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He’s Got You High

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She wanted something based on this post: Kurt sends an email to his TA while high on pain meds after a wisdom teeth extraction.

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Blaine is in the middle of his theatre history class when his phone signals a new email in his inbox. Discreetly hiding the phone from his instructor’s view by keeping his hands behind a stack of textbooks on his desk, he goes to his email folder and checks the sender.

It reads, Kurt Hummel.

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Parks and Recreation: First Lines vs Last Lines

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Dazai and his s/o during their date?

Osamu Dazai

  •  Actually I believe Dazai would be serious about dates when he loves you. He didn’t act like a dork during your dates and try to make them as perfect as he could.
  • He likes romantic places like a beach or a sunny park during sun setting where he can hold your hand and enjoy the view, being far away from his daily work and worries.
  •  Dazai would try everything to make you happy and laugh, even if he have to make a fool out of himself
  •  When you run into Chuuya during your dates, Dazai would restrain from teasing him. He would ignore him and giving you his full attention, not wanting to ruin the date just to be an asshole for a few minutes.
  • When he sees a flower on the walking past, he took it and put it in your hair, saying cheesy lines like ‘This flower adds to your beauty” or ‘You are far more beautiful than any flower in this world’ and kissing your lips softly while saying
  • Dazai loves to twirl you around on public places so your dates are full of strolling through the town where he can show everyone that he loves you
  • He NEVER, not even once, mention doing ‘lovers suicide’ while he is with you. He enjoys his time with you and never want them to end.
  • Every date ends with a sleepness night and many bruises and marks on the next day~

imagine being carried by a minigiant

  • being swept off your feet when you can’t keep up with their long strides
  • feeling small in the best way
  • cradled in warmth
  • a slow heartbeat 
  • speaking to them and listening to their softly rumbling voice
  • feeling overwhelmed and enveloped by their presence
  • riding on their shoulders
  • enjoying the view from up high
  • their big hands around your ankles and shins, making sure you don’t fall
  • running your fingers through their thick hair, making little braids in it
  • resting your chin on the top of their head
  • making silly puns about their height and ducking as they playfully swat at you
  • gentle rocking and the muffled thud of heavy footsteps
  • falling asleep, trusting them to keep you safe

alternatively, the giant’s POV

  • they try to mask their breathing as they struggle to keep up with you
  • you know they’re too proud to ask for help so you don’t say anything
  • it’s really cute how determined they are
  • eventually you can’t stand it anymore, so you scoop them up mid-stride
  • they let out a muffled, indignant yelp. it’s more like a squeak.
  • you stifle your chuckle and try not to smile ( you fail )
  • they halfheartedly smack your chest and turn away to hide their grin, muttering something that sounds like “ya big doofus” under their breath
  • they think they’re being sneaky when they weave little braids into your hair, but you know exactly what they’re doing
  • you don’t stop them.
  • when they start drooping you slide them off your shoulders and back into your arms
  • your heart melts when they nestle in closer to your chest.
  • conversation fades into comfortable silence, and soon they’re fast asleep
  • the trust they’ve placed in you is nearly overwhelming. your heart aches from it. 
  • stepping as softly as you can, you carry them home.
Fire N’ Golden Hair

“Remind me again why I let you convince me of this madness?”

“Because you love me.”

Cat grumbled something under her breath that even Kara couldn’t catch, as the green scenery flew past.

They were driving deep within Yosemite National Park with gray pines, and blue oaks lining the dirt road they were traveling on.

Kara breathed in the clear, clean air coming in from the rolled down windows, excitement bubbling in her chest.

She gently grabbed Cat’s free hand, and considered the fact that the older woman didn’t yank it away a victory.

“Honestly, only you would consider going camping while in full human condition.” Grumbled the CEO from the driver’s seat – eyes never straying from the road –, an imperceptible tightness in her jaw her only sign of distress.

