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Why don’t we talk about the team trying to get on Bitty’s vlog more?

Like, they all know about it, even if they have respected his privacy and haven’t watched them (except maybe they have? Like, an episode or two from his pre-SMH days?) but they have all gotten pretty decent in the kitchen by now, and they honestly just want to be a part of that part of Bitty’s life.

Lardo maybe wants to make a traditional Vietnamese dish, and also brownies from scratch. Chowder wants to do his grandmother’s noodles, and something special for Cait. Ransom and Holster really just want to do anything, want to be included, but Holster misses Buffalo food, and Rans would maybe like to see Bitty’s take on Nigerian food, or maybe some Nanaimo bars. 

Dex kind of just likes being in the kitchen, has discovered he likes helping Bitty and likes making things with his hands; cooking is like an extension  of fixing things, but the pay off is delicious. Nursey is mostly a disaster in the kitchen, but he’s found that if given a repetitive task, his clumsiness is ameliorated. Plus, he likes being on camera, even if (or maybe because) Dex chirps him about it.

Shitty likes cooking, and also likes the idea of how annoyed his dad would be to see him in the kitchen in an apron, but he’s also incredibly curious about Eric Bittle YouTube star, and also wants to talk about the way Bitty is fighting heteronormative bullshit and dismantling homophobic ideas about gender roles.

Jack. Jack just wants to watch his boyfriend in his element. Maybe wants the world to see how they have learned to move around each other in the kitchen with ease, how he can anticipate Bitty’s needs and help him bake a perfect pie. How he’s learned to assemble a beautiful lattice crust on top of a pie.

I just have a lot of feelings about this, apparently? Like, Bitty expresses his love for people through his food, and all his friends want to be a part of that, but also, to recapture a little bit of their own experiences through cooking with Bitty, sharing their love with him with family recipes, and childhood memories, and their biggest passions.

Banh Khot, Ho Chi Minh City

Banh khot is a Vietnamese dish I’d never seen or heard of before arriving in Ho Chi Minh City. Not on any menu I’ve come across in my travels before. Turns out it’s a quite popular snack in the country where it was created though. We stumbled upon banh khot by chance as we were leaving Ben Thanh Market, just outside of this shop…

The store was closed, but its entrance was where these women had set up shop…

Banh khot are Vietnamese mini pancakes… savory, not sweet… made from rice flour, corn starch, tumeric powder, coconut milk and scallion, cooked in what looks like a takoyaki pan, or “aebleskiver” as it’s known in Europe…

The woman in pink ladeled in the batter and grilled the “pancakes”…

The woman in black made the toppings, either fried shrimp or minced pork with vegetables…

For about $2.75 US, you’re delivered a tray of 12 banh knot with lettuce, fresh herbs and dipping sauce…

You then use the lettuce as your base and make your own pancake wraps, like so…

I enjoyed a few as wraps but actually preferred eating the small, savory pancakes as is, with just a touch of the vinegar and chilli sauce along with some mint, to be honest.

Yet another common Vietnamese cuisine I wish we had back home.

Oh, and if you do go to Ben Thanh Market to look for these banh khot, go early in the day. These ladies set up here around noon and sell out by around 4pm every day!

“A Deal Is a Deal”

“Bruce, what’s going on with you and Clint?” 

“We need to look at this converter and the study I sent you by Dr. Pinter, okay?” 

“You’re deflecting poorly. He’s down here all the goddamned time now, and you guys are joined at the hip upstairs. What’s going on with you and Clint?” 

“I like him. He’s funnier than you, and better looking. So what?” 

“Are you sleeping with him?”

“Can we discuss the study in accordance with this converter, please?”
“Does he care if you kiss and tell?” 

“I’m not telling you anything, Tony, and I’m going to leave if you’re not going to work.” 

“Okay, but if you leave, are you going to go find Clint? Because I know for a fact he’s up in the kitchen trying to cook a Vietnamese dish and cussing very loudly about vegetarian scientists who don’t stop to eat often enough.” 

“Wait. What?” 

“He’s trying to cook for you. It’s sweet. Are you sleeping together?” 

“Maybe. Help me with this converter and I’ll give you a straight answer.”  

“Fuck. The Avenger’s Alert is going off. Sex stories later. I’m holding you to it.”

Now, Tony didn’t care what the answer was; he just wanted Hulk to put Clint down. “Hulk, come on, buddy. We need to help Clint. Set him down.”

Hulk’s angry roar made Tony’s faceplate vibrate, and out of the corner of his eye he saw several agents cover their ears and duck at that sound. Hulk pulled Clint’s limp body closer to his chest.

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Students complaining about cultural appropriation due to inauthentic food:

The college newspaper pointed to the traditional Banh Mi Vietnamese sandwich as an example. The campus dinning services used ciabatta bread, pulled pork and coleslaw. Typically, the traditional Vietnamese dish is served on crispy baguette bread with grilled pork, pate, pickled vegetables and fresh herbs.

“traditional Vietnamese dish […] crispy baguette

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Post a picture that makes you feel good about yourself.

cause I looked adorable in that lmao


Name something that relaxes you.

Reading always relaxes me, but I don’t do it often


Favorite beverages?

Orange Juice!


Comfort food?

Uhh… I have no idea… probably some Vietnamese dish made by my parents lmao


Your favorite things to wear?

I absolutely love wearing hoodies


Name something positive you have done for yourself or someone else in the last two weeks.

I… complimented someone… for something… some time ago… I think…

LOL these answers were horrible sorry

But thanks again, Irfan!