view from st pauls


St Pauls Cathedral from Airbus A320 by John Wolfe
Via Flickr:
Heading into London Heathrow over the City.

So today I have gone back to the same bar as last weekend, Madison at 1 New Change, it has such a beautiful view of St Paul’s Cathedral from the roof terrace. London maybe starting to feel its winter chill but it’s still a great city.

London is a wonderfully vibrant city, a little too busy at times and frustrating at times too. I do not find it surprising that so many people find London overwhelming and scary, if you’re not careful it can chew you up and spit you out without a second thought. I think London also struggles with an almost dual like personality, on the one hand it is home to thousands of people trying to get on with their day jobs but it is also one of the greatest tourist destinations in the world.

There are places I simply avoid as much as I can at certain times of the year as they’re simply swamped with Tourists. Yes I appreciate that London is a destination for people from all over the world but we are also a city that runs at the redline every single day. Walking along places like Oxford Street where you come across a battalion of people walking at a speed where they’d be faster crawling on all fours makes us want to punch people in the back of the head. You might be here for a holiday but some of us we have places to be and we’d like to get to them so that by the time we get home we’ve got time to do something before we go to bed.

For a man in heels such a cosmopolitan and crazy city if is somewhere you can pretty much be yourself without fear, the real demons are those in your head, not those on the street.

5/26 (Friday)

Yay no class on Fridays! Continuing my doing stuff in London/ finally getting some sleep weekend took me  to more of the north and east part of my loop of the city. I started with the British Museum, which was amazing. And the first thing I saw walking in was brick from something we talked about like the first day of historic structures, which was really cool (because that was some really old stuff). Then I saw some Assyrian stuff, Egyptian, Greek, Roman etc. etc., including the actual Rosetta Stone. Super cool stuff. I then went to the rooftop from Doctor Who that has a crazy good view of St. Paul’s, and then to the Museum of London, which was super helpful for my paper and really cool. I then wandered around some of the remnants of the old Roman wall (~200 AD) that enclosed the city and sat for a while in the grass next to it to read Harry Potter for a little while. I then went over the millennium bridge again to Tate Modern, not for the art but for the 10th floor overlook, but some of the art wasn’t that bad. I then went over London Bridge, did some souvenir shopping, saw the monument for the Great Fire in 1666, and finally made my way to St. Dunstan’s in the East, which lived up to the hype. It was an old church restored in 950 and 1697 before being all but destroyed in the blitz, reopening in 1967 as a public garden around the walls that still remained. Who even knows what else I did. I’m only going based on the pictures I have.