People that find various bullshit reasons to hate on Katrina Kaif are just horrible human beings tbh. Has she ever done anything wrong? As in has she hurt someone intentionally? I think she’s one of the most low key actresses in the industry who’s minding her own business. In fact I admire her for providing her whole family when her father left. Hating on her because she might not be considered a good actress compared to perhaps Vidya Balan is not valid reason. Sure you can dislike her acting, but her as a person? Just because according to you “she’s only in the industry because of her looks” doesn’t give you the right to talk all kinds of shit because you know what? Life ain’t easy, people get office jobs because of their appearance too, welcome to the real world! You don’t have to blame her, blame the system ffs. She’s one of the most laid back people in the industry, working hard and minding her business unlike many high profiled actresses, so the last thing she needs is hate coming from your jealous and sorry ass. Why not look for the good in people and empower them, instead of spreading hate? She’s also a human being despite of being a public figure and it doesn’t give you the right to bully someone who hasn’t done anything wrong. If you don’t have anything better to do maybe you should work on getting a hobby or a life.



sory its v bad quality BUT IM PROUD OF IT


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How do i even explain what ninjasexparty and game grumps are without getting into trouble+love your art its a inspiration

“ridiculous man and theoretical physicist dress up and sing” and “grown men scream over vidya games”

and thank you!   


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While boys are more open to female leads, gamers overall (boys and girls) don’t care about a protagonist’s gender.

Source: The only issue I’m seeing is the cognitive dissonance of the speaker. 

Picture 4: A study by the Entertainment Software Association on 2015 consumer trends was conducted. One of the questions what’s the biggest factor in influencing your purchase decision. Video game journalists, for magazines and online made up only 3%. 

Leigh Alexander was right, gamers really aren’t your audience. But they certainly aren’t over based on the rest of that study:

Picture 5: my face when GamerGate is winning.