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yo i worked at a vidya gaems store and I had the best coworker ever. he always greeted me with "look what we got!!!" showing me preorder options/extras, cool games and merch. we always goofed around and took turns to go smoking every hour. sadly i was scheduled to be in the store alone very soon (he came by often tho) so we didn't got to work much together but he moved in next to me and we were basically neighbors. his girlfriend always came visiting too and she's such a sweetheart.

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What makes Jade Empire better than DAI and ME1 for you?

By and large? It was my first serious rpg in regards to both the story structure and the mechanics. Before that it had been mediocre action/adventure games with some roleplay mechanics but nothing that I would classify as a real rpg. The characters were deep, and I loved talking to everyone I possibly could to learn as much about the world as I was able. Because I wasn’t good at games like that back then, I still can go play it and find new things haha.

The fighting mechanics aren’t incredible or innovative, the romances aren’t super deep, and the graphics are getting on the point of “not aging well,” but it will always be my favorite Bioware game because it showed me how incredible a story-telling tool video games can be, and I still love the world it set up, even if I’ll never see another iteration of that game.

But goddamn can I still quote lines from that game and walk you through missions.

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I'd love some domestic headcanons for the staff and their s/o. Idk if that's to nonspecific, just some fluffy headcanons of a normal day at home

-pretty quiet day
-so many cuddles and snuggles
-tea and lord of the rings marathons are the key to a chill Sunday with him.
-he probably got some quick to make snacks for you

-he’ll take the time to plan new projects with you
-might even teach you about what he does
-probably keeps you in his lap, all warm and snuggly while you talk.

-her s/o is her test dummy. Her guineu pig of recipes
-not like it’s bad. The house smells like cookies and you have a full belly.
- She will ramble like she wont in the cafe.
-the most she ever talks is alone with her love.

- he will design some clothes for and with his s/o.
-confides them in both his feelings and craft.
-can’t get enough time alone with them, he gets kinda clingy with them.
-of course he will drag their fashion sense into the ground and back. In a nice way.
- he doesn’t worry about offending them when it’s just them, they have the same snarky “piss off babe” humor.

-Vidya gaems.
-there might be cuddles but if you’re competing she will straight up growl at you.
-soda and chips like stereotypes
-of course y'all will wind down with some disney

- he will take the time alone with his other half to shower them in adoration
-the days off of work are spent showering them in kisses and cheesy romance
-quotes every poem and play he can to fluster them.
-what a dork. A secret romance nerd.

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top 5 video games

Hmmmm… One game per franchise. Also because I have a Bioware fetish and three of these slots would be Bioware, one game per studio. Again, in no particular order:

- Pokemon Soul Silver

- Sid Meier’s Civilization V

- Assassin’s Creed 2

- Jade Empire (beats the first Mass Effect & Dragon Age: Inquisition)

- Shadow of the Colossus

(Silent Hill is not on here despite my being obsessed with the universe because I still have yet to finish any of the good ones.)

Retro Leading Ladies of Gaming 8 – Lenneth Valkyrie

Game – Valkyrie Profile

Year Released: North America: August 29th 2000, Japan: December 22nd 1999

Platforms: PlayStation

Game Type:  Japanese Role Playing Game

Valkyrie: It will be engraved upon your soul! Divine Assault! Nibelung Valesti!

“One of the three goddess of Fate whose role it is to decide a person’s fate after death. A midlevel goddess of the sixth rank, her true name is Lenneth Valkyrie.” – In game profile.

“Lenneth Valkyrie is introduced as a recently awakened Valkyrie who was summoned to Valhalla by Odin, the supreme ruler of the gods. He orders her to explore the downtrodden world of Midgard in search for suitable human souls to become her Einherjar; to fight alongside the Aesir in the upcoming battle of Ragnarok.

