Plums For You (Bucky Barnes x reader)

Request: The one where the reader was in a relationship with Bucky and stayed together in his apartment, but they broke up 2 days before Steve arrived. (Happy ending though, don’t worry).

Warning/s: Civil War AU-ish

(Y/N) shut the door of her apartment and slipped on a jacket on top of her blue top. The weather today was slightly cold. She walked down the sidewalk to her car, thinking of a certain brown-haired guy with a metal arm. 

She first met Bucky when she visited Bucharest because her sister lived there. One night, when she was heading back to her car, he saved her from the guys who kept cat-calling her and tried to make their way at her. Since then, they established a friendship which later evolved to a relationship. She learned about what he had done and helped him cope up with it. But sadly, they took a break 2 days ago. She gathered her things and moved to an apartment near Bucharest. 

Last night, she received a letter from him. He told her to meet him in his apartment today because he has something to say. So here she is now, in her car, and driving to Bucharest. She wondered what he has to say to her.

When she got to Bucharest, she noticed a crowd gathering around the apartment building where Bucky is living in. There was also a lot of vans and police officers gathered around, followed by a helicopter flying above. She parked her car on the side and went to investigate on the area. She heard a lot of people saying that the German special forces have arrived in the place to arrest someone for blowing up a building in Vienna. 

(Y/N) walked up to the entrance but a police officer had stopped her. “I’m sorry, ma'am. You can’t be here.” he told her. 

She raised an eyebrow. “Why? What’s happening?" 

"The German special forces raided the building to arrest a wanted criminal that has been living in here for the past couple of days. Said that he was wanted for the death of a king and the bombing in Vienna." 

(Y/N) felt herself stiffen at the mention of ‘wanted criminal’. She prayed that it wasn’t Bucky. "Who’s the wanted criminal?” she asked, slightly stuttering. 

The police officer shrugged. “Something like James Buchaner Barnes? Buchanan? I don’t know.” he told her.

(Y/N)’s eyes grew wide and her mouth fell open. So it was Bucky! Her heart started beating fast. Oh no, what if they got to him already? she thought. She looked up at the man. “You have to let me in.” she said. 

“I’m sorry, ma'am. But we’ve been given orders to not let a single civilian to enter the premises until the raiding is clear." 

"But I have to go in there! My friend might be in danger." 

The police officer shook his head. "The building has evacuated the tenants in a safe area. I think you’ll find your friend there.” he said, nodding to the zone behind her that was guarded by the police. 

She looked back and searched the area for Bucky but she didn’t see him. She walked back to her car and climbed inside. She stared at the thin air in front of her, hoping and praying that Bucky is okay. Sighing, she started her car and drove back home. 

It was a peaceful night. The place was quiet, except for some rooms which were having a get-together or something. (Y/N) was cooking in her kitchen when someone had knocked on the door. “Hold on a minute!” She called out as she wiped her hands dry on a kitchen towel. She walked out of the kitchen and headed to the door. 

When she opened to see who it was, her eyes grew wide and froze in shock. There in front of her were five guys and a girl. She recognized one of them as Bucky, while the others are the members of the Avengers, except for the other guy who was standing beside the Falcon. They all looked exhausted.

“Whoa….” she murmured, gaping at all of them. 

Bucky stepped forward to her line of vision. She stared up at him in confusion, despite her shock. “Bucky?” she asked. 

He gave her a small smile. “Hey, (Y/N). Can we stay in your apartment for a while? We need a place to crash for tonight, and you are the only one who I trust.” he said, rubbing the nape of his neck. “I’ll explain it to you later." 

(Y/N) looked at all of them before nodding her head, stepping to the side to make room for them. "Yeah, sure. Come on in.” she said. 

All of them nodded gratefully and appreciatively at her and walked inside. She closed the door and faced them. She couldn’t believe the sight she was seeing right now. The Avengers are standing in the middle of her room. Wow, she thought to herself.

“This place feels cozy." 

"Yeah. Do you smell that? Yum.”

“I read her mind earlier to see if she’s hiding something bad or not. The lady is nice and has a good heart. I like her.”

Bucky cleared his throat, grabbing the attention of the other people inside. They turned to face him. “This is (Y/N), (Y/N), this is Steve, Scott, Sam, Clint, and Wanda.” Bucky introduced. 

(Y/N) stepped forward and smiled at them, shaking their hands as she tried to calm her heart from beating fast. “Hi. I know all of you. Well except for you, sorry,” she said as she pointed to Scott and gave him a sheepish smile, who only smiled at her and nodded his head, understanding, “I’m a big fan of all of you. I’m sorry if that sounds a little bit uncomfortable.”

All of them smiled at her. This boost up her confidence a little.  Steve stepped forward. “I’m sorry for barging in like this, ma'am. We just really need a place to lie low.” he told her. 