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Can I request a scenario where Sakumo is alive somehow (maybe he didn't die, maybe he's been edo-tensei'd, maybe he's a ghost but Kakashi can still talk and interact with him, maybe Kakashi dreams of him, idk whatever it doesn't matter) and Sakumo is being an overbearing, nosy father, giving a teenaged Kakashi advice on how to talk to his crush or s/o. And Kakashi is just super embarrassed about the whole thing. Thank you!

This was an interesting request and I hope you don’t mind that I made Sakumo a ghost. I thought it would be more beneficial for Kakashi. Thank you for requesting. ^.^

Sakumo nudging Kakashi in the right direction

“Ok Kakashi, seeya next time?”

“Yea… maybe.”

“Alright… bye…”


Kakashi responded moderately as he continued to walk away from you. His eyes were focused on the book in his hands, that blocked his face from view as he walked down the streets of Konoha. He just wanted to get back to his cozy old apartment to relax after running a small errand for the Hokage early this morning.

He really hated getting up early, but the errand was over quickly. That’s where he had ran into you. You worked at the Hokage Tower as a secretary of sorts. You helped file paper work and helped the Hokage stay on schedule. It was your job to inform the Hokage when important shinobi arrived in the village or when others were waiting for consultations with them.

That’s where you met Kakashi on numerous occasions and tried to create small talk while he waited for the Hokage to see him, but he never seemed very interested. It was always halfhearted replies and he could never take his eyes off that book he was always reading. You had a sinking suspicion he was never really reading that book; he just did that to ignore you.

It was true, Kakashi used his book as a shield from the outside world. It was a clear signal that he couldn’t be bothered and wished not to be bothered.

“You’re going to end up all alone if you keep behaving this way.”

Kakashi’s eyes snapped away from the page he was on and darted to the presence beside him. Kakashi sighed as he saw the essence of his father floating beside him. This had been happening for some time now.

It had first thrown Kakashi for a loop when he first came into contact with Sakumo’s spirit. He remembered the mess he made in his apartment as he tried to get away from his father, but now as this was his fifth appearance in Kakashi’s life, Kakashi was more accustomed to his father appearing.

Kakashi’s eyes shifted away from his father, scanning the light crowd of civilians. None of them seemed to be aware of Sakumo’s presence except for Kakashi.

“I prefer to be alone,” Kakashi muttered quietly, keeping his book in front of his mouth so others couldn’t see he was talking.

Sakumo sighed from beside him, watching his only son. He knew his son would be difficult to persuade as his eyes dropped to the book in Kakashi’s hands.

“Haven’t you ever wondered what it would be like to live out those fantasies you’re always reading? Hm?” Sakumo pressed, probing for an answer.

Kakashi’s eyes widened as he faltered in his step. His cheeks were red as he kept his eyes away from his father.

“I… uh… I… I have had sex before, father,” Kakashi admitted, embarrassed by the context of the conversation.

Sakumo chuckled. “I’m well aware of that, but you haven’t found anyone to love yet.”

Kakashi’s embarrassment faded as he slowly turned the page in his novel. He made sure no one was paying attention to him as it would look like he was talking to himself. He didn’t answer his father. He didn’t want to find someone to love…. For fear that he wouldn’t be able to love them for very long.

“You know, Y/N likes you,” Sakumo stated, factually.

Kakashi paused, keeping his eyes on his book. “I’m… aware….”

“You should give her a chance. Don’t be so afraid of falling in love,” Sakumo addressed, calmly as Kakashi turned his head to look at him.

Sakumo could read his son perfectly. It wasn’t that Kakashi didn’t want to find love. It was he didn’t want to lose the ones he cared about all over again. Sakumo smiled at his son before fading away.

Sakumo’s words rang through Kakashi’s head. Kakashi shouldn’t have been surprised that his father could read him so well, but Kakashi was taken back. His guard that he held up was shattered and now Sakumo’s words were in his head.

It wasn’t until the next day when Kakashi was back at the Hokage tower after filling out a report, did he see you again. You ran your hands through your hair nervous as you greeted him. You were going to be courageous today. You were just going to ask him out. You were tired of waiting for him to notice you; you were going to make him notice and make him put that book down.

