Meliá Vienna - Austria

Housed in the Danube City Tower, Austria’s taller and most futuristic skyscraper, Meliá Vienna combines striking design and cutting-edge technology with gorgeous views of the city and the Danube River. All beautifully designed rooms boast splendid floor-to-ceiling windows, plush beds, and sleek bathrooms complete with luxury toiletries and surround sound system. At 214 sqm, the Presidential suite is the jewel in the hotel’s accommodation crown, featuring an elegant lounge with private dining room, a boardroom for 10, home cinema, and a lavish bathroom with sauna and infinity bath tub. Perched at the 57th floor of the hotel is the highest restaurant and lounge in Austria, serving delicious Mediterranean and local cuisines along with jaw-dropping city views.


Just got done with my first exam, i think i did aright i could’ve done better. All this self doubt is pissing me off ._.
Tomorrow is my last exam which i’m really hoping to ace because i’ve been studying for that specific subject for mooonths.
And after that, hooooollliiiiidddaaaaaaayyyyssss :)


Pinhole Perspective - Stadtpark

Film: Kodak Ektar 100
Camera: ONDU 135 Panoramic Pinhole MkI

Three perspectives of the the small pond at the City Park in Vienna, Austria. The park was opened in 1862 after the construction of the Ring Road.

Drei Perspektiven vom Teich im Wiener Stadtpark. Eröffnet im Jahr 1862 nach der Fertigstellung der Wiener Ringstrasse.


Gustav Klimt. The Beethoven Frieze. 1902. 

The Hostile Forces. The end wall of Klimt’s masterful mural, representing the forces of darkness the knight must move through, to both vanquish and resist temptations. At the left are the gorgons of mythic greek origin, the three lethal and seductive sisters with Medusa at the center. Above them are the figures of sickness, madness and death - all these in the shadow of the great figure of pure evil we in the mythical creature of Typhoeus. With an ape-like head and chest, the entire mass of decorative painting to the right is also Typhoeus. An enormous, bluish eagle wing, and below that an intricately articulated serpent-like body with great winding lengths. Within that wing and serpent we see another female figure representing an ever present grief. She is painted in only grey and black, in sharp contrast to much of the other figures which are rendered in brilliant golds or blues, such as the three found to the direct right of Typhoeus. They represent lasciviousness, wantonness and intemperance.  

Everybody is talking about the UK suffering of a heatwave

But may i remind you that the rest of Europe is also suffering of this heatwave

It’s 9 pm
Amsterdam right now: 25°C
Berlin right now: 31°C
Copenhagen right now: 24°C
Paris right now: 34°C
Rome right now: 27°C
Madrid right now: 35°C
Vienna right now: 28°C

So, please tell me how ONLY the UK is suffering of this heatwave.