The 100 characters as (Drama) Fandom (War) members

Clarke Griffin
Likes to tell everyone how to behave. Mostly good. Partial hypocrite though, because not always leading by example.

Thelonius Jaha
Only cares about drama if at the centre of it. Mainly here to collect as many followers as possible.

Doesn’t get involved at all in fandom drama. Hears all about it though while patching up the victims. Calms people down a lot. 

Raven Reyes
Can attack viciously and easily outsmart opponents if someone brings drama to them. Prefers not to be  involved though, most of the time. 

Wells Jaha
Wants everyone to be peaceful. Plays diplomat at fights. Had to step back from fandom though because all the drama was too hurtful.

Abby Griffin
Learned a lot during all the drama wars. Especially when to step back. But instead of being hardened and bitter, they still have hope for fandom. 

Marcus Kane
Fandom veteran. Loved and caused a lot of drama back in the day. Tries hard to educate the youth now on drama not being worth it. 

Fierce and always-ready fandom warrior. Recently made friends / learned to respect people from the other side.Trying hard now not to act on prejudice alone. 

Has been fighting in  fandom wars for ages. Collected many followers. Now retired from drama and wants peace. Followers are disappointed. 

John Murphy
Observes fandom drama from the outside only. Mostly making snarky observations about it. Feeling superior, but also left out. 

Charles Pike
Pretty hardcore and stubborn at fighting for their side in fandom wars. But willing to bond with enemies should a bigger enemy arise. 

Committed fandom suicide early on. Couldn’t deal with the drama they had caused.

Finn Collins
Hates the drama and really wants peace. But tends to lose their mind and go on rampage, if a friend gets attacked. 

Monty Green
Doesn’t get involved with fandom drama. But quietly suffers from it. 

Octavia Blake
Outsider at heart. Doesn’t belong to any side. Realises all sides are the worst. Therefore aggressively angry at everyone. 

Jasper Jordan
A bit clueless about all the underlying complicated fandom dynamics. Blames all drama queens with big follower counts for ruining fandom. 

Joined fandom late. Has a lot of experience from other drama fandoms. Snarks and eyerolls a lot at what’s happening here. 

Maya Vie
Very soft. Rarely involved in fandom drama. Yet feels strongly about what’s right and wrong. Will fight even her friends if witnessing injustices. 

Often found between warring parties. Has a hard time choosing sides. Usually gets attacked when choosing a side.

Bellamy Blake
Drama queen. Overreacts to smallest attacks. Feels terrible afterwards for ugly behaviour. Constant need to redeem himself.

Nathan Miller
Fandom warrior. Likes to fight. Only loyal to a few friends though. Has been seen to rebel and war against all sides of fandom. 

Harper McIntyre
Been around fandom since the early days. Seen it all. Keeps in background though.

Came to fandom late. Mostly here because a friend/lover dragged them into it. Doesn’t get involved with drama.

From a different plane. Looks at all the drama from the outside, trying to make sense of it. Mostly fails. 

vieverie  asked:

How do you stay motivated? I've followed you since my DA days and your SIM Mod days; and you've always managed to surprise me with all the work you put out constantly even during college. You're an inspiration, B. Don't you ever stop believing in yourself. Ever!

aw, thanks love!! <3

i honestly just have a hard time not making stuff, even when i’m feeling my absolute lowest. i always try to crank something out because it’s usually the one thing that can get me back to feeling okay again.

i would say to just try to create something as often as you can. it doesn’t even have to be art. it could be a homemade dinner, a journal entry. keep the creativity flowing :)

vieverie  asked:

B, you should just start your own business, I believe in you! Girl Boss!

you are an angel!! thank you so much. i really appreciate your faith in me!!

i might just try to do that. i definitely want to keep making my art and also learn how to tattoo, so i might just stop applying to art-related jobs altogether, get a part-time job waitressing (i really don’t mind waitressing haha, i like interacting with my tables, even though sometimes people can be mean/rude. usually the good ones outweigh the bad!!) and just keep doing commission stuff and working on my f0xpaw brand and also try to learn tattooing and eventually be my own boss 100%!