trust npc // aja hyskaris

Selection: “Let’s get going, then.”

Job: Mercenary

Weapons: A customized gunblade, fists and kicks when it comes down to it or disarmed, shots from her gunblade, an emergency shock from her mechanical arm.

AI Behavior: Aja is an aggressive, reckless tank, pulling large groups to the brink of overconfidence. She’ll sprint ahead, pull wall to wall, rushing from group to group–but somehow use just the right combination of dodges and parries and make it out mostly unscathed. Despite this, she is good at cycling cooldowns–but will sometimes stand in the odd AoE to get just one more combo off.

Health: She slips into efficient, brutal blows driven purely by fighting instinct, gaining a steadily-increasing stack of damage buff, as her HP drops lower. Her dialogue is also peppered with grunts and breaths, and grows more serious.

Limit Break: Her Level 3 Limit Break is selectable. It’s either a massive explosion generated from her gunblade and its cartridge or a large amount of her aether drained to generate a 10-yalm barrier, large enough for everyone to fit in– if they stack.

Battle Lines:

• “Come on!” - Starting Attack Line

• “Try and keep up!” - Using Specialty Skills, Variation 1

• ”I know you can do better.” - Using Specialty Skills, Variation 2

• “Hey, over here!” - Using Provoke

• “This one’s yours!” - Using Shirk

• “Pretty impressive.” - Taking a hit for more than ¼ of her HP

• “So it’s going to be like that then…” - When using a cooldown, Variant 1

• “Should be enough.” - When using a cooldown, Variant 2

• “Come on, on your feet.” - Assisting an ally

• “Hold on!” - Using Heart of Stone on an ally

• “On me!” - During stack mechanics or when using Heart of Light

• “Drinks after this?” - When a critical hit kills something

• “This could be better…!” - When using Superbolide

Limit Break:

• “It’s not over yet!” - Her defensive Level 3 Limit Break. Expends all of her aether to create shields around the party, severely weakening her in the process.

• “Watch this.” - Her DPS Level 3 Limit Break. Overloads her gunblade and cartridges to generate a massive, AoE explosion.


• “I never pictured it ending like this…”

• “Ah, shite…”

• “Looks like…I can’t take you on that ride…” - When Lofn is in the party

• “[chuckle] And here I always thought you’d be the first to go…” - When Pjel is in the party


• “I’m going to feel that later.”

• “Ah, just… give me a second.”

BONUS INFO: /stretch and /squats a lot when idle, or reloads her gunblade and checks the cartridges. Also charges inert cartridges, idly flexes her prosthetic arm, rolls her shoulders, or adjusts her gloves.

When in a party with Lofn Yascaret, she will prioritize protecting her, often to the point of distraction. Her dialogue toward her is flirtatious and smarmy, privately softer when Lofn is healing her.

Aja will banter with Pjel Qoet when tanking alongside her, especially during tank swapping mechanics. Her dialogue involves recollections of their many battles and misadventures in Rabanastre.

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