At first Donghae is carefully watching Eunhyuk's actions: the way he grabs the bottle of vodka with his right hand and throws it behind his back so he is catching it with his left while he 
snatches the stacked shakers with his right; then he is flicking the shakers with enough force that one flies into to air only to
land in his left hand just after he tosses the vodka up; and
suddenly, the vodka bottle is bouncing between the two shakers, spinning while it's in the air. He places one shaker back on
the counter and starts juggling the vodka bottle and other
shaker, and the movements are so quick that Donghae is
having a hard time keeping track of which is flying begins his back as the other switches hands in the front. At some point, Donghae's focus switches from watching the
bottle and shaker to closely watching Eunhyuk's body. He
notices the dexterity of Eunhyuk's fingers as they twirl around
the neck of the bottle, and how he can see muscles flex under the shirt as the bottle is sent rolling down Eunhyuk arm. His
moments are smooth, almost fluid like, and his face is one of concentration, but Donghae can also see the corner of his lips
tugging up into a smile. He loves seeing Eunhyuk like this. Before he knows it, Eunhyuk has finished his act and has a
perfect apple martini sitting in front of him as he stares down Donghae with a raised eyebrow.
Excerpt from A Bartender's Charm 

Bartender Au as requested by monkeymyeolchi (sorry for the long wait!!)

Bookstore AU (feat. EunHae) - as requested by makekyuminstop
"I love how reading a book brings characters and words alive, 
they make me feel. Feel things I haven't felt in a long time.
Words that talk to you, dance for you and lastly make you feel
Like the words in a book, you make me feel alive too,
since the day I met you at the bookstore."