This is great. Pixelkin, a gaming site dedicated to families, made this article so that bewildered parents can understand their kids’ obsession with Minecraft. Which is a great idea in itself, but it also helped me understand the appeal of the game, with this little passage here:

What Minecraft Is—Magic, Basically

Remember when you were a kid and you got a giant barrel of blocks or Legos or, if you’re really old, Tinker Toys, and you dumped them on your carpet and started building? Well, Minecraft is like that, except the blocks are magical and you make them yourself from an endless magical supply of ingredients. And any time you want, you can magically summon your friends to help you build.  That’s right! They appear in your living room with their own sets of fresh magical blocks and you can work on cool structures together. You can talk and laugh and play make-believe with the things you build. That’s the appeal of Minecraft.

I still don’t necessarily plan on playing the game, but if I was a kid? Oh man, I’d be all over this. An easily accessible tool for instant camaraderie and make-believe? Sign me right up. I like a different sort of experience with games as an adult, but I’m so glad kids have something like this right now.


This was made in Unreal Engine 4.



While lowering a bale of hay into a feed mixer, my front loader decided it had enough of dirty, menial, Earth-bound work and started angrily swarming my main farm complex like a Hitchcockian bird. I decided to approach it in my most formidable vehicle, my semi-trailer truck.

Since I usually listen to podcasts or radio while I play Farm Sim, it was muted and turning audio back on restarted the game, clipping my front loader’s wings. Unfortunately, there is no game audio but I added music.


Pictures: 1-3

While boys are more open to female leads, gamers overall (boys and girls) don’t care about a protagonist’s gender.

Source: The only issue I’m seeing is the cognitive dissonance of the speaker. 

Picture 4: A study by the Entertainment Software Association on 2015 consumer trends was conducted. One of the questions what’s the biggest factor in influencing your purchase decision. Video game journalists, for magazines and online made up only 3%. 

Leigh Alexander was right, gamers really aren’t your audience. But they certainly aren’t over based on the rest of that study:

Picture 5: my face when GamerGate is winning. 

Som anti GG chump wanting to throw a female developer out from the industry.

I-it’s actually about keeping women out from the gaming boy’s club!

The game in question is SeedScape, a sickeningly kawaii Harvest Moon-like with multiplayer capabilities and some combat. It’s on Greenlight on Steam so go vote YES to inclusion of female devs, independent indie devs, and last but not least; quality vidya gaems!