You stepped forward confidently in front of your desk as you saw him approach, but stopped short when he actually looked you in the eyes for once. He had removed his book from his face and gave you a light smile from underneath his mask.

“Good Morning, Y/N,” Kakashi greeted, nodding his head slightly.

You nodded back stunned, forgetting your earlier courage.

“The Hokage is waiting for you,” one of the Hokage’s Anbu directed that stood by.

“Alright then,” Kakashi drawled out, moving his eyes up to the Anbu before turning to the double doors of the Hokage’s office down the hall.

Kakashi had passed you and was half way to the doors when you snapped back into focus, you were going to miss your chance.

“Wait Kakashi!” you exclaimed, running to catch up with him.

Kakashi heard you call and felt a hand grip his shoulder forcing him to turn around. Kakashi saw you halt in your steps almost running into him as he caught a glimpse of his father’s ghost fading away, knowing Sakumo was the one to stop him.

“Kakashi… I wanted… I wanted to know if you like to go out to dinner with me!?!” you blurted out anxious.

Kakashi’s eyes were drawn back to you, looking over the features on your face.

“Sure. I be happy to join you for dinner,” Kakashi agreed, sweetly.

A huge grin split your face in excitement and Kakashi couldn’t help but feel the light butterflies that erupted in his belly at the sight of it. You were very beautiful. Maybe… Kakashi could learn to not be afraid to fall in love.

Silver Silence Part 5

Pairing: Bucky x shy enhanced reader

Summary: Bucky finally finds himself able to live at the compound with the team, but finds it difficult to repress his feelings for his new very shy and gentle teammate.

Word count: 1,520 (sorry its short)

Warnings: swearing, mentions of pain and surgery.

By the time tony finally called you into the lab for a pre treatment examination you where not only over the hills with happiness but also burrowed 10 feet beneath your extreme nervousness.

Your hands pressed softly against the cold surface of the examination table as you sat at the edge of it. You where absent mindlessly swinging your feet over the edge and looking down with jaded breath, along with the silent remains of fatigue that promptly washed over your eyes, in thick, purple rings.

“You sure you’re ready?” from behind you, Bucky came into view laying a soft hand on your shoulder and gently applying pressure.  His face was overcast with concern, yet gently covered by a sheen layer of eagerness.

“More ready than I’ve ever been for anything.” You replied. “Do you know what this means?”

Bucky stood there looking at you with a soft smile, as if to urge you to tell him even if he knew the answer.

“I’ll be able to run…” you smiled, “I’ll be able to fight, and have sex and play football.” You felt tears prick at your eyes. “I can have kids now buck…” tears where flowing down your cheeks as you laughed through them. “k-kids…” you whispered.

Bucky’s smile grew, and with it, a soft expression formed in his eyes.

“I never thought I’d see the day where my body would be able to function like a normal person, and now that day is just beyond the horizon.”

You knew at this point you where rambling, but in this bubble of hope that had floated into your grasp you couldn’t bring yourself to care.

To think in only a few moments Tony would come in and tell you all about the procedure, to think you where mere hours away from turning glass into titanium.

When your series of hope filled sentences had died off into silent beams of smiles, the doors to the lab opened and in strolled tony, an uncertain smile on his face.

“How’s it going kid?” he asked, taking a seat on a stool in front of you.

“Better than I’ve ever been, knowing what’s coming.” You answered.

He gave a breathy chuckle as he reached for a remote beside him and pointed adjacent to him, willing a screen to fold down at the click of a button.

“I know you’re eager (y/n) but there’s a few things I need to run by you first.” He let his eyes narrow in sincerity. To which you uttered a simple “of course” in acknowledgement.

He clicked a button on the remote twice, and the screen clicked on and moved to a slide with a female autonomy body model on it. “The problem with your body, the reason it’s so frail is because all your energy, bone marrow, enamel, is stored in your chest, in this strange sort of pocket that your powers had formed”

You knew some of this already, but to understand that your body had a physical pocket of stored energy rather than a metaphorical one was a bit shocking.

