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Et jos teil o joskus kaks koiraa. Ja nimeette ne hienosti Lapioksi ja Kirveeksi. Sit ootte kadulla ja puhutte puhelimes isoon ääneen kaverillenne. Sillee. “ Joo..tavataan sitten illalla pimeän aikaan siel hautuumaan lähellä. Otan Kirveen ja Lapion mukaan.” lol

Okay but since it looks like a big chunk of my dash is descending into Hamilton Hell with me, let’s talk about the official account of the Laurens/Lee duel, which reads like a comedy scene.

To start with Laurens calls Lee out, which he’s not even supposed to do.  The purpose of a duel is to defend your own honor, not someone else’s, and Lee’s remarks had been about Washington.  Lee, who could be pretty acerbic, snarks back that he supposes if Col. Laurens insists on reviving pro vidua (a Medieval custom where a knight could be a champion for old women, priests, and widows – basically an insult twofer) he’ll have to oblige.   They meet, fire once, whereupon Lee falls to the ground and cries that he’s been wounded.  (Lee’s second is a guy named Evan Edwards).  Laurens, Hamilton, and Edwards go over to see how he is, whereupon Lee announces that actually, it’s only a fleshwound and he’d like to go another round.  Hamilton and Edwards, who are probably trying to get everyone out of this alive, are like “WHAT?  NO!”, but Lee won’t back down and Laurens says he’s fine with going again.  It’s worth mentioning here that there wasn’t a lot of love lost between Lee and Washington’s staff.  Laurens and Hamilton had both testified at his court martial.  Hamilton actually didn’t hold up well under crossexamination, but Laurens, who was constitutionally incapable of not making smart remarks, pretty much backtalked him through the whole thing, and Lee had since called them “dirty earwigs” for it.  Hamilton points out that there is no reason for this to continue unless Lee has some kind of problem with Laurens, but Lee still won’t back down and he can’t push it any further, because ~honor~.  Later, Hamilton and Edwards will sign a document swearing up, down, and sideways that this was totally just about honor and not at all personal, but it’s hard to believe and I don’t think they did, either.  BUT, before they can actually get ready to fire a second time, Edwards once again points out that this is a terrible idea, and for some reason this time Lee announces that he supposes if Col. Hamilton and Major Edwards are both gentlemen of honor, and if they wanted to go off into the woods and confer, any settlement they reach would be okay by him.  I imagine their conversation went something like “Look, they had the duel, honor is satisfied, let’s go home before someone gets killed.”  Miraculously, Lee and Laurens manage not to shoot each other while they’re away.  

Bonus:  Apparently Lee was trying really hard not to get into a duel with von Steuben at the time?  If anyone has the deets on that, please share.

tears are literally streaming down my face while writing this, i’m happy about all the love i’ve received just from creating this blog. i never expected people to like me, like ever. i was just a child who took in interest writing this nerd who had the powers of an arachnid, who overcame so much in his life. i found peter just so..interesting, and relatable in such way. during my time here, i started to make friends who made me cheer up in a way that it gave me a smile each time we threaded or spoke out of character on skype. i..just..THANK you guys, alright? i’m truly happy to have you all here, cheering me on constantly. here’s to another year for me STICKING around! B)

                                       happy by pharrell plays in the distance.

                              THANK YOU ALL. SO MUCH.  

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& it has been a FREAKING amazing year. UNIQUE in every single && possible corner. Terrifying at first to approach a huge fandom such as Marvel, with many people who already know && adore && appreciate each other. It’s NEVER easy to be the ROOKIE, but I have no regrets. Due to this wonderful muse and many incredibly kind people, I made a whole bunch of new friends && I still admire the huge SUPPORT I witness on my dashboard frequently. all fandoms do come around with their issues && tiny little problems, but I’ll be honest here: personally, I feel very comfortable with y’all and it’s all thanks to YOU, yes, you!

and please don’t be sad if I might not mention you, but I am following && admiring && appreciating many people and I’ll be honest, I have been going through my ask box, my drafts, my queue and specific tags to TRY and remember EVERYONE, but I am only human, too.

so let me drive this point home: I appreciate YOU because it’s flattering that you took a minute of your time to read my babbling. I thank you from the bottom of my heart <3

I am looking forward to another INSPIRING year with all of you!