At the beginning, Lenneth is accompanied by the goddess Freya as she finds her first Einherjar, but soon leaves her on her own. Throughout the game, Lenneth’s personality is shown to be that of a stern, but good-natured woman. Along the way, she wins many battles and recruits various souls to her cause. However, her true story and past begins to unfold when she meets Lucian; a brave but insecure young warrior. They first laid eyes upon one another in Gerabellum when Lenneth visits the town in her human disguise; calling herself Meril . When they first meet, Lucian acts completely shocked and dumbfounded at her semblance to his first love; a girl with long-silver hair. While his girlfriend Claire grows in jealousy” – Valkyrie Profile Wiki

Background:  Lenneth is the middle of 3 Sister Valkyries, with her younger sister Silmeria being the kind nice one, and her older sister Hrist being a cunt waffle. There isn’t too much to Lenneth’s background without spoiling a good chunk of the story, but I’ll try here to stay as spoiler free as possible until I’m not. Lenneth Valkyrie is a recently awakened Valkyrie who was summoned to Valhalla by Odin, the supreme ruler of the gods. He orders her to explore the downtrodden world of Midgard in search for suitable human souls to become her Einherjar; to fight alongside the Aesir in the upcoming battle of Ragnarok. The important thing to note here is that she has been away for a long time, and many of the other gods are happy to see her. Where she was is very much related to Lucian, and his history with Platina, and various other issues this brings up. Outside of this however, not much is known about her background, or that of her sisters outside of the fact that they’ve had to do this duty before, her youngest sister is missing, and her oldest sister seems to be 1 second from going full bitch mode.

Related to Lucian, the game starts in the village of Coriander, where a 14-year-old girl named Platina lives with her cruel parents. The village has been pretty hard up for a while, and it seems that selling off your kids for some food money is the go to means of surviving. Lucian finds out that Platina’s parents are going to sell her into slavery. The two run away, but Platina inhales the toxic pollen of poisonous flowers in a nearby field and dies in Lucian’s arms, and thus ends your opening movie!

Following a dream of herself in a church in a wedding dress, Lenneth Valkyrie awakens in Asgard and as I’ve said before, is tasked with going to get souls. The first part of the game, which sadly you can’t skip on subsequent play throughs, has her encounter and deal with a spoiled  princess Jelanda and  a totally not supposed to but Guts mercenary named Arngrim. After the arrogant Arngrim inadvertently embarrasses her father, Jelanda plots revenge but is kidnapped by a necromancer and backstabbing court minister who tricks some plebs into giving her a potion that transforms her into a monster. Lenneth helps Arngrim kill the monster and claims Jelanda as an einherjar. Arngrim, having unknowingly aided Jelanda’s captors, goes ape shit and kills his way to the guy responsible, puts him into the ground, and tries to fight his way out of the castle. As he escapes, an old friend confronts him about what he’s done, and rather than kill his friend or be captured, he kills himself. At Jelanda’s request, Lenneth makes Arngrim an einherjar but Odin and Freya find him lacking the qualities of an einherjar and refuse to accept him into Valhalla so Arngrim remains at Lenneth’s side. He is only the first of several characters where this happens, and the reasons become much more important as the story progresses.

During Lenneth’s travels, she meets Brahms, lord of the undead and enemy of Odin, and the necromancer Lezard Valeth, who lures her to his tower, and has some very, unique, plans for Lenneth. In some of these so far, I’d give away a lot, but I’d honestly wish for any one whose even had a passing interest in the game to play it, as Valkyrie Profile is one of my all-time favorites. What I will say, is that the story in its true path involves her past, that of the gods themselves, how Brams is related to her sisters story, and one very psychotic and lustful mage (It’s Lezard). I think at least this time, I’ll pass on the spoilers. Go play this game!

Personality:  Lenneth is generally a kind person, but this kindness sanded down by an air of stoicism, and outright confusion at the behaviors of the humans she watches. She is described by many in the game to be very beautiful, but it’s something she doesn’t seem to either be aware of, or care too much about. She is  merciless against her enemies and will destroy those who stand in her way without a second thought. Her stoic nature does not mean she isn’t determined when it comes to tending her duties as a Valkyrie, and she takes them very seriously. Unlike many of the Aesir, Lenneth does not hold humans in contempt. Rather, she enjoys their company, and through the game we get to see glimpses of her kindness in her following through with her promises, giving even shitty people a second chance, and overall contemplation about the sacrifices humans make for others, even when they gain nothing from it. She does look down on those who show little kindness or compassion to others or simply use others for their own gain. She despises those who would disturb the souls of the dead, or those who manipulate humans in general which is why she fucking loves killing the undead, necromancers, and other evil magic assholes. This goes into her deep hatred for the undead, particularly Vampires, which she considers abominations. Early on it may seem like she doesn’t have much of a personality, and in fact, her character screen states “ God’s do not have human traits” however, as the game goes on, the hard exterior starts to crack and we see the person she is inside.