(Y/N) nodded her head. “It’s alright. I don’t mind having you all here. It’s not everyday I get an opportunity like this. So why not fully grasp it until it lasts.” she joked, earning chuckles from everyone. “Some of you can take my room. It’s much comfortable there than here in the living room.” she offered.

Sam shook his head. “No, no, you take your bed. We’ll be fine here on the living room.” he told her, smiling politely. 

(Y/N) nodded. “Alright. I’ll call room service to order up a few mattresses for you guys to be comfortable when you sleep tonight.” she said, earning nods from the others. “Are you all hungry? Dinner is about to be finished." 

"Ah, yes! Food! Thank you so much, Miss (Y/N). You are a lifesaver!” Scott cheered happily. 

(Y/N) blushed and chuckled. “You’re welcome.” she said and entered the kitchen. 

After ordering the mattresses up for the guests and placing it around the living room, and eating dinner, (Y/N) offered to clear everyone’s plates and brought them to the kitchen, despite everyone’s protests that they should be the one clearing their one plates. She told them it’s fine and that they should rest and sleep. 

While she was washing the plates in the kitchen, someone had tapped her shoulder. She looked over to see Bucky standing there. Her heart sent a small flutter. With everything going on, she had almost forgotten that they had broken up 2 days ago. Thinking about it now, she felt the situation turn slightly awkward. She rinsed her hands and wiped them on a kitchen towel. 

“Hey, Buck.” She greeted. “What do you need?" 

Bucky shook his head. "Nothing. I…” he swallowed and cleared his throat. “Just wanted to say thank you again for letting us stay for the night." 

(Y/N) gave him a small smile. "You’re welcome.” She told him. “But I still wanna know what happened, Bucky. I went to Bucharest earlier morning and found that there are German special forces who raided the building to arrest you. Did you get in trouble again?” she asked. 

Bucky sighed, his shoulders slumping down. “Sort of.” he said and began telling her about the whole situation, and included the feud between Iron Man and Captain America. 

(Y/N) let out a small gasp when she finished. “Oh wow. That is trouble. Have you guys determined how you are going to catch the bad guy?” she asked. 

“As of the moment, no. But we’ll figure out something tomorrow." 

(Y/N) nodded, understanding everything. Silence fell upon both of them. (Y/N) looked down on the ground and slightly picked on the hem of her apron. Bucky slightly bit his lower lip and placed his hands in his pocket, only to feel a plastic inside. He pulled it out and saw the plums he had bought earlier. He was amazed at the fact that the plums were still the same condition the same time he bought them. He then remembered that he had bought these for her because she was coming over. 

"Hey, uh,” Bucky broke the silence and cleared his throat. He handed her the plastic with plums inside. “Earlier today, before the special forces found my location, I bought these for you because you were coming over and I wanted to give you something special. I-It’s simple, I know. But it’s your favorite. Figured that you might….” he trailed off, not finishing his sentence. 

(Y/N) looked up at him then to the plastic he was holding. She took it and opened it, revealing the dark purple-colored fruits that she loves. This sent a flutter in her heart and a smile on her face. “Thank you, Bucky. You’re so sweet.” she said. 

She didn’t see it but her compliment made his cheeks turn slightly pink. He cleared his throat and shifted to lean on left foot to right foot. “Those are not the only ones that I’m supposed to give to you. Most of them were in my backpack. But I lost it somewhere in Bucharest while His Highness T'Challa was chasing me.” he told her. 

(Y/N) smiled softly and stepped forward. “It’s all in the little things, Bucky. I appreciate this.” she said, gesturing to the plums on her hand. 

Bucky smiled at her before looking at her with softness and warmth. “I missed you.” he murmured, giving her a small sad smile. 

(Y/N)’s heart melted for him. She returned the look of softness and smiled. “I missed you, too.” she said and opened her arms. “Come here.”

Bucky stepped forward and wrapped his arms around her, bringing her in an embrace. He pulled her closer and buried his face onto the crook of her neck, inhaling her scent. They missed this. They hadn’t realized how much they have missed being in each other’s arms till now. (Y/N) hugged him tighter and smiled against his shoulder. She and Bucky felt like in home. 

When they pulled away, they didn’t release each other. (Y/N) looked up to meet his eyes. Bucky stared at her eyes for a few minutes before glancing down to her lips. His hand slowly reached up to cup her jaw. His thumb drew small circles on her cheek as he leaned forward. She met him half-way and they kissed.  Warmth, acceptance, passion, and affection were poured onto the kiss. Bucky slowly walked her back until her lower back was pressed against the sink. He picked her up and placed her on top of the counter as he deepened the kiss. 

After a while, (Y/N) pulled back for air and panted heavily. Bucky continued drawing small circles on her hips as they caught their breath. She looked at him and smiled, running her fingers through his hair as she gently rubbed her nose against his. Bucky gave her a dazed smile and chuckled. 