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& an honorable mention to the Bucky Brigade.


(aka bunch of new but amazing follows.)

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Nat&Clint [closed]

Natasha was sitting in her room, going over the files from her last mission. It had been fairly easy, nothing she couldn’t handle. She’d walked away with a few bumps and bruises, and a ton of data that Shield could use. It had taken longer than expected though, and now she was back for the first time in almost a month. She looked up when her bedroom door opened, hoping to see a certain person’s face.

April 22, 2016 - Shaft-tailed Whydah, Queen Whydah, or Shaft-tailed Widow (Vidua regia)

Requested by: @gepwin

These whydahs are found in southern Africa, in Angola, Zambia, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and South Africa. Foraging on the ground for grass seeds, they often “double-scratch,” hopping quickly forward and backward to uncover food. They are nest parasites of the Violet-eared Waxbill and possibly other waxbill species. Nestlings look similar to the waxbill chicks and are often raised in mixed broods along with the host’s chicks. Males breed with several females and defend a territory, singing and displaying from a central perch. Their song mimics the Violet-eared Waxbill’s.

Palinurus: nemo hinc prohibet nec votat,

quin quod palam est venale, si argentum est, emas.

nemo ire quemquam publica prohibet via;

dum ne per fundum saeptum facias semitam,

dum ted abstineas nupta, vidua, virgine,

iuventúte et pueris liberis, ama quidlubet.


Palinurus: No one hinders nor forbids this, to buy that which, if you have the money, is openly for sale. No one prevents anyone from going along the public road; so long as you don’t make a path through a fenced-in field, so long as you abstain from married women, widows, maidens, young men, and free boys, love whatever you want!

 – Plautus' Curculio, 35-38

                  FIRST  OF  ALL  BIG  BIG  THANK  YOU  TO  EVERYONE. for  welcoming  me back
                   to  the  marvel  fandom.  i  have  to  say  i missed  u  guys  a  LOT  &&  im super happy to
                   be  back  with  ward.  ward  has  been  a  super  awesome  experience   & im sure this time
                   rping  him  will  be  even  more  great. down  below  i  will list all the people i adore. seriously
                   everyone  of  you  is  freaking  awesome   im  super  jealous  bc  y’all  are  so perfect. i’m
                   also  super  lucky  to  made  so  many  new  friends  during  this  short  trip  of  mine   i’m
                   looking forward to even new ones & the time i spent with all of ya. you guys rock my world !!!

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few days ago i hit 200 followers. i didn’t do this for my first 100, so i thought i’d do this the second time around!! i don’t mean to get mushy but i can’t help it. this blog is only a few weeks old and i’ve already rped with some awesome folks & discovered some fantastic writers who i like to admire from afar. whether we’ve rped or had a short chat or are just mutual, you’ve inspired me. i’m still not confident with my take on wanda, but i’m getting there slowly and i have a whole lot of research to do. but if it weren’t for you all i wouldn’t actually enjoy the roleplaying part if you know what i mean. every thread i have for wanda has helped me grasp and understand her character–to try and make more complex. in other words, thanks for taking time to follow me and wanda in this roleplay experience. i’m going to put this under a read more only because this is going to be a very long list of badasses ;P

to everyone, thank you so, so, so much. stay inspired.  (。◕ ∀ ◕。)

–nina xx

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                                                                                            616 + FOLLOWERS .
                                                                                                     2 YEARS .
                                                                                                      1 MUSE .
                                                                                                       0 CHILL .

                                             i’m about to get real sappy on all of you.

                        A lot of time has passed ever since I first decided to create a roleplay blog. Natasha was my very first, and longer, attempt– and I’m glad I decided to do this. I’ve evolved over time, and some of you have stuck with me ever since I was an awful roleplayer with equally awful characterization, to whatever I am today ! This is my thank you, and pledge to never unfollow any of you, even when I come back from my hiatus in July and find that some of you have, and rightfully so, left my lazy ass.
                                                NOW ONTO NOMINATIONS! 

