Spectra Mental Health Zine Update + other zines.

One year ago this month (February) I produced Spectra: a poc mental health  zine featuring 19 poc voices on their lived experience. The zine featured illustrations, interviews, poems & stories from folks all around Australia.

I’ve decided to cease printing Spectra, mostly because it is a very laborious zine to print (85 pages). Thanks to everyone who has supported Spectra so far. I do plan to produce another edition in the future, but right now I’m focusing on longer term projects such as audio books! (yessssss) 

This Sunday I’ll be selling some (old and new) zines at @sticky-institute Festival of the Photocopier 2016! I’ll be tabling with two other gaysians <3 <3 @pillowprinze and Loretta, who will be selling their amazing comics and poetry zines!

Here are the 3 zines I’ll be selling:

1. chị và em: a zine on vietnamese sisterhood. 

2. Tuyền từ Queer : a collection of words (Vietnamese/English) and terms used by queers in Việt Nam to express love, desire, sex and gender with wit and playfulness. - produced by Gabby Miller in collaboration with a bunch of queer viets in Ha Noi. 

3. Việt Queer Forever Collaborative Zine ( Gabby Miller, Aiden Nguyễn, Nguyễn Quốc Thành & Xen Nhà)  - the result of a very long email thread on being an insider/outsider. 

Sapa festival generate a lot of excitement in art community.

Sapa Art Festival is a new festival in one of the most beautiful city in Vietnam. The plan is to raise the profile of the Sapa city as a regional cultural hub for creative arts by bringing together all the region artists. The festival is supported by the state education department with many school students contributing. Please visit and share this news. Festival News reports.

FULL VIEW PLEASE! Better quality here ->

Next comic: February 24 2016


The title for this comic was inspired by a duet with the Vietnamese artists, Trish Thuy Trang and Cardin. This comic was inspired by something that happened on Rosella’s birthday, Yumi had insited on paying back Hex for gas as he spent all day driving us girls around (you’ve got a keeper, Myst) but Hex being a gentleman (and Asian) wouldn’t take her money so she had to resort to sneaky methods to get him to take the money. What she didn’t account for was that Hex would actually chase her down just to give her back her money. Anyways, the bit about Myst and Chani noting this down for a future comic was done as a refreshing change as I’d like to think that Myst in real life is secure enough in her relationship not to jump the gun and get jealous at the littlest things. - C

Happy Birthday to the beautiful Madame Hanoi. I can’t believe it’s only been a year since I created this divine installation for @nicwattchef @adelaidecasino
Great food and bevvies, do try it if you haven’t been and if visiting Adelaide add it to your list!
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