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Nerdy Men of Letters Dean AU, while we are playing the head canon game.

A fix it universe where Henry Winchester survived. He returned to his time and saved the Men of Letters.

He is over overprotective of his son John who rebelled by running off to join the armed forces for the Vietnam war. (Henry is concerned about the timeline forcing things.) Soon John returns disturbed by the war and needing the tranquility of the Bunker. He is frustrated but not able to think of something better to do with his life. Till a family of hunters, the Campbells stop by to get advice from the MoL and bam he meets Mary.

Henry is immediately torn. On one hand he knows bad things could happen(because again the original timeline seems to be trying to reassert itself). On the other, this is a chance his grandsons could still exist and he’s felt guilty for changing the timeline for just that reason. So he cautiously grants his blessing, relieved when Mary declares she doesn’t want to raise boys in the life and gives up hunting so she and John can live normal lives.

Despite his best efforts history tries to repeat itself and Mary dies and John flies of the handle and into hunting. Refusing to let his grandsons suffer the same life they had before, Henry demands custody of them while John is out and raises them both as good little nerdy Men of Letters Acolytes. Sammy prefers making a difference in the real world and still goes to College but Dean happily dorks out in the bunker determined as always to make one of his adult male parental figures (grandpa Henry) proud of him. Plus he has a best friend fellow initiate Charlie. (Henry made a lot of good changes to the men of Letters including gender inclusion.). Plus under grandpa Henry he’s allowed to explore being bi with another initiate without the fear of censorship he’d get from his dad.

However when he officially passes his last initiation right into a full Man of Letters and his dad doesn’t show up as promised, Dean starts to worry. He wants to go after him but he has no training in combat just Lore and magic. So he uses his new authority as a member to go into the restricted libraries the Men of Letters to learn if there’s combat magic or artifacts to aid him and stumbles on the lore they’ve amassed on celestial beings and learns about angels. Remembering his mom’s stories about angels watching over us, he summons and binds a guardian angel to him for his journey into the real world to find his dad. And Castiel answers.

And their first stop is to check in Sammy to see if he’s heard from their dad. And we catapult into a weird mirror of Season 1 only better with nerdy(and slightly clumsy and bashful and crushing on his bound guardian angel) dean, tag-along-Cas, and Charlie sneaking out armed with an arsenal of MoL artifacts she and Dean can play with.

Take That and run with it PW. ^_^

A piece for my character Barry Holder has just been finished, and I can’t be more happy with it! I can’t praise @diermina​ enough for her stunning attention to detail and her incredible ability to bring mood and atmosphere to such a palpable level. She was incredibly malleable during the entire process and she was a delight to work with. This picture is stunning and I would recommend her to anyone who wants a definitive piece of art for their character.

Barry Holder is a ghoul to Saliha bint Sadeegh al-Musta'simi, a Follower of Set, who has recently discovered his Uktena heritage and has manifested his nature as garou. He is a veteran of the Vietnam War, which he had earned a Medal of Distinguished Service for his service as a helicopter pilot.

Barry is a descendant of Marshal Holder from The Good, the Bad, and the Undead, and an Uktena kinfolk taken in by a Society of Leopold offshoot, the Adamantine Order of Gallant. He had his first change in Vietnam, freeing himself and others from a prisoner of war camp, though the trauma associated with it caused him to suppress his memory of it and rationalize the events away.

After the waning support from the American people upon his return faded entirely, Barry desperately tried to help his fellow veterans and keep them from wasting away. Though, soon enough he was pulled into that world and fell into heroin addiction. It was at his lowest that a beautiful woman named Saliha came to him with the medal he sold, and so he finally found a friend.

In 1981, Barry went to a diner to make good on a drug deal made between Saliha and anarch biker gang The Sons of Liberty, police tied to New York Prince Michaela swarmed the diner and managed to take Barry in. As the Sons of Liberty, some of whom felt a debt to Barry after recognizing him as the helicopter pilot who rescued some of them, fought to save him, Barry was able to unlock the memories he had once locked away (with the help of some very modified drugs…). It was after a flashback not unlike this did he realize that he didn’t pull The Sons of Liberty away in an evac mission all those years ago…

He became The Beast, and now control over it rests solely in his hands 

Barry was originally a two-dot retainer bought by @regalswag, that I played as a guest NPC in @backtothestabbery’s VTM chronicle: Good Night, New York.

He was originally just a human who was ghouled by Saliha, and the ST decided to take advantage of two whole past chronicle’s worth of continuity and reveal that Barry was a werewolf. From the Adamantine Order’s protection given to the Pure Tribe’s kinfolk in 1767, to Marshal Holder’s life within the community in the mid 1800’s, Barry’s rather simple concept at first conception sprawled into this big backstory that spans across whole games.

I feel pretty privileged to play this character, as he’s the result of two very dedicated STs taking each other’s works and making their worlds feel as big as the stories are interconnected.

As fans of Glassio since the duo were named Astronaughty, the arrival of new music was cause for celebration. The New York project caresses us with dreamy opulent drapes of synthpop on Search & Destroy. Glassy shards shimmer in brilliant sunlight while an increasingly vibrant rhythm warms our own soul on this ravishing electro-soul and gospel inflected cover of Iggy & The Stooges. Ironically, Glassio has planted plump seeds of hope and optimism with this visionary rendition of a Vietnam war song named Search & Destroy. Creamy sheer LANY, lush vibrant The xx, cosmic vast M83, and fleecy chillwave Postiljonen cross paths on the luminous cover. 

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The media won’t show you these facts. They prefer to twist Martin Luther King’s words in their own manner.

Fact: He was a leader of the Civil Rights Movement.

Fact: Martin Luther King fight segregation in Georgia, helped to organize nonviolent protests in Birmingham and March on Washington in 1963 where he delivered his speech  "I Have a Dream".

Fact: He received Nobel Peace Prize for fighting inequality through nonviolent actions.

Fact: He fought poverty and the Vietnam War and delivered another speech  "Beyond Vietnam".

Fact: on April 4, 1968, Martin Luther King was shot dead for being so big and so important for people in the US.

Fact: He had never said anything like “white lives matter”. He devoted his life to fighting those who diminish the importance of Black lives.

Happy MLKDay!