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♕ a preview of my piece in the the @1000words-fefateszine zine!! ♕
(and a slightly higher resolution of the cover art)

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[Commercial] [GxB/G/N] [Otome, Regency/Historical Romance, Mystery]

With the two new love interests, upgraded art and updated story/character information, so we figured it’s time for a new general post of information about The Masquerade Killer!

If any of the images are too small/blurry to read, click here to view the full size images!

Artist: Greenace
Writers: Windchimes, Perennial Lily
BG Artist: TBA
Composer: Alcaknight

We will be doing a Kickstarter in July, so please support us when the time comes if you like the sound of this otome! In the meantime, consider giving us a follow to keep up with our development updates! <3

I wanted to show you guys this before the end of the year, so…

This was for the TBT Forums 10th year anniversary! It’s been a long time since I’ve taken on such an arduous project and it took over a week to complete. But once I had the ‘partying on a giant cake’ idea in my head, it just wouldn’t leave me alone until it was done. Hahaha. And it was an extremely big challenge for me, considering I had only ever drawn two of the villagers before and generally am not good at animals, much less different species of them. All in all, I feel very accomplished with it.

I had fun working in the villager personalities from what they were like in-game and giving them all fun party gear to wear. And the cake layers were inspired by the different main fruits from the game!

Hope you enjoy. I certainly enjoyed making it!


Here’s a thing I finished – all the Animorphs in a height, body type, morphing outfit comparison thing, plus separated into couples for detail. I plan to use these for more fashion fun. :}

(Please full view/open image in new tab these because tumblr compression is eating them no matter how I resize.)