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*Stands next to him* Heyy, can I keep you company? :3

>Sammy seems a lot less goopy than the last time he appeared… could his physical stability be linked to his current state of mind?


Best Friends

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Where are you?” His voice was something I missed incredibly. It made my eyes water and my bottom lip quiver. I gripped my thigh to try to ground myself, to stop shaking, but realization dawned on me that he knows.

I wanted to sink in my misery.

(Y/n)… breathe, don’t cry okay? I’ll be there as soon as you tell me where you are.” I only sobbed incoherent words into the speaker, my head dizzy and my heart caught in my throat.

Can you hand your phone to someone?” I looked at the bartender who was looking at me with tender eyes while cleaning a glass.

“C-can you?” I stuttered, shoving my phone out towards him. He took the phone from me easily, like he’s done this about a million times. His mouth moved but I couldn’t hear any sounds. The only thing I could hear was a ringing in my ears as I kept replaying over and over what had just happened.

He knows.

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here are the drawings that i mentioned in my last personal post idk why this didn’t upload earlier but here they are