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Cao Lầu, Hoi An, Vietnam

This is cao lầu, the best bowl of noodles I’ve eaten in Vietnam. (Sorry, pho!)

Cao lầu is a super-localized dish that you can only enjoy in the historic town of Hoi An. According to local legend, the rice noodles used in the dish must be made with water from a secret well, and mixed with ash from wood collected from the nearly Cham Islands. Other than that, ingredients and toppings change from chef to chef and restaurant to restaurant, but the dish usually contains some kind of pork and herbs.

We’d tried a few versions around town and were unimpressed, to be honest, until we were walking back to our hotel one night and stumbled upon this set up…

A lone man under a tent in an alley preparing noodles dishes…

His kitchen…

A closer look at the ingredients…

The dining room…

We ordered and he got to work, cooking the noodles, adding the soup and methodically constructing the dish…

In less than two minutes, this beauty bowl arrived at our table…

His version of cao lầu, as seen here, featured two kinds of roast pork, the belly and the loin, and came topped with fried pork lard for crunch. There was also a layer of herbs under all those pork parts, which you mixed all together by yourself…

As you can see above, the noodles are quite thick, similar to udon in texture, but with a very distinct taste.

No soup. Just a few secret sauces and a touch of vinegar.

You added chilli sauce, homemade of course, on your own as well.

I still can’t get over how good this cao lầu was!! Every ingredient came together to form a perfect formula of flavor.

All through our “dinner”, we were watched over by this young fella, the chef’s grandson, who kept eyeing me like I was going to steal one of his ribs…

There’s no address I can give you here, however, I was told this tent goes up nightly as long as the weather’s good. To find this killer cao lầu in Hoi An, look for this address in Old Town and you should spot this streetside chef making magic in the alley after sunset…

Here’s one more look for good measure…

shit grad students say, pt. 1

“i need to sleep 38 minutes ago”

“do i get a gold star on my diploma if i’m the first one to submit my thesis?””

prof: why did you choose to do a masters degree?
student: i’m going to be completely honest, i’m just here for the bragging rights

“i didn’t know you could use microsoft excel to do calculations! i did 138 standard deviations BY HAND!”

“i pulled an all nighter and i don’t even have anything to show for it”

“pho is like vietnamese gatorade. eat a bowl before you go out drinking, you’ll never get a hangover.”

“spanish is my default language. i went to china and i KNOW they don’t speak spanish there but every time i met someone i was like ‘HOLA’”

“i can’t tell if i actually have free time or if i’m just neglecting my responsibilities”

“i was so stressed out last spring that i bought a fish tank”

“sometimes i just need days where all i do is watch shitty mtv shows and look at my fish”

“man, you have to BUDGET your all nighters”

“i was grading lab reports last night and i accidentally spilled wine all over them so now my students know they’ve pushed me to drinking”

“i’m trying to see if there’s a correlation between the number of hours grad students sleep and the number of coffees they drink in a day”

“one of my profs wrote a book about hockey and they misquoted him on tv and now he’s internationally known for saying that all hockey players are homosexual”

“why do i come here? why did i make this my life goal?”

prof: we’re going to get started as soon as everyone’s quiet
student: guys if we keep talking we don’t have to start!


We’ve discovered firsthand that Hanoi truly is the capital of street food, especially on weekends, when they close off a good section of the Old Quarter to traffic and the food carts and vendors roll out in droves. The choices suddenly seem endless, but you find a lot of the same options being offered all around the area. For example, grilled pork skewers, or satay, served with Vietnamese chilli sauce, sold for about 25-30 cents US each. We tried them at a number of makeshift grills over the weekend, but our clear favorite was here, sold by this woman on the corner of Hang Be and Gia Ngu St. Offered simply on the stick, or on bread as a “banh my”, which is how they spell it here, her pork was the most tender and tasty, a huge step up from the others we tried. Additionally, she;s not open only on weekends, but every night on the same corner, until she sells out, which is usually pretty early from what we understand. We got there at 7pm and she was almost done for the night.


