vierlights answered: What propels light? Light (photons) were at the sun about eight minutes ago, and now they’re here. What makes them “go?”

Great question! It’s due, in part, because photons are the gauge bosons of the electromagnetic field, and the field “propels them,” but mainly because the photons seek areas of lower energy density. Much like diffusion, the high concentration of photons wants to go to places of lower concentration.

optimalhumanmodulation-deactiva  asked:

If I'm not mistaken, you're an appreciator of tattoos, so I've a question. Are sleeves usually done all at once, or do they usually get built and added to as time progresses?

ah… this is a good question… it depends on the sleeve, the person, etc… i have a half sleeve which was 6.5 hours of work… 3 sittings… one piece, first the lines, then color, then layers… that said… many sleeves are built over time from smaller pieces (sometimes worked into cohesion with a background, and sometimes not)… i also had a friend who had a full sleeve that was one full piece that was being done in blocks down his arm… i think it took a year to complete… 

i want to have a full sleeve, and i have been trying to decide if i should build down from my half-sleeve on the left… or up from my wrist piece on the right… i am leaning toward the latter…

vierlights said: So happy for you. I thought it was amazing!   Thank you ! What a spectacular film though, it sure was worth the wait! I’m still processing how amazing it was haha. They really did a great job on this one…all the little nods to the fans uhhhsdfsdiofhosdhf it’s just too much ^_^. If I HAD to make a complaint it would be ‘needs more klingons!’ I’ll be gushing over this for quite some time; can’t wait to see it again :)