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Around The World In 80 Days: Vietnam

Photo Credit: (Hanoi’s Panorama & Skyline)
Terraced Fields Of Mù Cang Chải
Photo Credit: (Nutthavood Punpeng)
Ma Pi Leng Pass
Photo Credit: (Binh Le)

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1. I love bad modern trap music so like, if you cant stand the thought of waking up to Lil Yachty in the morning, you probs couldnt date me

2. If I see a worm crawling in the sidewalk i stop to pick it up with a leaf or twig and put it back in the grass bc i want to save it

3. I have a lot of trouble getting to sleep most nights

Fav things

1. Almaty is literally the nicest little city i miss that part of the world so much which sucks bc i doubt my career will ever take me to central asia again

2. They used to serve my fav dish at my fav vietnamese place back home, pineapple fried rice from viet garden, in a hollowed out half of a pineapple, but they stopped :(

Person i like

1. So this girl I have been chatting up on tinder this week teaches pole dancing classes and wants to sork on making technology accessible for the elderly and disabled

A Vietnamese medic jumps from a secure position behind a rice paddy dike, crossing a swampy paddy under fire from Viet Cong guerrillas in Binh Dong province along a canal on the edge of the Plain of Reeds, Aug. 8, 1966. He was coming to the aid of wounded regional forces in a skirmish between the Viet Cong and a company of “ruff-puffs,” (regional forces and popular forces).

Photographed by Horst Faas.

@Saxony ))

Vietnam sat at her bambo desk reading the paper as always. But today she was expecting a guest over. A pleasent visit from a distant friend ‘Saxony’. She was quite excited to show him around her country and wished for him to enjoy her decor. If that was to be possible at all.

She stood up and glided to the window. She rested her elbow on the frame of the window, propping her chin in her palms. Vietnam could hardly contain herself for the intense touring she would have to do. It was also a pity that no one really liked the come to her home. Although romano would stop by, that was nice too. But some one new coming to he house just plucked her cords just a bit more.

@pomodoro-romano (( genderbend viet ))

“Goodness, at all of times i change into a guy. But gladdly it is the end of the month, so that of course solved that.” Vietnam said,.

Earlier that day some strange grey man had put a spell on her and changed her into a male. She was causious of going out of her home. But thought no one could tell and it would be a bit of fun to trick her comrades. Of course the first person she would tell was Lovino and that was the path ‘he’ was walking in. His house.

He approuched the door and hesitated for a moment. Finally after a few moments Vietnam knocked softly on the door.

“o-ok…. i will change my name to…. Hien… yeah thats good”

@monsieur-bonnefoy ~~ (( nonchibi ))

vietnam casually walked down the streets of paris. It has been a very long while since she has set foot on the cabble stone path ways. It brings her back to her childhood. Actually being claimed by france wasnt so bad and she always made it seem. She enjoyed playing in the european grass and the food was different and good.

She soon made it to his home, lightly knocking on the familiar door.


i knew that my brother (s. vietnam ) should of killed me instead, but now i have to deal with all this shi- and economic problems and the fu–ing bishing. ….. i wish we never split but no.

and then i wanted to go commie just to kill myself with overbarring rules.

but no.


if i want

i’ll do it again

fu– this


it was a bad idea.
  • vietnam: ..... this is a bad idea...... I CAN FEEL IT.
  • taiwan: pfff. its an epic idea
  • vietnam: so, wearing panda playboy outfits, is an EPIC idea? *scoff*
  • taiwan: yes.
  • vietnam: its a good thing your pretty.....
  • taiwan: Y THANK U.
  • vietnam: mhm.
  • taiwan: maybe~ ( .w. )
  • vietnam: im not going to be apart of this, raisu
  • taiwan: *grabs her pony tail*
  • vietnam: kdfjdkjf LET GO.
  • taiwan: *drags*