that his allies have called him “Ryan”. His contacts focus around the Fake AH crew and their various associations, with occasional forays with the Know Crew. If demanded to name a partner in crime, most LSPD would name Dollface. The siren of destruction also has no true face shown on her photos, just a silver mask covering a make up disguised face and wrapped around hair that seems to be a different color everyday.

Ryan Haywood lives two lives. To the LSPD he is the Vagabond, a visage that to most Los Santosians brings fear and means the end is near. To his agent, admirers, and even some of said friends that know his other side, he is also James. A beautiful face with a sharp wit and intelligence that can occasionally move to fast for his mouth to keep up. His closest confidant is Meg AKA Dollface. Though they are not together, and have little interest in being so, they are partners through and through. To his friends he’s known as Ryan, the weird guy on the crew who never takes off his mask but still somehow managed to down cases of Diet Coke. The crew member who occasionally can be flaky when it comes to being on time for missions. The friend who a penchant for incredibly morbid humor. The ally who’s face they’ve never seen but still trust whole heartedly as a member of their family.



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Marked Souls

Second of my new Soulmate au stories.

Tag list: @rabidwrestlingfan @wrestlingnoob @anonwriter-lady @somehow-lovable-trash

Warnings: None. I was a good girl.

Summary: Everyone is born with a birthmark that is a clue to their soulmate’s identity. You’d always known who your soulmate was, but you never thought you’d actually find yourself face-to-face with him.

Word Count: 1246


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hey! are there any distinctive features to look out for when telling dog and fox skulls apart? love your work!!!

Hi Anon! Thank you for the kind words! <3

Foxes have much smaller, thinner, and more delicate snouts than domestic dogs do. Domestic dogs almost always have more of a dished snout that foxes too and domestic dogs are always thicker/wider through the brow and muzzle than foxes. Foxes also have much pointier postorbital processes (those small protrusions of bone over the eye-sockets) than dogs do. 

Here are three red foxes in profile. Notice that they all have a relatively straight slope down the snout.

Here are three generic domestic dog skulls. Notice that they all have a dip down from the forehead towards the snout. That dish is found in the majority of domestic dog skulls.

Domestic Dog & Red Fox together in profile.

And viewed from above. See how much wider the dog skull is through the brow and muzzle compared to the fox?

Now sometimes you will come across a dog without much of a dish to its snout like the one in the photo below.

But when you look at it from above notice how wide across it is at the brow and how much thicker the muzzle is than the fox’s. Still very obviously a domestic dog skull.

Grey foxes are very distinctive with their U-shaped sagittal crests which no domestic dogs have so they are pretty easy to ID.

Hope that helps! Best of luck and thanks for the message, Anon!

I flopped onto my bed, it’s hard and old, as if the mattress was made of straws packed and tied together, but it was familiar, I’ve slept on this bed for years since I was but a teenager. I hid my face into my pillow–a deflated cheap goose feather pillow that smelled like salt–and I sighed into it.

Soft breeze circulated inside my room, I heard the light bulb flicker as if a storm was raging outside but I was just outside and the weather was fine. Then the light went out, my curtains flapped close, and the temperature in my room dropped a couple of degrees.

They’re here. I turned around, now laying on my back, eyes closed because I just couldn’t be assed to open them again for the rest of the evening. I felt long slender fingers combing my hair, the skin was neither warm nor cold, void of temperature, and yet the touch was gentle. It was eerily comforting that I sighed to it.

“Bad day?” asked the owner of those fingers, their voice low and raspy, laced with a strange motherly tone. That tone was not present when I first met them.

“Mm…” was my only answer.

“You poor thing,” they cooed, their void fingers now cupping my face and caressing my cheeks. I allowed my eyes to open lazily, just so I could view their chalky alligator skull sitting oddly on their shadowy lanky figure. Their hollow eye holes stared deeply into my eyes, I can feel them studying me, studying my mind. “What a mess inside,” they remarked, their thumbs massaged my temples.

