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what are the girls like??


  • She’s absolutely the girl who hoardes things, ranging from her knives, cool yo-yos, and books. 
  • She has a really sharp fashion sense, and absolutely loves playing with darker colours, as they compliment her skin so perfectly. 
  • She can be a bit of a drama queen, but honestly she’d rather everyone just chill for once. 
  • She would do literally anything for her sister, and they tend to go hiking a lot.


  • She literally has a hair bow for every outfit she owns. 
  • She intentionally tries to get ‘Cat’ as her result on Buzzfeed quizzes. 
  • She has an on-and-off again bromance with England, but they’ve more or less come together after she gave him his little Scottish Fold. 
  • She considers herself kind of everyone’s big sister, and is always down for hugs, murder, and binge-watching if needed, no questions asked.

Czech Republic

  • She refuses to wear any kind of shoe that isn’t a pair of boots.
  • She has rage-quit Monopoly a few times, going so far as to even flip the board and throw the money everywhere.
  • She has spa dates with Luxembourg every other Thursday.
  • She makes and designs calendars each year, sometimes featuring photos she’s taken, other times with calligraphy and sketches for each individual month; it depends.


  • The Vargases are her sons and if you touch them you will never be seen again.
  • She has an apocalypse plan for literally any situation you can come up with.
  • She gets seasick every time she steps on a boat, even the ferries in Budapest.
  • She trusts Prussia with essentially everything, because he is one of the only people who has always been 1000% with her.


  • She honest-to-gods wants to become a rap god.
  • Switzerland is her brother, but she’s come to see Hungary as her big sister and role model.
  • She can’t actually cook that well, but she loves food.
  • She tends to play on a League server, and her language grows more and more aggressive and colourful as the hours drag on.


  • She is a marine biologist, and spends most of her time out on her boat.
  • She is a master volleyballer. She’s not passionate about sport overall, but volleyball is the one thing that she gets very competitive about.
  • Although twins, while Seychelles like to keep her hair long and flowy, she prefers to keep hers short, out of the way and less of a mess to wash after a dive.
  • She thinks America is a pompous douchebag, but she wants to ask him for surfing lessons. She’s just trying to summon up the strength not to smack him upside the head first.


  • She leads a double life as a tour guide as well as a nation.
  • She, Al, and Mattie are constantly all competing with each other to see which is the superior sibling; they have all become kickass pilots, bareback riders, and dirtbikers for this reason alone.
  • She mastered the bottle flip on her first attempt.
  • She would unironically marathon Go Diego, Go! if she had the time.


  • She absolutely served as a spy in WWII, and may-or-may-not have helped some certain refugees find safe passage out of Europe. I mean whaaaaaa????
  • She is fluent in at least ten languages, and can scam you in all of them.
  • Her favourite musical is Phantom of the Opera, and she has gone to see it over twelves times with France.
  • She can drink all of the Germanics under the table, and she has. Multiple times.


  • She has flirting contests with Romano, and 7 times out of 10, she’s the one who walks away with the girl’s number.
  • She makes all of her own clothes, and lowkey has a pseudonym that she has been using to start a fashion line.
  • She runs an aesthetic blog, featuring photos of her citizens and the amazing views near her house.
  • She always has a fresh batch of lemonade in the fridge, “just in case.”


  • She doesn’t fully understand the concept of personal space, and is the friend who will constantly be flopping on other friends.
  • She gets into intense political discussions with Macau and Hong Kong, all the time.
  • She’s dabbled in journalism a bit, but finds herself discouraged sometimes by the sheer number of other reporters out there, and how often a story is finished, only to be ignored in favour of the more highly shared fake news articless online.
  • She is a goddess at interior design, and can create ideal colour swatches at the tip of a hat.


  • She has a farm, and it is her biggest passion in this life. If she’s not wearing coveralls and muddy work boots or being followed by her small squadron of animal companions, she’s not happy.
  • She has an uncanny ability to predict the weather perfectly for the whole day ahead of her.
  • She often lights a bunch of candles in her house as dusk is falling, nostalgia for simpler times and a constant awareness of the electric bill being the root causes for the aesthetic.
  • She once broke Denmark’s nose for bullying Russia. Denmark still compliments her for it (’the only person more badass than me!’), and the poor girl has never lost her guilty complex.


  • She thinks The Beatles are overrated.
  • She can master pretty much any instrument she picks up, but keeps the fact hidden from most everyone.
  • She’s kind of a loner, whenever she can find some quiet time away from her brothers.
  • She spends a lot of time with Canada, bonding over common interests; they clicked during one of those nights where they both happened to be chilling at France’s house.