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i don’t really know how to start one of these things - it’s been such a long time since i’ve felt the need to make one. but here i am. completely disbelieving and one hundred percent convinced you have me confused with someone else. 

two and a half months ago, on a serious whim after burning through all of netflix’s daredevil like some kind of deranged junkie - i decided to make an elektra. something i’d been toying with the idea of for the better part of a year. for those of you that know me, you know she’s my type. often maligned, often over looked and misunderstood, sexy af. i wanted to make her my own.

            and i’m so glad i did!

i’m not someone who likes to pick people out in particular, so this is a really big general thank you to everyone. to all the people who’ve helped me develop her, to all the people i chat to on skype and have nothing but love for her. to everyone who has simply given enough of a fuck to follow me here. thank you. without you there would be no blog and no elektra. some people deserve extra thanks and adoration, i’d like to think they know who they are. i’ll put your cheques in the post soon, okay? 

below are people that i’ve really gotten into it with - people who i admire and people who i hope to write with soon. to all of my followers, thank you for taking the time to check me out, thank you for giving a shit.

abamentia / justicebliind | actslikeeverybodysdad | agenths  | ajubesintime / levoleurcinetique/ brandisnotmygivename | alpharxptor | archaeologizeasblindasjustice | aspecificskillsetassistantdarcy | astormcrow | belxva | bolshoii | causidiicus|championofthegods | cocciinocolxcheeseburger | commcnd | crosshaired | cupxd | cxpt | cxptain | darcdevil | daringdevil / soldatzimy | dasvidaniyabitches | deadlyviperr | degeneris | demcnshead | diiamondback | doomedycuth / fangedfirecracker | forgottengoddess | forhippolyta | fourbia | galacticguardian/ notcaptainbritain | galahcd | gonercgue | hawkeyeii | heartlesshenchman | hxbridisms | integriitasitsdarkcorners | jameswxsley | kidsburningdogs | kiilingbill | krovavyyvdovalia-nelson |
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xokay wow what the actual fuck. it’s been a month since i’ve made this blog, give or take, and there are 500+ of you here ?? && i am just blown away by how awesome you all are. there are such TALENTED people who are equally as friendly && you’ve all been so rad to me since i joined the marvel fandom. i’ve made some really great friends && it’s a pleasure to know that you all enjoy me on your dashes, just as much as i enjoy you guys. so this a thank you, really, to you peeps who’ve decided to follow me && my trashy ways && still stuck with me even though i am literally the biggest piece of trash like put me in the can with oscar the grouch honestly. 

but yes, okay, enough talking. on to the list ( i literally never know how to do these things omf ) compiled are a list of dear friends, people i admire, that i’ve stalked from afar && up close, and who are just over all my inspiration tbh. 

                         scaredofbats reverse-hero redwarlock mockeye
               triickery issuesuntold / tiimore ironbirthed wiillingtopay gluttcny
               pietroboy walkingitcff thcriddler notadiick notapriize kniivesandlint
               darkpatriotism damnitbarnes kynisme harlykinns tzaarina winterrosx
               fastmetabolism xstrange edhelhernil gamoraiism thesoldiier
               wehaveorders moveslikeaspider firstavcngcr purrsuasion thxcat 
               silfgildr lxtrodectusism brutallyefficacious crowiis glasshcarted 
               nightwiiing ameriicanhero championofthegods demiigoddess
               becausearrows mockeye firstavcngcr chovihanni pxtts 
               proofhehasaheart iisley cxpt cxptain volucrisarcher hawkinthenest
               incxndia redcrowned verja mxskedman redwarlock viduae techtroniic

                       ( + a shit ton of others i’ve probably forgotten i’m sorry )

seriously though, thank you one && all for following me, from the bottom of my heart. stay rad,  (ง’̀-‘́)ง