Of interesting note is that during the C ending of the first Valkyrie Profile, Freya refers to Lenneth as the Valkyrie’s primary ego. Since her personality is more balanced compared to her sisters, this is quite fitting.

Role in the game: Within the world, Lenneth is one of 3 Valkyries that gather the souls of the dead I order to get them to fight in the upcoming Ragnarok. As the main character, you take control of her in her mission to find new worthy warriors, stop evil cults, undead and monster attacks, and purify tainted lands, including churches, underground dungeons, and weird floating mazes. The primary course of the game involves finding a few new should, seeing their story and how they die, Lenneth collecting them, then going to dungeons to purify them, and train up the souls you have gathered so they are strong enough to survive the upcoming war. Lenneth is your main battle character, but her role within fights can change depending if you equip her with swords or bows. Her Purify Weird Soul animation will change depending on what weapon she’s holding. Like her or not, she cannot be removed from the party since her presence is needed to maintain the physical structure of her Einherjar. Her statistics and attack power are all really good, which makes sense, her being a goddess and all. This also gives her the ability to utilize magic crystals and break magic seals.

Bows have better modifiers for her normal attacks and her PWS, but there are more swords avaliable in the game, and swords tend to have higher attack power. Due to bows having higher hit number, she is better at guard breaking, generating energy, and much better at spawning crystals and chest from enemies with a bow. However, the skills associated with bows are for the most part useless and do not contribute to damage. Most players generally stick to swords once you get the powerful swords in the Seraphic Gate. Also, certain protective gears and accessories can only be worn by her.

Ranged or melee however, she’s a strong member of the party, with high damage potential, great chain build ups, and a kick ass finishing move. Lenneth can bring back characters that have been banished, but if she is destroyed and not brought back within a set amount of time, you lose and get kicked out of the dungeon. Being a goddess, she can’t actually die, but the physical form she takes to fight can be hurt, and as such she needs to regroup and regain her power.

In the story of the game, the central plot revolves around the upcoming end of the world, until it doesn’t, and Lenneth herself becomes the central point of the story. Her role in the world around her becomes much more important, far more then she or anyone else could ever had imagined, but she doesn’t get there alone, and without those she’s gathered to her side, she never would have been able to fulfill her true destiny.  This also changes her place in the world, and the abilities she has, but that’s all some spoiler territory so we’ll pass on that for now.

Relationships: Through the game, Lenneth is involved in various important relationships that have an effect on her, and the plot.  The first ones she builds off of is her relationship with Freya and Odin, the two main gods she interacts with. Lenneth seems to be on much friendlier terms with Freya, but even she comes off as more of a kind of nice boss to Lenneth, and Odin is just like, yeah sure go do what you need to do, and don’t fuck up. They seem to keep her at an arm’s length, and the reasons for this don’t really get explored except for if you follow through with the games A ending, which is the ending in which all the questions are answered. These are two relationships that although start off the game, aren’t really central until far into it.

Lenneth’s relationship with her sisters is one that is interesting through the game. They seem to be on the same level in regards to goals, however her older sister Hrist is a giant bitch about it, which doesn’t sit right with Lenneth, and especially with Lenneth’s Einherjar, who don’t appreciate her condescending nature. These differences, as well as ultimate goals and drives of the characters lead to conflict between Lenneth and Hrist, but that’s kind of expected just because of how different they are. The relationship with Silmeria isn’t that explored in the first game, she and her place in the world is much more explored in the 2nd game, which is something I will talk about at a later time.

In my opinion the next group of relationships are important for a specific reason, even though they aren’t a single overarching relationship. How Lenneth gets along with her Einherjar, talks to them, treats them, and feels about them gives away a lot of her character and personality in regards to how she looks at humans. These relationships are most important with the 2 who refuse to leave her service and go to Asgard, Mystina the wizard, and Arngram the first character you really get. Their personal stories and personalities become more important again on route A, and their loyalty to Lenneth and what they are willing to do shows how much they respect and care for her in many ways. It’s not the deepest relationships or story in a game by far, but it is important to this character.

