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A happy birthday present- from me, to you! Well. And to me. Because hell this is super self indulgent even as doodle comics go, but had to get some of that hype out of me regarding the reboot.

This is part one- Part two can be read here!


i just found out this existed?????? and im Freaking Out

The zine is almost complete!! Layouting is 80-90% done; we just need to fill in some pages and add some final details after.

We also need to update the contributors’ profiles! It’s been around six months since we first made our starter call, and participants’ urls, info, etc. may have changed since then.

Here’s a Google Doc with everyone’s names, sites, blurbs, etc. as they were submitted in the initial sign-up sheets. They’re arranged in alphabetical order and are also paired with each participant’s assigned fairytale. Participants: please look through the Doc then tell us right away if there’s something that needs to be changed or corrected! Shoot us an ask or send an IM to Mod Jyushi (@jyushimatsu-falls-in-love) so we can edit the changes into the zine proper!

We need everyone’s cooperation so that the zine could be released as soon as possible! Thank you!! ♥

Mortal AU. Nico di Angelo is the kind of teacher most parents would at first be wary of up until they’ll realize that he’s an excellent judge of character. He can’t blame them though, what with his usual get up of ‘leave me alone’ he doesn’t really scream teacher.

So when the parents insisted on having another person to help him take charge for a class sleepover, he had no choice but to agree.

Will Solace meanwhile did not agree to babysitting his younger siblings’ class during a sleepover. He was supposed to be out with his friends but he got roped into watching over kids anyway.

Well, at least the young teacher is a good enough view.

oh also I messed about with the RGB/gemstone crossover thing (his weapon is a hook with a chain on it if that wasn’t clear too bad I’m too lazy to draw chain links all the time)

too busy/tired to go any further with this one but maybe I’ll do something decent for Arthur and Mesi’s at the weekend

because fun \o/

dopplegoners  asked:

So I keep seeing that Nathan Vetterlein go around, and I really want people to know that he has a YouTube channel. His channel is called Unkemptpubes. He doesn't really post anymore but the stuff on there is great. I hope you can somehow get that info out. As I'm not popular enough to do so.

Because we all need more Nathan Vetterlein in our lives - 

Nathan Vetterlein’s Youtube comedy channel - Unkemptpubes

His Facebook page for his comedy channel - Unkempt Pubes

His Twitch Stream Highlight channel on Youtube - ChiliofDestiny

His Twitch - also ChiliofDestiny

His Twitter -  also also ChiliOfDestiny

If you’re a fan of Nathan Vetterlein, Scout’s VA, then you might want to check some of these links out.

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I was just looking at your writing team and I couldn't find any female writers, I realize it's probably harder to find than males interested in fallout, I just wanted to make sure that people playing with a female protag won't be an afterthought. sorry if this is off-base.

Don’t worry, it won’t be!  Speaking as one of the female members of the dev team, I assure you, this is something we are being careful about.  Loudly, when necessary.

(And to be honest, our writer list may be a touch out of date, since while I’m primarily on level design, I’m working on the writing side of the house as well.)

Just so you know

((We 100% are willing to signal boost original content here! Songs, writing and art is totally fine and we would love to promote you. We have a have a large audience and helping our fellow fans out would be something we would be happy to do!

We only ask that if it is fanart or fanfic that you keep it PG13 and preferably ship free. Its not that we don’t LOVE ships, its just that we are trying to stay neutral and lighthearted content wise.

So, so long as the content fits and is appropriate, we would love to help your work get some extra views!))

-Mod Jay