view from flat

I live for the view from Shawn’s flat. Like imagining sitting out here a warm summer night, wrapped in blankets, sipping white wine and holding hands with Shawn while talking about your future together.

Half-Blood Prince Meta: In Regards to Draco Malfoy; A Morality Plot-hole

For me this is a glaring plot-hole that I angrily tweeted about earlier, but it’s more a meta about how Inherent Good and Inherent Evil dictate the plot and causes the Good to undermine itself by being confined in a world dictated by fate more so than choice, which brings what I think are some fair questions about what was and was not known to Dumbledore/Snape/The Order in HBP and how it influenced decisions.

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“He whispers His promises of restoration into my soul. “I will resurrect your broken heart.” His whispers are like rushing waters in this barren place. ”

—    athena grace

This is the view outside our window in the living room. We’re on Queensway Road which is mostly shops, souvenir stores, and lots of places to eat.  It’s a pretty great place to live, right in the middle of a lot of action.  We are also right next to Hyde Park and can walk through it to get to class.