Finally I’m going to talk about the two men in the game who have the hots for her, but go about it in very different ways. First is Lezard, the lecherous, powerful, crazy, and self-absorbed asshole arch mage. Lezard is what great villains are made of. He doesn’t give a fuck about anything but what he wants, is a fucking scum bag, does some really horrible shit and laughs it off, and just loves his job. He’s infatuated with Lenneth in the same way a crazy stalker is in love with their victim. Just because he is aroused and falls in love with her, instantly he must do anything he can to make her feel the same for him, and to him, the fact that she doesn’t isn’t a reason to get angry or proof she can’t, but a puzzle to be solved, and a mistake to be fixed. He’s such an asshole, and Lenneth’s constant down talking to him, willingness to kick his ass, and how she doesn’t put up with this shit is all perfectly in line with her character seeing him as nothing more than a VERY dangerous, deranged man. What is important though, is the questions he starts making her ask, and the answers he has about her, the gods themselves, and where that leads Lenneth on her quest.

The next person with the hots for Lenneth is Lucian. The kid from the beginning of the story, who lost his childhood friend on their attempt to help her escape slavery. As an adult, he has never really let that go, and kind of still beats himself up about it. When he sees Lenneth, who looks just like Platina but as an adult, he’s instantly confused, and drawn to her. He’s a lot less of an asshole about the whole thing, and instead tries to talk to her about who she is, and learn about the truth. Of course, while doing this he ignores the lady right in front of him who wants him hard, and is kind of an ass about the situation. Also being a hot headed warrior type, Lucian ends up fucking things up big time in his quest to find out the truth, but that’s not 100% his fault, after all he gets tricked by the best trickster there is, and he’s an idiot, so really he stood no chance. It annoys me a bit that the character goes from rebuking him and basically telling him stop wanting to fuck goddesses to realizing she kind of does care for him suddenly. I would have liked to see a few more establishing scenes, but honestly this game does not have much in the way of character growth and story until the last ¼ of route A in which they just throw everything at you in rapid succession. Even if you don’t get this ending though, at the least Lucian does get Lenneth to start questioning herself, and her ability to relate to Humans and their feelings, so he’s still good for something.

Final Personal Thoughts – I really really love this character. She’s not the most interesting, in depth of any character by FAR. But she’s a hard ass bitch who doesn’t put up with evil shit, and fights for what she believes is good. She’s willing to recognizing her short comings, learn, and show genuine care for, and thankfulness towards, the humans she’s been alongside in her journey. Lenneth is a goddess, and her aloof, stoic nature at the start is so fitting, I can’t be mad at her cold exterior. It’s her growth and change, and willingness to stand in the face of the literally apocalypse and say “not on my watch” that really shows what she’s made of.

I also love her bad ass battle moves, with her sweet sword skills, awesome finishing move, and that self-righteous holy nature that comes with characters like paladins who will smite evil, undead, and those who use others because that’s what good guys do. On a personal note, which this all is, I also LOVE her design, she’s beautiful, elegant, armored, and divine looking, with awesome coloring in both her hair and armor. She’s shown through a range of emotions, from angry, stern, crying, laughing, self-doubting, and all the artwork in the game expresses these emotions so well. Her voice acting is passable for the time, but having played the game several times, I could not imagine her sounding any other way, except for maybe like the commander from NieR: Automata, who has the same kind of commanding, serious voice.  

Valkyrie Profile is one of my favorite games of the PS1 era, and definitely of all time, a unique experience, there really isn’t another game like it in terms of gameplay and story, and it’s one I would suggest any one give a chance to, and you can see for yourself, why Lenneth is awesome.

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Sorry if you already been asked this but how did you get hired by the company you work for? Is it fun? What's your dream job or are you doing it right now?

Pretty much by networking! It’s pretty fun haha everyone’s a nerd so we just nerd out all day talking about vidya gaems and waifus   ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ I’d probably classify it as close to my dream job. Same field, I’m just a scrub rn until i learn how to climb the ladder Q__Q