vieverie  asked:

How do you stay motivated? I've followed you since my DA days and your SIM Mod days; and you've always managed to surprise me with all the work you put out constantly even during college. You're an inspiration, B. Don't you ever stop believing in yourself. Ever!

aw, thanks love!! <3

i honestly just have a hard time not making stuff, even when i’m feeling my absolute lowest. i always try to crank something out because it’s usually the one thing that can get me back to feeling okay again.

i would say to just try to create something as often as you can. it doesn’t even have to be art. it could be a homemade dinner, a journal entry. keep the creativity flowing :)

vieverie  asked:

B, you should just start your own business, I believe in you! Girl Boss!

you are an angel!! thank you so much. i really appreciate your faith in me!!

i might just try to do that. i definitely want to keep making my art and also learn how to tattoo, so i might just stop applying to art-related jobs altogether, get a part-time job waitressing (i really don’t mind waitressing haha, i like interacting with my tables, even though sometimes people can be mean/rude. usually the good ones outweigh the bad!!) and just keep doing commission stuff and working on my f0xpaw brand and also try to learn tattooing and eventually be my own boss 100%!