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Around The World In 80 Days: Vietnam

Photo Credit: (Hanoi’s Panorama & Skyline)
Terraced Fields Of Mù Cang Chải
Photo Credit: (Nutthavood Punpeng)
Ma Pi Leng Pass
Photo Credit: (Binh Le)

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A Vietnamese medic jumps from a secure position behind a rice paddy dike, crossing a swampy paddy under fire from Viet Cong guerrillas in Binh Dong province along a canal on the edge of the Plain of Reeds, Aug. 8, 1966. He was coming to the aid of wounded regional forces in a skirmish between the Viet Cong and a company of “ruff-puffs,” (regional forces and popular forces).

Photographed by Horst Faas.

Water-filled bomb craters from B-52 strikes against the Viet Cong mark the rice paddies and orchards west of Saigon, Vietnam, 1966. Most of the area had been abandoned by the peasants who used to farm on the land. (AP Photo/Henri Huet)