This transgender bodybuilder is crushing barriers in Vietnam

Kendy stands at the crossroads of two Vietnamese communities — LGBTQ people and bodybuilders — in a patriarchal and conservative society where obedience is often expected of women above anything else, and homosexuality is discouraged.

Having taken some years to accept his true gender identity, Kendy’s family is still far more progressive than the Vietnam Bodybuilding Federation, which hasn’t even broached the subject yet, instead barring Kendy from competing in the men’s division.

“It doesn’t matter if I am a trans man or not,” he says with a smile. “What matters is my attempt at bodybuilding and that I put my effort into training.”

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Vibrant Overhead Portraits of Vietnamese Street Vendors by Photographer Loes Heerink

A beautiful series of photographs featuring the street vendors of Hanoi by photographer Loes Heerink. In order to get the desired shots (all captured from above) Heerink got up at 4am and positioned herself atop various bridges throughout the city, sometimes waiting for hours for vendors to pass by. #Love it!

Top Shot: The Incense of Red

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Incense plays an important role in Vietnamese life as it is considered as a sacred bridge to connect the visible life of human beings and the world of heaven, earth and gods. Making incense has been a traditional job in Vietnam for thousand of years. Photograph by Tran Tuan Viet