He clicked the slide again and it zoomed in on the chest, showing a soft glow over  the heart.

“This is where it gets tricky” he sighed, and stood up, walking over to the screen and enlarging the heart and bringing it out of the model onto a bigger screen. “This sort of, energy pocket is actually attached to your heart.” He spun it around to show the back where a strange dark mass now stood prominently on the side. “it’s like a growth, like a tumor, and we have to cut it out… which means…”

“Open heart surgery” Bucky interrupted, his eyes softly bitten in sorrow and you felt a wave of fear run through you.

“That’s right tin man, open heart surgery. And when removing this pocket where energy is stored, is also removing your powers.” tony replied softly. “But that’s not the worst part…”

Your chest constricted in fear as he went back to sit down and turned off the screen, his eyes fixed on yours in gentleness. “If everything goes as planned, your body will start to develop strength, your bones will become stronger, your teeth, your energy they will all skyrocket in strength, but slowly… And unfortunately painfully.”

You looked at him lightly confused and not being able to bring yourself to ask questions proved easier when Bucky spoke up before you. “Painful?” he asked.

Tony looked up at him with a sigh and then back at you.

“yes… very, very painful” he ran his slender fingers through his chocolate hair, “your body will slowly begin to take in energy, but it’s incredibly slow, and by my calculations the years of being so fragile makes your bones and body so unused to this energy that you will likely be in pain for months..”

You sat there in the hauntingly thick fog of silence that had pressed upon your shoulders. Pain, pain was nothing; pain was something you felt so often it was like a second personality to you. It was the fear of everything going wrong, but you knew one thing for sure, you would rather live normally then live everyday in a glass coffin.

“Let’s get started” you replied. Causing tony to give you a soft sincere smile and put a hand on your knee.

“Im going to take care of you, kid.” He said softly. You gave a nod in response.  “I promise”

As tony got up to go get Helen and Bruce to set up the surgery room, and hopefully round up his surgeon friends, Bucky took a step in front of you.

He put two gentle figures under your chin and moved your head to look up at him. “Are you SURE you’re ready?” he asked again, worry obvious on his chiseled features.

“100%” you smiled up at him. He gave a short soft smile before unexpectedly, leaning down to place a softly crafted kiss to your lips.

When he released your eyes opened, even without knowing they had closed and you felt warmth spread through you. Up until this point you dismissed your small fascination with him as a result of his kindness. However feeling the warmth of his lips on yours, that small gesture of intimacy told you that both you and him had found a comfort in each others demons.


The procedure went by smoothly, naturally their where bumps in the road, a surgery that often took 3-4 hours ended up taken 7, and by the time it had concluded and a series of exhausted nurses and surgeons poured out of the room,  it became night fall.

You now laid in a hospital bed, out cold with an IV slowly dripping beside you and the bulky bandage that covered the giant line of stitches on your chest poking out of the gown that clung to your sweating body.

From beside you, Bucky sat with his fingers intertwined with your own, he watched your chest rise and fall in slow breaths and listened to the gentle beeping of the machine beside him, that imitated your heartbeat.

He lost count of time as he stared at you, feeling a warmth radiate off him in waves, because he knew one day you would have the life you always wanted, and he could only hope you would want to spend it with him.

Your hand gripped his tighter as the beeping sped up, and with panic starting to settle in him, he reached over to push the panic button.

Your breaths became sporadic and heavy, as your head began to tic in a slight manner.

When tony, Helen and Bruce rushed in, Bucky was casted aside to watch as your body began to thrash violently, and the constant beeping of the heart monitor turned into a series of quick almost blended tones.

“What’s happening?!” Bucky yelled in a panic over the series of voices and mechanical screeches.

“It’s happening..” tony replied in a pant, grabbing padded cuffs and strapping your arms down, and that’s when the screaming begun.

Your voice broke the chain effect of the chatter of technology and people with a burst of a blood curdling scream.

All Bucky could do was sit and watch as eventually everyone backed out of the room, with sorrow forming in their eyes, at the sight of your body thrashing against the bonds.

