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I was tagged by @accidentallypatriotic for a throwback selfie. Not too far of a throwback. And not technically a selfie. But here I am with a real life hero. I served with Buck here in Afghanistan. Every time. Even this last deployment, after the Army finally forcibly made him retire, he was there as a contractor.

Buck joined the Army shortly after the Korean war as a private. Then he joined Special Forces as a medic. I once asked him what 18D class he graduated from. He said two. As in the second class ever. After Vietnam, he left the enlisted ranks as a Sergeant First Class and became a Warrant Officer. And progressed to the Rank of Chief Warrant Officer 3. In the 80’s, Buck left the Army for a brief time to attend PA school. He then rejoined the Army as a 2nd Lieutenant.

He participated in every major conflict since Vietnam. Pictured above as a Lieutenant Colonel at 63 years old and still on Active Duty. A true hero and badass.


Fifty years ago, military photographs serving in our armed forces took thousands of photographs that covered every aspect of the conflict in in Vietnam—photographs that are now part of our National Archives. Their assignments sent them everywhere: the jungles and swamps, forward bases, hospital ships, rivers, and air bases.

Our new traveling exhibit, “Picturing Nam,” will be on display for the first time at Syracuse, NY, during the Central New York Veterans Parade Expo from November 10 to 12. After that, you can see this exhibit at the Onondaga County Historical Society until January 7, 2017.

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