(Y/N) glanced at something behind him and her eyes grew wide, cheeks turning red. He looked back and saw Steve and Sam leaning against the door-frame of the kitchen with their hands crossed on their chests and smirks on their faces. (Y/N) cleared her throat and jumped down, with Bucky easing her down.

She smoothed down her clothes and swallowed, looking at them. “Hey, uh, do you need something?” she asked. 

“We were going to ask you if we could borrow your laptop, but you seem busy.” Steve told her, smirking at both of them. 

(Y/N)’s eyes grew wide as she coughed awkwardly. Her cheeks were turning red in embarrassment. “Oh, uh, yes, sure. You can borrow my laptop. I’ll go get it.” she said before walking past them, leaving the three of them in the kitchen. 

When she was gone, Steve and Sam looked back at him with shit-eating grins on their faces. Bucky slightly narrowed his eyes at them but couldn’t help but not suppress the growing smile on his face. “Not one word.” he told them, chuckling.


Woof! And there goes day 5! I have to wake up bright and early to catch a train so let’s make this quick.

I started today with a walking tour. Vienna has the largest collection of absolutely improbably sized buildings I’ve ever seen. The entire city center was designed to be palatial! Those wacky hapsburgs.

After doing a bit of souvenir shopping and forgetting my goddamn wallet and phone in the demel store (today in general was like a lesson in what not to do as a solo traveler, yeesh) I tried to get a tour of hofburg palace but I couldn’t find the entrance–the whole building, which takes up like 7 city blocks, is broken down into all sorts of different museums and agencies! Instead i took a brief look at the royal library, which was absolutely beautiful

Before heading back to my bnb for a brief rest, I got a cursed slice of original sachertorte from the sacher hotel. Delicious! Then I geared up and went to the Prater, an amusement park on the north side of Vienna open 24/7 (although the rides are not). The Ferris wheel there is famous, and for a substantial fee you can actually have a candlelit dinner on one of the cars!!

I finally got some Wiener schnitzel too–you can get a sandwich on a kaiser roll for less than five euro!

Tomorrow I hit Bratislava which I know nothing about and where I hopefully won’t die!!!

A Visit to Vienna

Orion silently walked through the ancient library. The smell of ancient books full of knowledge filled the air. He had heard a rare book was here, full of spells and ancient monsters. He had been hoping to buy it.

The owner had told him he could look around, so look around he did. But as he turned a corner, he felt himself collide with someone. His hands shot out to steady whoever it was, only to find it was a woman.

“Oh, I am very sorry miss.”



Bridge Walk by Reinhold A. Fragner
Via Flickr:
Dens Fog in Vienna. Model StephAnie. Pentacon Six, 80mm, TriX in SLD; Slavich onto Moersch ECO4812, bleached and toned with MT4 (Polysulfid)

My outfit for the Harajuku fashion walk in Vienna last month. Ugh, my pendant is flipped on the photo, it’s actually a pink Sailor Moon cameo and I love it so much.
That shirt doesn’t exaaactly flatter my body shape ahaha OTL

Tops, Flower headband: H&M
Shorts, shoes: Swankiss
Choker, Pearl necklace: Spinns Harajuku
Shoelaces: WEGO Harajuku
Tights, socks, birdcage: Other offbrand

Bar Owner Fined For BURPING Too Loudly After Eating A Kebab

Everyone knows that you should cover your mouth when you burp and it cost one man £55 when he failed to take that advice.

Hungry bar owner Edin Mehic stopped off at a kebab stand while out for a walk in Vienna, Austria, and after stuffing his face he let out an enormous burp.

Unfortunately, nearby police officers heard the almighty noise and slapped him with the fine for breaching the peace.

Viral: Edin got a lot of support on Facebook (CEN)

The 27-year-old said he couldn’t believe he was stopped by officers for the burp - let alone being fined for it.

He said: “I didn’t even know he was there until I felt his arm on my shoulder…

"I know in these times police are very present on the streets to tackle crime but surely tackling a burper is a bit too much.”

Shock: Edin had no idea there were police near him when he burped (CEN)

He added: ”I guess things can’t be as bad in the area as we read in the papers because if they have time to chase up burping, it means there isn’t anything more serious to worry about.”

Edin’s post on Facebook about the incident quickly went viral, with a flash mob organising a meet up later in the month to drink cola, eat kebabs and then stage a mass burping.

In the meantime, he has handed the matter over to his lawyer, Heinz Robathin, who said: “It is all a question of perspective.

Hungry: The Austrian had just wolfed down a kebab (CEN)

“If my client had done it in the opera or theatre, I could probably understand somebody complaining.

“But not in the Praterstern, where there are drug dealers and other people of a dubious character on a daily basis. People burping a hardly rare there.”

He added: “This is such an abuse of police authority that it borders on misconduct.”

His defence should be simple: Pardon me for being rude, it was not me, it was my food…

Top pic: CEN