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Pokemon Vietnamese Sentence Starters

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  • “a adept arranging for mother volcano bakemeat.”
  • “press button to stop. “
  • “you can control all the elfs.”
  • “i am so unwilling to put down the phone! goodbye!”
  • “since coming, you must buy bread.”
  • “this is the angry lake.”
  • “what is wrong with the elf.”
  • “maybe the frost god is angry?”
  • “the pocket monster said i was lovely.”
  • “NUT USED!”
  • “it’s not right to save money.”
  • “ah, i am frightened.”
  • “KNIF!”
  • “the combition of gold turtoise, man shadow, and unthinkable kind is surely balanced.”
  • “the sea is very good. the setting sun is beautiful! the sea is very…very wide!”
  • “don’t do the stupid thing.”
  • “they were fluttering in the sky, making the sky magnificent. i let worldly people understand their grandness!”
  • “?it will discharge when is stimulated.”
  • “the tower was built for pocket monsters to practise buddhism.”
  • “super uncle’s home.”
  • “i am waiting for you!”
  • “HA HA HA.”
  • “i am very disgusted with the trashy man.”
  • “i don’t understand my love.”
  • “i give you this for i trust you.”
  • “[name]! you can’t throw the butt casually.”


Nếu bố mẹ nói:
“Đừng gào lên như thế”
Bé sẽ hiểu thành:
“Con không được bộc lộ cảm xúc”
Hãy thử cách nói khác
“Điều gì đang làm con sợ vậy?”
*Hãy nhớ lại tuổi thơ của bố mẹ đã có những câu nói ám ảnh nào, xin hãy tránh và học cách tôn trọng trẻ từ việc thay đổi những câu nói hàng ngày để bé phát triển tốt hơn.

Source: BrightSide
Vietnamese: VNE