He didn’t sleep that night, only left your side when Steve dragged him away, and even his own protests to stay with you didn’t convince him that it was good for him. Your screams would be only thing that would occupy his ears if he stayed. Yet as much as he wanted to hold your hand and sooth you as you cried out, his being would not have handled it, and Steve knew that.  But your screams never stopped, and through the entire compound they echoed.

It was a silent dinner that night, all except the distant high pitched voice of you that kept everyone’s stomach churned so much that it made it impossible to eat.

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Request: Caius scaring his human mate

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Caius was livid, screaming at the top of his lungs. He was not angry at you yet he was still scary enough to make you cower, tears filling your eyes.
If you were entirely honest…you didn’t feel safe.
“Brother you’re scaring (Y/N). Aro said gently as Marcus patted your arm. Caius swiveled to face you. His anger still evident. “Well then they are being ridiculous.” He snapped. Your jaw trembled slightly. “Leave!” He barked at you and you walked out the room quickly. Tears streaming as you wiped them away frantically.

Aro nodded to the twins when Caius wasn’t looking and they slowly left the room. They knocked twice before entering your room. They found you sitting on your window seat, blocking your face with your hand from their view. They heard your shaky breathing. They saw your stiff form.
“Are you alright?” Alec asked.
“… I-I’m fine.”
“Are you certain? It doesn’t look like it.” Jane replied.
“Yes, i’m f-fine.”
“Well if you insist.” The two left the room.

You heard someone enter about half an hour later.
“Cara mia?” It was Caius. You kept your eyes trained on the window, not even allowing yourself to blink.
“Yes?” You said carefully and quietly.
“Look at me.” He said gently. You shook your head, you didn’t trust your voice very much. “I-I don’t think that’s a good idea.”
“Look at me.” He said softer. You twisted away from him feeling tears beginning to build. You felt a large cold hand place itself on your neck and pull you back to lean on a solid body, tilting your head up. Caius’ head hovering above yours. “Look at me.” He begged quietly. You did so.
“I’m sorry, you didn’t deserve that.” The rest of the night was spent in silence and in Caius’ unrelenting hold. You fell asleep and he still didn’t let you go.
 He’d never let you go.


It’s the middle of nowhere. A couple is making out in their car. On the radio, they hear a report about an escaped convict with hooks instead of hands. They ignore it bc that’s what people in urban legends do. Later, they hear a sinister scraping sound from the car roof. The hook-handed man comes into view. 

“GET AWAY FROM MY SISTER U NERD!” says the hookman.

Klaus Baudelaire exits the car and runs for his life. 

Fiona just pokes her head out the window. “DAMMIT FERNALD!” she says. “I WAS TOTALLY GONNA GET SOME.”

My favorite TLOU fics

Thanks for showing interest, guys! I’ve kind of clustered them around certain categories, so you can more easily find what you like.

Joel [Because our favorite man is still shrouded in mystery.]

  • “Dirt” (T; incomplete): This covers the 20 years between the game’s prologue and the actual start of the game, and is told from Tommy’s point of view. Hands down, one of the best TLOU fanfics I’ve come across yet. Don’t let the “incomplete” status scare you off, there’s already 29 LONG chapters of goodness already posted!
  • “Joel, Broken” (T): Joel’s life with Sarah, told in reverse chronological order. I think the author really provides realistic character motivations as she studies what happened between Joel and his ex-wife.
  • “no light, no light” (T): Fatherly torture, beautiful writing.
  • “Curiosity” (M): Even if you don’t usually like reader inserts, give this one a try – the writing is absolutely beautiful, and everything feels so true to Joel’s character.

Tess [Why is it so damn hard to find good Tess fics? Whatever, let me help you out.]

Joel/Tess [Because I make no bones about my OTP.]

Joel & Ellie [Mostly feels-tastic father/daughter stuff.]

