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Done for @charlesoberonn‘s prompt on his discord art server: “Draw an unlikely crossover“

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This is a crossover of Persona and Mystic Messenger, in that I have assigned the main characters major Arcana, like in Persona’s Social Links/Confidants.

This took me about 3 days to complete, and I’m super proud of the result! Up next should be either MC or Jaehee~!

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Hey! In a previous ask you mentioned that how Elio deals with Marzia is "rage inducing" aha. I haven't seen anyone talk about that relationship, could you explain it more?

yeah, happily! i’m surprised more folks haven’t been talking about it since for me, it was one of the most powerful relationships in the film.

one of my favorite parts about seeing the book adapted is that you don’t have elio’s claustrophobic and unrealizable narration dictating your view of his company. you’re able to see oliver’s emotions and marzia’s emotions.

she is really guarded with him in the film: she clearly likes him but isn’t trying to get with a fuckboy and repeatedly keeps her distance, asking him if he’s only interested in her because oliver is interested in chiara. she tells him she doesn’t want to let him hurt her, etc. and he just!! goes for it anyway!! spends the entire day leading up to his night with oliver hooking up with her. she seems clear enough that she’s not just in it for fun, that she cares really deeply about elio and he’s just disingenuous and cruel to her, imo. it’s not about like, exploring the boundaries of his sexuality, or at least that doesn’t excuse his behavior for me. he knowingly leads her on and manipulates her and uses her when he’s feeling not-so-confident about oliver. and then, after ghosting on her for like a week, she finally approaches him and asks where he’s been. he gives her a weak ass excuse (“i’ve been working… just really busy”) and she asks, finally and outright, “am i your girl?” and he SHRUGS. and, heartbroken, she cycles off.

at the end of the film they make up, or at least she’s gracious enough to forgive him for being a fuckboi… but i ain’t. moral of the story is trust no 17 year old boy they’re all emotionally stunted


“All my life, I’ve been nothing but a doormat. But now…” 

“It’s time for me to put my foot down.”

Phew! Gee whiz, this took me a long time. This is inspired by a little bit of an idea for an AU in which my OC, the Module and Android Design (MAD) Core, gets put in control of the facility. This was really fun to draw, even though it practically crushed my back the whole time. 

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A club I’m in had us listen to a random song then put down the colors you felt fit the song. I didn’t need to go this far, but hey. Why not?

The song I got was Comes in Waves by Psychologist, and I got a very melancholic vibe from it. As such, I chose more blues, greys, and blacks.

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From the article you just posted: "Even if that doesn’t happen, it’s as great a time as any to listen to “Kids,” a forceful, innovative song which stands in relation to “… Ready for It?” as grasping a ripe, freshly picked orange does to viewing a hi-res digital photograph of a glass of Sunny Delight." BUUUURN!

I love that line. She is soooooo a warm glass of SunnyD 😂