On a side note, this was the best film I’ve ever written and directed (in my opinion). A lot of effort was put in by everyone that was involved. I could’ve done better, I already know it, but I’m very proud of everything I’ve learned about filmmaking since I’ve started.

We’re in the works on our next project now. It’s bigger and going to take more time, but I’m hoping it will come out as perfect as I visualize it. I go through many drafts with my scripts and with this next short film I’ve gone through the most. I’m hoping my writing blog can also attract filmmakers or screenwriters like myself. I’d love to get to know that community too.

I’ll update with pictures and maybe some posts on my productions. We work really hard on them and most of what goes on behind the scenes are undocumented and forgotten. I want to change that for my crew.


Eric Gossec (France) _ Série D _ 2016 _ 

Album created for the Cu Chi Project 2017 - 12,5x18,5 - 12 pages - BW - Layout & shaping by +0 - 100% handmade - Printed 23/09/2016 at Plus Zéro - Pyrénées - France

Artzine presented during the crowdfunding. Follow the project >

MUHAMMAD ALI (born Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr) 

1942 - 2016  

When this provocative Esquire cover image was released in 1968, Muhammad Ali had been stripped of his title for refusing to be inducted into the U.S. Armed Forces and serve in the Vietnam War. As a result, he was arrested, tried and found guilty of draft evasion. 

The case would later be overthrown in the Supreme Court.

Art director: George Lois  

So yesterday I saw a rather young, cute couple at IKEA and one of them was wearing what appeared to be Steven’s shirt from Steven Universe.

As they were walking past, I complimented with, “Nice Steven Universe t-shirt!”. He does a double-take and turns around with a confused look on his face. I begin to realize that this man may have no clue what SU is. 

This prompts me to ask, “What’s your shirt from?”. He responds, “The Republic of Vietnam…”

…The more you know….