  • “on rusted things that had stopped moving” (NR, probably a T for language): The writing in this is just completely beautiful. I dare you to still be breathing right after you read the last line.
  • “landscape” (T): More totally gorgeous writing. The last scene takes my breath away.
  • “Hands” (G): Just a really beautiful meditation on Joel and Ellie’s relationship, told through one short scene.
  • “in the end was it fireflies or lightning bugs and did it really matter” (G): I think this was written before Left Behind came out, so it diverges from canon in terms of Ellie’s sexuality, but I still think it’s beautiful writing.
  • “Flying to Wyoming, Chapter 13: The Feminine Abyss” (M, but this chapter is probably just a T for language): Lots of people have wondered how Ellie deals with her period – so please enjoy Ellie making Joel jimmy open a tampon dispenser. It’s fucking hysterical. (Note: This chapter is part of a much longer Joellie romance. This chapter stands alone and is not romantic at all. Read the rest of the story or not as you will.)

If you really want to cry


Joel/Ellie (Joellie) [-ducks from thrown rocks-]

Trying to calm Isaac down who is freaking out cause you’re locked in a room and you can’t get out. (He has claustrophobia because of his dad)

“Y/N, I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe.” He cried, his hands covering his face from view.

The supernatural beasts had caught only us two, and they locked us away. This was not good for Isaac, who had claustrophobia. He was crying, screaming at some points, and I had no idea how to help him.

“Isaac, honey, listen to me.” I said to him, but it didn’t get through. “Isaac!” I yelled.

He looked at me, eyes red from crying. And I had nothing planned.

“U-um…I know. I know that it’s terrifying and you want to get out but…there’s nothing we can do. The only thing I can offer you is a few hugs, or anything else we could do in this space, but you’re going to need to be as strong as possible.” I tried, placing my hands on his shoulders. “Ok?”

“I can’t, Y/N.” He whined, tears forming again. “I’m terrified. I can’t breathe and I can’t deal with this space.”

And that’s when I decided to do something reckless - I pressed my lips to his. I actually /kissed/ him in order to calm him down from claustrophobia. What is /wrong/ with me.

I pulled away slowly, staring at him with wide eyes. He seemed calmer, more collected. He rest his head on my chest, and wrapped his arms around my torso. I ran my fingers through his hair, humming in order to keep him calm.

“You’re safe, Isaac. You’re safe.”

Small Breast Insecurities

I love your insecurity imagines! :) could you maybe do one about very small breasts? That’d be great :) and please don’t stress yourself it’s totally fine if you take your time and your blog is amazing!! xx

Aw, thank-you so much dear. I’m sorry if any of this is wrong or not what you wanted but I hope it’s still okay.

It had never really bothered you growing up, but it certainly did now.
You were always quite jealous of your friends who had larger breasts however yours remained small.

You quite often wondered if it bothered your boyfriend Dan. He had never mentioned it but surely it did… Right?

You stood in front of your full length mirror, observing your chest. Lifting them from underneath to make them appear bigger. Standing in all different angles as you stared.

The bedroom door suddenly opened, Dan seeming surprised from the view of your hands on your breasts.

“What are doing love?” He giggles as he walks up behind you.

“Just thinking…” You say, nervous about the subject

“And what are you thinking about?”

You had a small argument with yourself in your head. Do you ask him about it or not?

“My boobs” you admit shyly

“Hmm, my favourite subject to think about” he replies, a smirk on his face as he wraps his arms around you from behind, looking into your eyes through the reflection of the mirror. He then notices the sad cloud covering your usually joyful eyes.

“What’s wrong sweetheart?”

“Does it bother you that my boobs are… Well… Small?” You cringe at your own awkwardness

“Definitely not” he instantly replies


“God no y/n. Your boobs are fucking perfect the way they are. I absolutely love the way I can place my hands over them completely as we make love”
He says, giving an example as he places both his hands on your breasts, squeezing as he leaves loving kisses on your neck.

“Everything about you is perfect, including your breasts, please never feel insecure about that y/n” he finishes as he spins you around, smiling as he places a soft kiss to your lips.

“I love you Dan” you whisper

“I love you too baby”

He places another sweet kiss to your lips

“And your boobs”