Latest obsession: fried tofu

Every since ordering these at a vegetarian thai restaurant, I’ve been making these nonstop. In the last picture is the sweet chili sauce- which I believe is ESSENTIAL with the tofu. Even though there’s a picture of fried chicken on the bottle, it’s completely vegan. (ft. my little sister sneaking in another bite in the background)

Recipe but not really: 

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Bon Me has officially become one of my favorite places to grab some food! Vegan bánh mì is toooo good 👅toasted baguette with roasted soy and paprika tofu, carrots and daikon, cucumber, cilantro, red onion, and vegan walnut pate (all for $6.5) 

get to know me !! (if you wanna)

i was tagged by @markhyucklee xoxo :)
1: are you named after someone : nah

2. when is the last time you cried : nct dream’s first win y'all
3. do you like your handwriting : when I use certain pens
4. what is your favorite lunch to eat : Vietnamese Rice Rolls???
5. do you have kids : nah
6. if you were another person, would you be friends with you : maybe??? depends on whether I found myself cool
7. do you use sarcasm : yes
8. do you still have your tonsils : yEET S/O TO MY TONSILS
9. would you bungee jump : hell no only if I did weed or smth idk
10. what is your favorite kind of cereal : peanut butter cheerios!!
11: do you untie your shoes when you take them off : no
12: do you think you’re a strong person : I’m strong against people I don’t care about, soft for people I care about
13: what is your favorite ice cream flavour : salted caramel praline !
14: what is the first thing you notice about people : eyebrows
15: red or pink : red
16: what is the least favorite physical thing you like about yourself : my slight double chin :(
17: what color pants and shoes are you wearing now : dark blue pants no shoes
18: what was the last thing you ate : dried fish snack
19: what are you listening to right now : nao - bad blood
20: if you were a crayon, what color would you be: sky blue
21: favorite smell : I dunno but tease by Victoria secret is really nice
22: who was the last person you spoke to on the phone : momMa
23: favorite sport to watch : jiu jutsu
24: hair color : v dark brown
25: eye color : dark brown
26: do you wear contacts : nah
27: favorite food to eat : chocolate cHIP COOKIES WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME
28: scary movies or comedy : comedy
29: last movie you watched : Pretty in pink
30: what color of shirt are you wearing?: red
31: summer or winter : Neither I like it somewhere in the middle so I don’t freeze to death
32: hugs or kisses : kisses bc I don’t get many
33: what book are you currently reading : none :-))) HAHAHA I’m off school so ;)
34: who do you miss right now : no one really
35: what is on your mouse pad : nothing
36: what is the last tv program you watched?: something about car restoration
37: what is the best sound : the sound of footsteps on a linoleum floor
38: rolling stones or the beatles : beatles
39: what is the furthest you have travelled?: Philippines!!
40: do you have a special talent : not really but art is my forte apparently
41: where were you born : Singapore!
42: people you expect to participate in this : @thencts @soybeanpaste @mxrksgf @donghyucks90sgf @jaeminnana @nct-dork @markleetrashh &&& ALL MY OTHER MUTUALS ;;

Shit white people say to asians

1. Are you Chinese, Filipino, or Vietnamese?
2. Do you eat dogs?
3. Its okay to call you yellow because that’s what your skin color is, right?
4. Do you speak Chinese?
5. Can you make me egg rolls?
6. Do you speak English?
7. Are you good at math?
8. You don’t look Asian, your eyes aren’t squinted.
9. If you’re Asian, why are you white?
10. When you’re talking to each other in your language are you talking about me?
11. Do you speak another language?
12. Do you eat weird things?
13. Do you always eat rice?
14. Do you have problems with your L’s and R’s when you talk?
15. You speak English well, how long have you been speaking it?
16. Of course you’re smart, you’re Asian!
17. Can you recommend a good Asian restaurant?
18. Do you eat cats??
19. What country are you from?
20. Is it true Asian guys have small dicks?

If you think of any more add em

Yeah, it’s cool to have a friend who is also gay for yoga like me. Who is down to literally sit in a email answering/Netflix bingeing/stoner babe tunnel for hours on end. Who is down to eat Vietnamese, Thai, and Japanese for every meal. Who knows all the back story to every gossip girl season and can talk about it at length and in great detail. Those things are great, and I could go on. But mostly I’m glad to have @nolatrees around because she’s my co-worker in a work environment where water cooler conversations are hard to come by. That’s one of the weirdest things I miss from my life before I began teaching yoga full-time. We underestimate our coworkers- sometimes they become more family than our blood relatives. Anyway, Dana’s my co-worker and I never thought to ask the self-employment gods for her but I’m glad she came into my life just the same. We are doing the absolute most on snapchat-I’m @mynameisjessamy if you want to see our Denver life in living color. There’s not much handstanding, but we did go to @voodoodoughnutmilehigh today and ate some Girl Scout cookies. 🌲🍩🍪🌲🍪🌲🍪🍩🍩 #handstands #handstand (at Denver, Colorado)

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Our usual pho place serves no-nonsense, home-style Vietnamese eats, which means there are things on the menu that might be scurry to non-Asian peeps, like tripe and blood cakes. Lately we’ve noticed a growing number of non-Asian patrons at the restaurant. Hopefully the chef won’t water down the eats to make them more palatable to American tastes, know what I’m sayin’?