vidya gaems!

I can’t think of a better caption for this than the one that I wrote for Vinebooru:

I think it was Confucius who said: “Flowers and confessions are not love. Drawing a picture of Dio, Lil B, Hulk Hogan and Joel for Christmas is love”.

What an oddly specific saying.

P.S. Happy holidays! Stay safe, have fun and play vidya gaems.

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yo i worked at a vidya gaems store and I had the best coworker ever. he always greeted me with "look what we got!!!" showing me preorder options/extras, cool games and merch. we always goofed around and took turns to go smoking every hour. sadly i was scheduled to be in the store alone very soon (he came by often tho) so we didn't got to work much together but he moved in next to me and we were basically neighbors. his girlfriend always came visiting too and she's such a sweetheart.


tune in to the only video game award show that matters

February 4th, 5PM EST.
Available to watch on both Twitch and YouTube.

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i dropped out of uni 5 years ago because money and havent been able to claw my way back. my current job is taking years off my life. there isn't really a good answer and this isnt really helpful advice i just wanted to commiserate that everything sucks for ever all the time :D at least there's video games

*Takes you with me and flies off into the video game universe*
Lifeline - Part 1
Time for a completely new adventure NOT involving vampires or whips, but bad controls, guns, and ps2 voice acting. An all new torture awaits.

Have you ever seen someone play through Lifeline on the PS2 or played it yourself? Of course not, no one has!. Do you want to? I wouldn’t. But here it is, one of the few recordings out there of a human being actually plaything through Lifeline.

Enjoy the start of the next game, as i suffer through this game and it’s terrible controls!