  • She is 1000% a fully independent woman, and if that means that she still clings to Australia whenever a storm rolls through, so be it. (He’s still her dad, no matter what.)
  • She tries to spend time with the other female nations, but sometimes she feels just way too young to form any real connections, even with Liechtenstein.
  • She is obesessed with Monty Python, and it constantly pisses Sealand off that she shares that with England.
  • She is taking vocal lessons from Finland. She doubts she’ll ever be into screamo or heavy metal or whatever, but it would still be ace to master.

I think I got everyone? If I forgot someone, lemme know; I’ll be sure to add them in!

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How many nations do you think you could bench press?

So far it’s five of my bros!!

My goal is that at some point I can lift all the members of The Bros


These Grandfathers Getting Married Might Be The Best Thing You See Today

The New York Times first posted this video of two men who had been together since the Vietnam War, adopted a baby, became grandfathers, and finally got married.

Lewis Duckett and Billy Jones have been together a long time.

External image

They were introduced through a mutual friend and…

External image

They wrote just about every day when Billy was deployed to Vietnam.

External image

But they had to be careful, and wrote in code so their relationship was kept secret.

External image

Then they adopted a child. They’re now grandfathers.

External image

And last year this happened.

External image

Which is pretty much the sweetest thing that ever happened.

External image

The tears. The tears.

External image
Via [Buzzfeed]

Gravity Falls headcanon that Sherman Pines was a Vietnam war vet. The baby in AToTS was Dipper and Mabel’s father, and Shermie wasn’t there because the scene takes place in the spring of 1970 and he was drafted in the winter of 1969.

Ma Pi Leng pass - Northern Vietnam

We were driving the Ha Giang Loop in the mountains of Vietnam when we stumbled upon a family building a house up on the cliff beside the road. They offered us food, laughed, smiled and wanted me to take lots of photos. This woman and her baby were natural models. 

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Jimin Oppa please, I want you to shove your shrimp up my vayjanettoo, hmmmm yessss oppa tempura shrimp dicc 💦💦 oo la 👌🏻👌🏻 laaaaaa 😩😩 Ho Chi Minh likes lasagna 🔥🔥🔥 Dude 🥐🥐 My croissant fell down the 💦💦 StaaaaiRes 👉🏼👌🏻👌🏻 Jimin 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ listen boi 🔥🔥 I want you to 👏🏼👏🏼 bOmb my pu$$y 💋💋 liKe Lyndon Johnson did to North VietnaM 😩😩😩 yesssS bAby bOi ❤️❤️ shOve them inflammable Napalm jelly up my anus 👌🏻👌🏻 uranus is the shiT man 🍆🍆 i got avocados and bananas🥒

- Something something I wrote the other day. Short, but possibly part of a series?? Please tell me what you think, I thought a lot about whether or not this was ooc but still. 

The first time Jason ever got in a fistfight was in the eighth grade, when one of his classmates called all those Soldiers deployed to Vietnam ‘cruel baby killers.’ It was between his house and his school on a warm Wednesday afternoon and they had stopped to argue on the sidewalk. Surprisingly, Jason didn’t feel better at all when he punched the kid, who he knew deserved it. Todd, the bully, lurched forward, looking as if he was going to fall. Then he grabbed hold of Jason’s shirt and pulled him fast towards the pavement. 

They ended up having a brief scuffle on the ground, and Jason was the first to pull away, suddenly feeling sick inside his stomach, not due to the dark blood that streamed from his nose. 

There was both his and the other kid’s blood on his hands.

Jenny had been disappointed. “This isn’t like you.”  She said, and even if Jason hadn’t done something like this before, he wondered if it was like him, since he had thought about it before. He didn’t know when the anger started, but at some point it had, and found it tempting to storm.

“You know what he said.” He argued pointlessly, tiredly.  

“That’s not an excuse.” She sighed, and her gaze burned. Hazel eyes vibrant shades. He thought she was more upset since Whit hadn’t been as vocal as she had, that he hadn’t reiterated that no matter what anyone said about Jerry, violence wasn’t an answer. “You know that’s not an excuse, Jason. Having self control is one of the-” She paused to take a breath, and he willed himself not to look away. “Most important things you’ll ever need to learn, to gain respect, and live a life worthy of the calling.”


“You can’t react like that, no matter if the person does deserve it.” Jason’s shoulders slumped. Part of him knew she was right, above else, and above else  said justice had to lose control sometimes.