Also, got a few things from @vierbryn while visiting her!

First one is a print that I saw at last Auto Assembly, but couldn’t/forgot to buy it, and now she gave it to me.

And the second two pic are paintings! They both look ridiculously amazing, i really only need to put on some screws in the wall so i can hang them up or something OvO

For now, they all will just stare at me from the top of the sofa I have in my room. The silent murderstares while I’m trying to work out or study. Amasin.

Anyways i just wanted to show these off because they are just really damn neat, and i love them on my walls C:

We’re all Breakdown.

Gif made by tfg photoshop and gif Master, vierbryn!!! I know I said I had favorites before, but I think I have a new one now; those perfect minute head and angle changes as KO turns his head, the absolute best expression choice for Breakdown, that little grin at the end. Yes, I have a new favorite.


This started out as a sketch I did before Christmas but ran out of time to finish and then holy crap, just look. Finished out, fully colored, shaded, animated- complete with wee little eye blink? I nearly feel out of my chair upon seeing it.

Vierbryn you are so awesome, this made me so many kinds of happy

(ノ ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Terror of the Decepticon ranks they are, but no one knew the DJD actually loved going out for energon smoothies. Helex slept in, the bum.

I’m giggle-snorting right now, this is so great. And Vos riding shotgun, hah. Ahhhh and their drinks were even colored, ahhh, that is so perfect. Kaon has moves btw. Lookit him. Lookit. And I’m rambling, but this was made for an anon request in the tfg by

vierbryn! (Gif master extraordinaire :D

Skids has many talents.

Gif made by the wonderful ps/gif master vierbryn for the tfg! Please notice all those minute head changes for all the angles as he turns along with the expressions, veeeeery impressive work there, woah. (My favorite though is the smug little overly-pleased with himself grin he has as he saunters off at the end, too perfect XD )