“I thought you got rid of it last week,” I whined, even though I very much enjoyed their massage on my temples. I’ve went to many massage parlors and this monster that I accidentally freed when I broke my great-great-great-great-grandfather’s heirloom old watch did much better job than those professional masseuses.

“I never said I got rid of it completely, as much as I want to. It’s not something I can erase, but I can clean it up, like the dust on your window sill.”

“You said ‘it’s all gone’, you big liar,” I whined some more but face leaned into one of their hands. It has no temperature, sure, but at the moment, it felt warm.

“Forgive my choice of words, then. I didn’t mean to lie, not to my dear one.” Their hands held my face closer and I could feel the tip of his snout nuzzling my forehead. “I’ll clean it again, would you like that?”

“Yes please.”

And they were quick to do their work. I felt what was like tiny rubber tubes being inserted into my brain coming from the tips of their slender fingers. I felt them tapped into the darkness in my mind and as soon as it touched this disgusting grime in my head, the tubes started sucking it out, draining it. I gasped, I was reminded of something that pained me that I teared up, but they cleaned up immediately and I felt their soft tongue lapping over my eye to wipe my tear. And moments later, I forgot what made me cry, and I felt their fingers left me.

I opened my eyes to watch them pull out a squiggly stringy jumble of pulsating black mass out of my head and proceeded to munch it whole in one bite. They tapped their belly before leaning back in and licked me on my cheek. “There you go, I hope you’re feeling better.”

“But it will return again. You said it won’t disappear completely.”

“No, but I will be there and clean it for you again. I am, after all, an eternal creature, eternally devoted to only you.” Their body slithered under my blanket, draping it over my body at the same time as they lied down beside me. They sleep on their chest, hugging the pillow, and I nestled against their side. “You might get sick of it returning constantly, and that is fine, but just remember that you have me and I’ve never failed you even once, haven’t I?”

No, they haven’t, that is true. And I have to remind myself that I am lucky to have them always by my side, cleaning my darkness when it bothers me.


The Phantom Thieves: Here to take your Heart

And they totally got mine.I fell in love with Persona 5 and it’s Art style and I just had to draw the whole gang. The black line was actually supposed to line up but I kinda screwed that up.

You can view all the drawings seperately here:
Akira/Joker - Ryuji/Skull - Ann/Panther - Morgana/Mona - Yusuke/Fox - Makoto/Queen - Futaba/Navi - Haru/Noir - Goro/Crow

This took a good amount of time but it was alot of fun! Not 100% happy with some of them but I can take that. Hope you guys enjoy it!


Intimate portraits of skulls inside Manchester Museum

I haven’t had much time to work on anything big recently due to university coursework and exam prep, so I decided to create this one day project focused on capturing the essence of the skull collection at Manchester Museum. I have been suffering with health problems recently so I have become fascinated by human body, especially how it has evolved over time. 

I knew about the skull collection from previous trips to the museum; it is my main outlet for first hand reference as it is local to me (the museum is integrated into the University of Manchester’s main campus along Oxford Road). I didn’t have time to arrange a private viewing with the skulls nor do I think they would have removed a permanent exhibit just for me to photograph, so I had to just work with the displays set-up.

On first glance the conditions would appear less than ideal: poor lighting, glass, many things clustered together and people constantly getting in the way. However, the majority of these hassles were taken care of in-camera by switching to high-contrast BW mode and turning down exposure compensation. The result is a black background which hides most of the other clutter and accentuates the corse details of each skull, giving a haunting insight into the past.

At the time i was primarily focused on human skulls but the single horse skull also caught my eye so I chose to include it also. All pictures only have minor touch-ups done in post to remove small glass reflections, everything else is done in camera.

The success of this photography project has lead me to draw up plans for a much bigger, mixed media project which I am going to develop over the summer, this time focusing on the cardiovascular system.