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Victuuri goes Amsterdam~ 

I saw this post about a world collaboration to draw Viktor and Yuri in your own country and thought it was a really cool idea, so I drew them on a bike date along the canals of Amsterdam! It was a good way to challenge myself to doing a full background.

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Greetings from Alola!

After the Lads go through Kalos, they decide to vacation in the Alola region, long term favorite vacation spot of Michael’s family.

Here’s the computer background to celebrate me hitting 7k followers! My AH Pokemon AU won the poll I held. Thanks for helping me hit my year-end goal! 💖💖💖💖💖

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Some older anime themed valentine cards for you to share digitally or print out! I had so much fun making ones last year, I decided to do it again. (And this year I even remembered to post them BEFORE Valentine’s day! lol). Click on each image to view them full size to save, or download the full sheet to print them out all at once! Enjoy! 😘


After the great divide, the people of the land abandoned their ability to cross, eventually forgetting how to do so entirely. The people of the astral realm on the other hand, their memories of the strife still remained. Distant and distorted, yes, but not forgotten.

As for what became of the gods?

No one ever found out.


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A prelude to Spiritfolk, a headworld/story that’s still in massive development and probably won’t be finished until several years from now. I thought I’d get a little bit of the lore out in the meantime though.


The Aslaug Appreciation Vikings Countdown ≡ 1 Day till Vikings!
↳Aslaug’s family tree {double lines - married; dashed line - not married; click to view the full size}

I’ve seen discourse about how often Aslaug mentions her father, so I made this to try to explain that part of her character. The founder of Aslaug’s family line was actually Odin himself, and among her ancestors is one of the Jötnar. So, the Volsungs are descendants of the two mythical races. Aslaug also comes from a long line of kings and queens on either side of her lineage. What’s more, each heir of the Volsung clan (which leads directly to Aslaug) is the greatest hero of his time, with each son surpassing his father; the pinnacle being Aslaug’s father, Sigurd. Aslaug (as her half-siblings were killed) is her father’s sole heir and this is the legacy that she is  carrying forward.



Of all the prompts for Pokeshipping Week, this was the one I was easily the most excited about, the one that was the most fun to draw, and with the possible exception of “Sleeping Together,” the one that took the most work. I had the inks done early in October; I finished the colors earlier this evening.

Originally, this was just going to be a standard scene of Ash and Misty arguing, with Brock, Pikachu, Togepi, and Tracey looking on and imagining what was really going on behind all that bickering. But I couldn’t think of a good enough idea for Brock, and the Pikachu and Togepi visions were so cute that I wanted to do more with each. Then the idea of Psyduck perceiving reality as abstract art (except for the bits that most embarrass his mistress) hit me, and the plan changed rather quickly.

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(Of all the prompts, this one was also the biggest pain to upload; I’ve tried three different times, and each time something’s gone wrong. Here’s hoping this time works.)