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BTS Reaction to their chirpy S/O being quiet for once

@heybtsmarryme requested: “GIF reaction to BTS having a significant other that’s usually really happy and chirpy, but gets really quiet and closed-off when sad or mad? Sorry if you’ve done this already><”

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Jin wouldn’t notice right off the bat, but he’d figure it out in the middle of attempting to hold up a conversation with you. He would be unsure of what to do for the first few minutes, but then he quickly thinks of a lot of ways to make you feel better. The first thing he’d do is drag you out with him to go onto a long drive with a picnic basket to view the sunrise/sunset together or just stare up at the sky and talk about everything that’s bothering you. Even though he’d be scared to approach you when mad, he’d pull himself through. He just wants to see his smiling and chirpy girl once again.

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Yoongi would recognize your negative emotions immediately.  It would be clear to his eyes since he’d know you inside and out, more than you’d ever realize. He wouldn’t question what’s wrong because he thinks that if you really wanted to talk about the problem with him, you would get yourself to on your own rather than him asking. Even though he doesn’t ask that you’re doing fine, he would sit by your side and lightly hold onto your hand if that comforts you, but his best shot would be to place headphones over your head when you’re sad and play a song that soothes his mind, believing that it would have the same affect on you. When you’re mad, he wouldn’t distance himself at all, but would sort of act like that emotion isn’t getting in the way of a normal conversation. He’d only have a problem with it if you were to start disrespecting him, but in the end he would always be here for you.

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Hoseok wouldn’t notice your sadness at first either! But when he does, he’d do everything in his will to make you feel better. He would take out some snacks, put on a movie, wrap you both in a blanket so you can cuddle together and hold you close to his chest so that you can hear his calming heartbeat. When you fall asleep in his chest, he’d smile and carry you off to bed and sleep by yours side, holding onto your hand. Though he wouldn’t recognize your sadness off the bat, he sure would recognize you when you’re mad. He would be dumbfounded on how to calm you down and would text the other members for advice and when he receives it, it either makes you feel calmer or has the opposite effect.

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Namjoon would recognize your sadness right away because you aren’t smiling or laughing when he greets you in a strange way. He’d question what’s wrong and would be willing to listen to you vent for hours. He’d hold onto your hand tightly as a small gesture of letting you know that he’s here for you, nodding his head at your words and when you finish, he would offer the greatest set of advice you have heard. His advice isn’t typical and common like everyone else, it’s honest no matter what, but you appreciate his honesty- even if it is harsh. When you’re mad, he would try to hold onto you as a way to calm you down, but when you fight against him, you’d hold him even tighter. You’d keep on pushing away as he tells you to calm yourself and that he’s here for you, etc. At the very brink, you’d break down in his arms and he’d be here with you for hours, more than happy to make you feel great again.

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Jimin would go out and buy you food and some of your favorite items when your sad. He’d greet you by holding them out to you and if you don’t take them out of his hand, he’d set them on the floor and wrap his arms around you lovingly. He’d stroke your hair and grasp onto you like he would never want to lose you, he just wants to know that he’s here for you without saying any words. When you’re mad he would sit and watch you pace the room or listen to you rant, mouth sealed the entire time. He wouldn’t dare speak his opinion; though, when you’re done ranting he would wrap you in an embrace. If you fight and push him off, he’d just give up after that and wait for you to calm down and to go to him.

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Taehyung would notice your disposition right away, but he wouldn’t question it at all. He’d wait a few days to see if you’re still feeling under the weather or mad and if you are, he’d then question you about it. He wouldn’t be upset over how you never came to him to talk about your issue, he’d be upset if you didn’t tell him when he asks. It’s a mark of trust and a way to see if you can rely on him the way he relies on you. Taehyung would be by your side, hugging you and kissing your forehead when you’re upset and crying. When you’re mad, he’d sit at a comfortable distance away from you, listening to you rant and when you’re ready, he’d offer his hand to you.

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Jungkook wouldn’t have the slightest clue on what to do! He’d text the other boys in the moment of the situation, which lightweight would infuriate you even more. He’d follow the boy’s advice, awkwardly hugging you and wiping your tears and telling you that he’s here for you. He’d stray away from you when he’s mad, but watch you throw a fit. A few moments after- or even days- he’d question what the issue was! You’d have no problem with telling him then, but the most he’d do is nod his head and say that he’s glad you’re feeling better again.

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View Basket at The Hayward

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After looking forward to it for weeks, I finally visited “View Basket: Art Bought Online” at the Hayward. I was expecting the show to resemble something I would curate for myself in my bedroom, but of course it was far more esoteric.

The rules for the exhibition were set by the curator, Tom Morton. He writes, “The rules are simple. Take a modest amount of money (enough for a pretty nice holiday, not enough for a new car), and use it to buy works of art from UK-based sellers on eBay over a ten day period. Wait for the works to arrive at the gallery. Organize them into a show.”

Unfortunately, theme was not central to the rules. The pieces Morton purchased did not seem to say anything forceful about the Internet as an art market. And once you think you’ve found the anchor for the show, it slips just as quickly from your hands.

Venus busts and antique magic lantern slides might say “there are strange and beautiful antiques online.” James Lee Byers calling cards and Andy Warhol perfumes might say “there is a good deal of artist ephemera to be had out there.” But there are primitive dog paintings as well. There are DC Comics, Tank Girl Dolls, Kit-Club-esque portraits, and Tom of Finland brochures.

The greatest appeal of this show is its democratic beginnings. Anyone in Britain may sell art online, and I couldn’t help but wonder if some of the pieces in the show had come from the homes of the other people in the gallery. I eyed the teenage girls next to me, wondering if perhaps it was their mother’s painting of pyramids on the pedestal. And the elderly man with a cane, maybe he made that scrapbook of photos of men in leather chaps or customized the gothic My Little Pony in the glass case.

“View Basket” is a strange experiment in curating. The origins and methodology of the works is interesting, but the culture of the show would be improved if the democratic roots of such an exercise had been emphasized.

Charleston Gothic
  • The locals laugh a bit as they explain that the roofs of their porches are painted blue to ward off ghosts. You wonder why they seem so casual about it when you notice blue everywhere else. The roofs of cars. The inside of umbrellas. The inside of their hats.
  • In the summer you can see the heat rising from the pavement in blurry waves, though you’ve stopped looking when you started seeing faces in it.
  • Every so often the morning air smells of rotting things. The locals brush it off as the smell of the marshes, but they look suspiciously at you and whisper behind your back as you walk off.
  • You’re not from here the locals say with certainty. How can you tell you always ask. Oh. we just know. The smile they give you as they say that is always slightly predatory.
  • Little old ladies sit by the side of the highway weaving baskets, though you swear as you look in your rear-view mirror that the baskets are weaving themselves.
  • Sweet or unsweet the waitress asks when you order iced tea. A look of panic fills her eyes and the hand that is writing your order trembles slightly when you say unsweet.
  • Stretches of the highway are overrun by kudzu. You think the lumps and hills look vaguely like houses, and in the depths of the vine, something moves.
  • You became wary of the beach when the cries of the seagulls began to sound like the cries of those lost at sea. You stopped going all together when you found that the sound lured you further and further out into the ocean.