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Sure You Were - InuKag Drabble

(mini collab by me + @lacyjaybird)

Length: 1,718
Rating: T

Thanks to my darling Lacy for this drawing! Now here’s a fic to go with it. Please R&R on if you enjoy and you can click here if you want to find it

Kagome slumped onto the bed in her hostel. She was shining with sweat. Backpacking through Vietnam as a solo female traveller had been riveting, but she definitely wasn’t prepared for how hot the weather would be during this time of year. She’d spent the entire day biking around town and wandering into the tailor shops that Hoi An was known for. On an impulse, she’d ordered just a few more items of clothing than she’d originally intended. Thank goodness I have a few hours before I have to go back out again to pick up my clothing, she mused. She needed some time sitting in an air-conditioned room before braving the heat again. Asia was beautiful, but damn was it ever hot in August.

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I booked my flights to Vietnam and my internal hanoi-hoi an-saigon flights, as well as my saigon and hoi an Airbnbs.
Final step: pick a place for the first 4 nights in Hanoi, an overnight sea cruise company, and a bit pof a luxury treat situation for the one night back in Hanoi before flying south.

Anybody got Hanoi lodging recs? (I will also take all food recs for Hanoi, Hoi An, and Ho Chi Minh)

Neil Gresham deep water soloing in Ha Long Bay in Vietnam

My head is the strongest aspect of my climbing. I’m always psyched and I find giving up to be an absolute last resort. There are plenty of routes that have got the better than me, but I can honestly say that I always gave them my best.

photo: Lukasz Warzecha / Wojtek Kozakiewicz

To that Anon who convinced me to watch Dear Other Self

Thank you! It reminded me of my travel dreams and my time traveling solo in Vietnam/Cambodia/Thailand earlier this year. It was also my first time traveling by myself and it was my first out of the country experience but it wasn’t as crazy as the one in the movie. Well, it might also depend on your personality, but mine was certainly amazing and while there are tons of mishaps, it was still not as disastrous as hers.

PS: hostels aren’t as bad! That one looks like a prison cell LOL✌️

I have a lot of issues with the film itself but it was nice, I guess :)

Key takeaway: If only I could afford to pack my bags now and travel again, I would do it in a heartbeat. Haaaaay kung mapera lang talaga ako, I swear. Hahaha