cardboardcastle17  asked:

I had never really read web comics that often before but because of your namesake art that made me go and read nakesake all the way to where I am now waiting for it to update I want to trying reading more. What are some web comics that you like or would recommend?

Yay, I’m so glad you enjoyed Namesake! Let me gush lovingly about my favourite webcomics instead of preparing lessons for tomorrow

  • Gunnerkgrigg court - creepy modern-ish fantasy about a strange girl and the even stranger school she attends. Really awesome quirky art style.
  • Ava’s Demon (avasdemon on tumblr). Epic sci-fi about a girl and the demon who haunts her. REALLY GORGEOUS ART <3 The website is currently down, hopefully it will be back soon :(
  • Blindsprings (blindsprings on tumblr). More super gorgeous art! I’m not sure how to talk about the plot without spoiling things. Revolutions and different types of magic and fae-esque creatures and a princess with really long hair!
  • Everblue (by blue-ten) Okay all the webcomics on this list have amazing art styles so I’m just going to stop talking about how pretty the art is from now on. But Everblue is so pretty, gosh! Two characters go on an adventure in a fantasy world that is 90% ocean. Also, mysterious villains and forgotten history. I highly recommend this for fans of ATLA, it’s got a similar sense of adventure and really cool worldbuilding.
  • Agents of the Realm (agentsoftherealm on tumblr) MAGICAL GIRLS IN COLLEGE <333 What more could you possibly want?
  • Love not Found (by ginabiggs) Sweet, tentative romance in a sci-fi setting with really interesting thoughts about love and sexuality. Also check out the now finished Red String, which is a high school romance/coming of age story.
  • Cucumber Quest. Quirky, light-hearted fantasy that makes me laugh SO HARD. It’s mainly a parody of sorts but it has the odd serious moment and the worldbuilding is AMAZING.
  • Inverloch and The Pheonix Requiem are gorgeous fantasy webcomics and they’re both complete! They’re heart-wrenching, slow-moving and romantic <3
  • Wilde Life (by lepas) is a modern supernatural slice of life about a writer who ends up in a supernatural town. There’s only a chapter and a bit up so far but I am intrigued! Also check out Zap! which is epic sci-fi and complete.
  • Hell Kitchen (by starfleetrambo) is a shounen-esque fantasy about a human boy who ends up in hell and has to fight his way out via a tournament. AMAZING action scenes. It’s hosted on Inkblazers and I think that to read past the first chapter you need to sign up for a free account. But it only takes seconds to sign up and it’s 100% worth it because there are heaps of cool comics there (in fact the next 5 webcomic recs are from Inkblazers)
  • Awaken is an awesome fantasy webcomic about monsters and rebels and a dystopian-esque empire and a priveliged boy who gets into a lot of trouble. More AMAZING action scenes <333
  • The Lost Nightmare (by miyuli) is a cute and creepy fantasy about a nightmare who’s not very good at being scary. The story has serious fairy-tale vibes and it’s so well done, I love it <3
  • Vienda is, I think, a coming-of-age/queer romance about a girl who, um, gets possessed by a star. Which sounds really strange but it’s SO GOOD please go read it :)
  • Todd Alison and the Petunia Violet is cute and quirky and laugh-out-loud-funny (except for when it’s downright terrifying) and I’m not sure how to describe it??? Just go read it!
  • Beating The Odds (by aegisdea) has only just gotten started… but it’s a modern fantasy and Drei is awesome so I’m sure it’ll be awesome too :)
  • Alice and the Nightmare (aliceandthenightmare on tumblr) is currently on hiatus but it’ll be back in February and it’s creepy and cute and the worldbuilding is so intriguing. I’m really looking forward to the reboot!
  • No Rest for the Wicked is also on hiatus and I’m not sure if it’ll ever update again but it’s still totally worth a read. It’s a clever, creepy fairy tale pastiche and it’s seriously one of my favourite stories ever.